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one of these rough ridin' threads
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/r/ing anyone got the one where he is complimenting the color of the walls?
w2c relaxing motivational music he is talking about?

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Where can I find a shirt similar to the purple and blue one Bob Dylan? I like it's aesthetics.
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I accidentally some words
Look for vintage silk/polyester shirts on ebay or whatever, its your best bet

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Hey /fa/, I've been thinking of getting a new necklace/pendant, since my whore of an ex-gf broke up with me and I no longer the cutesy pendant she gave me years ago.

That cringe aside, I'm tall, a bit chubby, medium-long curly black hair, and white. No pics cause I'm a shy faggot. Do any of you have any /fa/ accessories that comes to mind and where I should buy them?

Pic related, it's a sun cross, was thinking of picking it up on aliexpress, but wanted to hear your thoughts and recommendations first.

(mind you, I also wear a bracelet often, its leather and metal, with some roman engravings, so they should probably complement each other)

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also, read the sticky

What should I eat if I'm broke trying to lose weight / stay the same weight? I eat 2 meals a day as it is and barely snack but what I eat for my 2 meals a day can easily be cut down cash-wise. Trying to avoid ramen and things like that. I'm 6'2" and 170 pounds
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>wanting to lose weight at 6'2 170 lbs

stop falling for /fa/'s stupid memes, lift and eat
I'm not falling for any memes I don't want to lift and I just want to save money where I can
pasta and rice is cheap as fuck.
whole chickens are cheap.
find a local market and buy your fruits/vegetables there.

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Hi /fa/ms.
One of my boot's laces broke and I am in need of a new pair of laces. I went to some kind of local knitting shop and they only had pic related. Where can I cop / order new laces? Preferably in Europe.
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I'd say keep it. They're combat boots meant to be worn to shit and will gradually look cooler as they are broken in. It's just patina, anon.
Did you even look at the picture?
Those are far away from being combat boots
well scratch combat

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anyone here work retail? i start a job at allsaints today n wanna know what to expect. i've worked retail loads before but not really on this level.
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Lots of tryharding and cheap garments. Just keep doing what everyone is doing in "fashion" retail : wear a fucking mask and act fake.
thanks a bunch :D
Best advice I can give is when a customer starts ruthlessly bitching you out (which they will at some point) don't get mad or sad, just think of how funny and ridiculous it is that they are so worked up about a trivial issue. This has helped me keep my composure lots of times and stay in good spirits

I need a pair of black derby shoes for work.
I make almost no money but come from a rich family so you know I need something way over 'budget'

Who does a great derby shoe 250-1500?
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I've always wanted to know what these were. they seem so much flatter/thinner and better looking than most shoes, is the guy wearing a size too big or osmething?
red wings postman
docs 1461 monos
cp derby shine
won't a flat sole with no heel make me look like a senior?

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autismcoat in action.jpg
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why does everyone wearing these have at least one of the following things:

>poor stature
>overweight or underweight
>greasy hair
>uses public transport
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Why the fuck are the boots tucked in?
Finnish winter
>looking for a peacoat at the mall
>only large sizes are available in store
>go to amazon
>all the posters in the reviews are tagged as having bought at least American L or XL

Can someone explain this thing about obese people and peacoats?

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check out our line of Post-Mod racerbacks and shirt dresses at http://beaksofeagles.myshopify.com
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The Variety of Pigtail Styles.jpg
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another look
File: post-mod0.jpg (51KB, 448x336px)Image search: [Google]
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compare our Post-Mod (one side, asymetrical) ponytail look to Mod (2 side) look of Harajuku Girls
File: J-POP 057 copy.jpg (26KB, 336x404px)Image search: [Google]
J-POP 057 copy.jpg
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Hatsune Miku visits our booth at JPOP 2014 in San Francisco. see our Post-Mod line of racerbacks at

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Which do I go with? Right feels way too tryhard desu. Though the plebs might like it.
On the other hand they do give the best vision I think.
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It's a sport, choose functionality and enjoy yourself. I hope your not going down the mountain worrying about how cool you look.
that would make u apply for npd club though
the what

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What are some large chain stores that keep a reasonable stock on hand of slim fitting button downs? I can't reliably find any in my town so I thought if I could just find a brand of shirt that actually fits I could just buy the remainder online. Right now I either have to swim in a shirt or buy one that's too short. Luckily I can wear jeans and an un-tucked button down at my work, so that helps a bit.

6'2" and roughly 155 lbs.
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H&M has some decent button downs. Pretty cheap, too.
Thanks, Ill check them out. I think there's one in a neighboring town.
there are so many to choose from on their site, i don't know which ones are any good

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w2c pink Mickey Mouse sweater? pic relatederino
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Uniqlo had had Disney in their ass these last couple a months, check there, if you're serious
try moschino.

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Facts, if you're into fashion you're gonna need one to get perfect fits else you'll look sloppy like the rich rick kids here.
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It's too bad that most men's sewing patterns are garbage tho.
i have one in my house my mom own it but even if she say she used to tailor shit she doesn't know shit probably will have to learn that shit alone any youtube videos ?
Most women's are as well unless you like looking like a housewife from 1980.

Learn to draft your own.

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just buy the sodding thing, it's thirty quid
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grey sweater.jpg
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I just bought pic related
I can tell you where to get it if you want. It cost me £20
Not op but w2c

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itt: your favorite fit of all time, for any time of the year.
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I actually dig. Nice op. Throw some Yeezy 950's on there.

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