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Any jumpmen out there? I wear Jays because they're the only thing that look good on me in size 11, I get them in black so they're not too flashy.

Inb4 Nignog shoe.
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I would join this thread but this entire board is full of 25 year old white people
not the nike air ones = gay
I thought about getting some nicer ones, But I was entering my first job, and needed a black show, so I copped em.

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is my dad /fa/?
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Looks like Jean Reno
Needs a better fitting suit tho and should work on leaving the 144p dimension
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What's 144p?
ur fucking pics senpai

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Thoughts on Urban Outfitters's "Good Cuck" shirt? Available for only $24.99! Let everyone know your true nature, /fa/!
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>look mum, I used le cuck maymay!!
>just mad because he bought the shirt
Its even in old german font

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We're searching for new people to join #effay, only _the_ premiere /fa/-related IRC channel.

Located on legendary Rizon.net network, #effay is perfect for people who enjoy things like:
- Building shrines to Raf Simons
- Talking shit about peoples shoes for at least 5 minutes
- Sadposting about stupid architecture decisions at your university
- Advertising your incredible techwear-only aesthetic tumblr, only to be advertised to by 10 other people
- Talking about fashion and fashion-related memes

If you're interested, come join us. Most of us are active during daytime US hours, but we would like to expand that active time.
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I can personally attest to all of this. Every time I go on #effay my mood shoots up.

Also there's a qt patootie there that'll teach you how to make your phone /fa/.
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is there a /fa/ skype group that isnt filled with sjws and i can talk about clothes?

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Post your wallet / Dream wallet

> Looking to get a new clip wallet, mines fucked
> I'd like something that looks like this but actually made of leather
> https://www.fruugoaustralia.com/dosh-luxe6-wallet-rook/p-4120110-9323354?gclid=Cj0KEQiA5oy1BRDQh6Wd572hsfkBEiQAfdTPCviY2Wzg3sSEIldnkvy3godSnUxg_Iq8BJu4nRQMHwgaAnkj8P8HAQ
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Nice wallet faggot

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are nazies /fa/?
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File: DdWSSiE_198_1#.jpg (29KB, 393x500px)Image search: [Google]
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Yes, especially the qt ace you posted. It's a terrible ideology though. Leftists really need to learn a thing or two about aesthetics from those Nazi monsters.
fashion is inherently fascist so the answer is unequivocally yes

Is meth /fa/? Just wondering because I have a bunch of shards lying around.
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No, but coke is.
Don't. Meth will make you look like shit. Most drugs will desu
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I had a capsule of about half a gram 2 weeks ago. The high is okay, not as agood as Exctasy but it makes you really sharp and improves all your motor skills. With that said, it also makes you extremley paranoid. Thinking everyone is out to get you. After I came down from the high I felt depressed for the next 2 days, and randomly wept a couple times. My face also broke out it little zits, dont know if it was from the stress or the meth, but I don't recommend you do it.

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> /fa/ in 60 years
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being old isn't effay to be honest

gonna have to kill myself eventually
well can you hurry up please
im ok with this

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Alright guys, here's the deal. I got a party to go to soon, and I need to dress somewhat nice. Its an 18th year party. Anyways, its a black and white only attire, and its not super formal.

All I have as of now is this, I just need some shoes to go well:
A White button up shirt
A black bow tie
Black Pants
A gold watch

I am a big guy (for you), so I need some shoes to go well with my slim straight jeans. Anything that might look well and is decently cheap?

Target, Tilly's, New Star, Macy's, and any other department place is fine. Just need some suggesments.

My pants measure ments are W38 L32
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go to https://www.reddit.com/r/malefashionadvice/
I dunno, combat boots.
Do you need the bow Tie?
Get some suspenderse and go hipster core

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If you have bad forhead acne, would it be okay to wear a beanie before you go to bed? I meant one to take hair off your forhead and cover your whole head. Like this picture for example except back a bit further so your whole forehead has no hair on it
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just put a towel over your pillow and change it every night
I actually used to do that in highschool, it wasn't very effective though.
Just use a bandana.


Where to cop light solid jeans that aren't shit? i dont want that thin cheap feeling.
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501s, american apparel regular fits or wrangler cowboy cuts fit the bill pretty well. Or you can take the higher end route and purchase our legacy, patrik ervell, saturdays surf, levi's vintage clothing. or whatever else

if you're a chick i'm sorry this doesn't apply to u
501's are dope.
thank u

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can anyone ID this long blazer? ignore the colossal faggot wearing it
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spoonfeed me: the thread

Fuck off.
are you being serious right now? people ask "oh oh w2c w2c" all the time, but suddenly, it's "spoonfeed me: the thread?"

go kill yourself
we literally have a w2c general and you decided your own w2c question was important enough to warrant its own thread

fuck off

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Thoughts on men with prominent curly ass eyelashes? I feel like they make me look feminine and i hate them.
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Get on his level fag
who that
File: image.jpg (95KB, 793x585px)Image search: [Google]
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Long lash man

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If heroin-chic is a thing, what would constitute as cocaine-chic?
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Miami Vice
Ray Liotta in the second half of Goodfellas. Dressing sloppily, but still stylish.

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very creative, nice job

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