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So I just bought this in XXL, what am I in for?
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A mistake.
damn w2c?? is that new rick??

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sufjan fa.jpg
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is sufjan effay?
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i dunno about 'effay'

but he looks great. naturally aesthetic and very talented (subjective, but at the very least he is successful). he doesn't seem to be too fashion conscious but he doesn't ever really dress badly. his fits are a more normie version of mac demarco's slackercore
No because he's a small-cocked sand nigger loser
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Neon angel-punk duct tape core was criminally slept on in the fashion world, as it made one of the boldest aesthetic statements of 2010.

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I have created a fashion style that represents my religious and political beliefs. What are your thoughts, /fa/?
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what is wrong with converse, /fa/?
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Literally nothing
Nothings wrong with them. Converse are the Coca-Cola of shoes
Literally everything

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Might get hate for this but, i fuck with the yeezy shoes. And the 950's seems pretty nice, what color do you think would either look the best or go the best with a wide range of clothing. Im look for versatility.
>p.s. b4 "so expensive comments" im getting replicas
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I agree, these are sick.
i also thought about getting replicas but they are still quite expensive.

i basically disregard anyone who cant appreciate at the least good silhouette / color balance, even the weighting in the material sections is better than any boot I've seen. the composition and geometry stimulate my endorphins.

desu i think they would match well with anything, too bad its summer in australia and i'm poor as hell
right now im debating between the moonrock and chocolate color, im really torn because both could look good. What does /fa/ think?

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Didn't see one in the catalog so here we go

Hopefully wise anons can drop some nfo for the unaware folk

Anyone know if a good way to lighten lips if they've gotten darker from smoking?
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Dont fucking smoke. Use lip balm maybe.

Posting my routine here. I've had great improvements on my skin using this one for about 2 months.

- Cleanser
- Toner
- Moisturizer
- Sunscreen

- Cleanser
- Toner
- Exfoliant
- Clay Mask (bi-weekly to weekly)
- Benzoyl Peroxide
- Moisturizer
- Lightening Cream

I also use a microfiber towel and change pillow cases every day.
what does smoking do to ur skin
Based Yoona.

Any decent budget brands recommended or do any do the job?

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w2c boots?
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Shut up
First day on the internet?
nike sfb

those arent the ones in your image but they are the boots he wears in 99% of his other pictures

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Jacket to this?
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nice jeans, queer
Just image theyre not ripped

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Good night /fa/~
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good night OP

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What's a good sneaker/shoe for keeping all the snow and moisture out? Stans just won't cut it this time of the year when it's snowing and the ground is covered in slushy mud.

Timbs and Palladiums are probably the go-tos off the top of my head, but what else is good that's relatively cheap? I mean, I'm not going to trudge through the snow in my KVAs every day, and while I would still prefer sneakers, I don't know if any of them are actually good at keeping the wet stuff out (maybe those rubber Converses are good, I don't know), but honestly, anything works.
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i wear my af1s for snow
>thick sole
>not expensive
>look good when beat and with yellow sole

Boots are either GHEYAF or if you get nice ones too expensive to wear in the snow

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Does anyone know any boots that look like this but arent polo
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are you looking for duck boots?
or those weird fucking strap atrocities
strap monsters

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is it true that levis from kohls/jcpenny are poorer quality then the ones online?
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In terms of cuts and how they're suppose to fit sorta.
it literally makes a world of a difference depending on what country they were made in.
kind of
manufacturers always have left over fabric
stores like the ones you listed will contact the manufacturer, and essentially pitch them the idea that using that fabric, but selling at a lower wholesale, is much more efficient and profitable than letting the fabric sit and pay for it's warehousing and the sort

forgot my trip login
im Intern

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What are ya sellin friend?
i feel you op
selling shit on there is a straight waste of time
a bunch of shit and no ones buying it. ill be the first to admit most of it sucks but then why are these faggots accepting my offers and then running the fuck away

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Can /fa/ help identify this model for please?
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File: 1447873851420.jpg (584KB, 1280x1920px)Image search: [Google]
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lydia graham
thanks broski

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Hey /fa/, ugly anon here looking for haircut recommendations. I've always had this combover kind of look but to be honest it's never really suited me it was just easy to get done.
Also, I know I need to shave, just been feeling depressed as my grandmother passed recently and I haven't been doing much.
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Great full picture of your hair, jackass.
1. You're not ugly.
2. You need to post a full picture of your hair.
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Sorry just noticed top got clipped I tried to flip the picture properly and just messed it up
All of my pics are pretty fucked, I'll go take a proper one without a filter but here's this for now.

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