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tl:dr what is the cheapest way to get decent dress shirts like pic related tailored or untailored

Im a cheap lanklet who is only willing to spend like 30-40€ on 4-5 decent slimfit shirts that look like pic related. No outlet has my size because I have long arms so it has to be a site with adjustable sleeves. Anyone know the cheapest way I can mass-buy some office shirts that are nicely fitted and decent fabric and arent completely baggy so it looks like im wearing a pancho? I'm in Europe btw so they would need to deliver here
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Charles Tyrwhitt are cheap as fuck and should have varying lengths when it comes to sleeves. Shit quality though, but you can't expect more if you're that cheap.
I actually have Tyrwhitt open right now, gonna get my measurements and see how good of a fit they are. In what way are they shit? are they worth the price? Because I can go to H&M and buy a 10€ one and get it fit for 15€. The H&M ones are good enough for me I guess, I love the fit at least, the sleeve length gets me though. So if these Tyrwhitt ones have a similar slimfit then I'd be happy to pay 30€ if they are slightly better quality than the H&M ones. I'm looking to buy 4-5 shirts for every day @ the office wear, and to wash every 3-4 weeks (wearing them like 3-4 times before washing)
Just get a tailor. Charles Tyrwhitt is a good option for cheap dress shirts, but tailoring is still critical.

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W2C black hoodie without zipper

Should be as simple as possible but even the one at uniqlo has an ugly zipper and metal thingys

I don't know many brands so please help
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the term you are refering to is a pullover hoody

you can find one at H&M
Uniqlo has pullover hoodies that are pretty nice.

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WTC cool rings and necklaces, /fa/?
Inspo welcome
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amazon, sometimes etsy.

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epic fit.png
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Why do most people have no idea how to style clothing? Even the ones who have seemingly all the money in the world still dress absolutely pathetic
All i see is people dressed in A&F or stuff like pic related

You would start to think that it is somehow difficult to combine pre designed garments
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Because most people don't give a shit about fashion.
ikr, my dad has a lot of money and all he buy is burberry and gaudy louis vuitton clothes.

W2C this jacket or simmilar?
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There are certain things you can only wear when you're famous, and not look like a faggot. This is one of them man. If you buy something like this, prepare to start having to tell people your not gay all the time. Not trying to be a dick, just trying to help you out bro.
Pretty sure that's just a button down
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Adidas x Opening Ceremony

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is milo effay?
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File: milo.jpg (39KB, 450x350px)Image search: [Google]
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What go you guys think of this obvious BAPE knock off? The followed me on instagram and all they are are a massive copy of BAPE. Is this even legal?

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That shit is 100% copyright infringement and I hope bape sue these fuckers.
I don't know, they say they are a "parody" brand and where I come from parody is covered in fair use under our copyright laws.
Plus, these shirts look kinda cool, might cop.
Shit is trash op

Effay music thread. Post damn good music only.
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good music only?
how about some great music?
goddamn i love this song but this video is so shitty. She needs to hire real people to direct her music videos and not her brother

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Whats this qt lncc model name?

also modelfu general I guess
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File: 1.jpg (107KB, 718x900px)Image search: [Google]
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Does anyone have any idea who she is? Image search has no results even though she looks like a model to me.
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whos this handsome fellow
that happens to be aaron ellis: the king of /mu/ and world renown shitposter from melbourne

hey /fa/m, i believe i have pretty good style and nice facial structure, but my teeth are horribly fucked up in terms of how patchy and stained they are, theres literally patches of white, yellow and little dots/streaks of brown on some of my teeth, which as far as im aware, is from some kind of medication or something i was exposed to in early childhood.

I never worried about my smile until someone I really love pointed out someones 'yellow teeth' the other day and i immediately felt like stabbing myself in the face, i dont know what to do anons.

I cant afford veneers, I'm considering seeing if my dentist offers enamel micro-abrasion (shaves off a thin layer of enamel to remove intrinsic stains).. what else can I do? its ruining my entire look and self esteem
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please help me lmfao
crest white strips
same here tbqh, although I think mine are yellow and gross from cigarettes and not taking care of my teeth aside from brushing once in the morning. plus my structure isnt great either

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How do I achieve this hair /fa/?
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You can't.

Harrison Ford had god-tier hair in his 30s and 40s.
be harrison ford in the 80s
have your hair both fine and thin and style it with blowdryer

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post pictures of your crew /fa/

you do have a crew.... right?
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which one are you op?
the east indian guy
pretty disgusting tbqh although I'm a polish/mexican from Chicago that hangs out with niggers most of the time.

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Anyone know of some decent but affordable desert type suede mens shoes in black? I need them for work where I'll be on my feet for most of the day so they should be of ok quality. Most of the ones on ebay are generic and will probably fall apart...
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clarks desert london $100
Skeptical about the quality. I saw them in Schuh today. Kind of liked them but I was skeptical about the quality. Coming from clarks it should be alright I guess. I didn't have time to try 'em on but I'll have a look tomorrow.

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What's your cologne?

Versace Blue Jeans for men.
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File: Givenchy-Pi-Neo.jpg (154KB, 1502x2210px)Image search: [Google]
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Givenchy Pi Neo
Picked up about 8 months ago
CDG Man 2

Wish it lasted longer, though.
My fuckin nigga this makes girls tremble

File: KGTcbVk.png (175KB, 492x490px)Image search: [Google]
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why is it so difficult to get nice olive shirt that dont look like shit. most olive colored shirt are either safari-core or jungle-trekking-mountain core.
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because olive outerwear and chinos/pants are huge at the moment so there's fuck all demand for olive shirts.
But why?
makes you look like mao zedong. don't do it.

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