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What do you think about the Skengman in Japan aesthetic? There's something about Stormzy's black as fuck skin that makes every fit look high end
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yo this track is lit af
that video was very aesthetics senpai whew

File: please don't fuck me up.jpg (482KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
please don't fuck me up.jpg
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I really need my hair cutting to trips decides what I get!
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Shave that nasty shit off your chin first
Fuck off jake

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Need some good looking tennis shoes ASAP. Pic related won't work because they're too flat. W2c?
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pick what you like
Just get NB CRT300s

File: IMG_20160124_150135.jpg (2MB, 3120x4160px)Image search: [Google]
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Are smart watches effay?
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it doesn't even tell the time

shit is fucking useless

just put your hand in your pocket and you save 400 bucks and a stupid metallic piece on your wrist

maybe in 10 years we will see nice ones

till then they are fedora tier
I think they will be in a few years.

Gotta give the manufacturers the time to get the requisite technology perfected enough where it's no longer fucking huge on your wrist and cumbersome to use.

At that point, there'll be flexibility for style.

The Motorola is probably the best looking one so far though, minus that fucking awful bit at the bottom.

File: wojak1.jpg (35KB, 535x577px)Image search: [Google]
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Most of the brands I see here are too expensive for me. Are there any relatively cheap clothing stores or do you just have to be rich to be fashionable?
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I wear my grand dads clothes from the thrift shop down the road
You don't have to be rich. Don't fall for the brand meme like I did. My best and most complimented fits were standard brands my mum bought for me at great bargains. They fit me well, left room to grow and always triggered a compliment or two. It's strange how transparent clothing draws so much attention. Anyways. Don't fall for the brand meme. Go to a store like H&M or something similar and just look for stuff that looks nice.

THERE YOU GO MY FRIEND. Anything can look good if you put together a cool outfit with it, well almost anything.

File: saben.jpg (556KB, 1200x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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Guys my last hair model
A little bit grew up now but still fucking ugly
I don't want to suicide op just give me good hair models
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>hair models
What are you talking about
Dude I will cut my hair again
thats why I want sum gud hair models

File: scarf.jpg (2MB, 5184x3456px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 5184x3456px
Where to cop this scarf?
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Just come up to your curtains with scissors, make a small cut near the top, grab hold of the curtain on the narrower side of the cut you just made, pull down violently.
Accept one of the nine rings of power granted to the kings of men (doomed to die) by the Dark Lord Sauron (under the guise of Sauron the Fair), then inevitably be turned into a ringwraith due to the unnatural power of the ring.

probably a halloween decoration he threw around his neck.

Sweatpants that don't look like shit
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>find me Sweatpants that don't look like shit
Bc comfy and I want some
a please would be nice

File: zRclUu5.jpg (2MB, 2448x3264px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 2448x3264px
how should someone who's in their late 20s/early 30s dress to attract qt instagram girls with their tattoos and fast fashion?

pic related is my aesthetic (but not me) somewhere between post punk, greaser, and minimalist scandinavian streetwear. Would this work? What's the best aesthetic for >in b4 dressing for girls
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The answer to all life's questions boils down to two words:


>qt instagram girls

you mean young whores
Full rick small dick

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Trump hats are very /fa/, especially the red ones.

Anything other than red or white and you fucked up though.
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how does it feel to be a meme
supporting trump is not effay
racism is not effay
int and pol are not effay

effay is the apathetic one

File: manhattanportagebackpack.png (335KB, 696x784px)Image search: [Google]
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what are some /fa/ laptop backpacks that aren't too overpriced?

Need a laptop backpack for uni but can't find any good ones that'll fit my 15.6inch laptop + case that im soon to buy.

Don't mind something budget but good quality and minimal that could be patched. Otherwise, need recs pls.

Post /fa/ backpacks.
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File: 81nR1518g9L._SL1500_.jpg (158KB, 1500x1500px)Image search: [Google]
158KB, 1500x1500px
that's a nerf
I have a Goruck slick pack that's just solidly constructed and simple for a lot less money than the ones they make with all the MOLLE webbing and Velcro. If you happen to like the normal ones with the webbing then go for it.

File: 588002_mrp_in_xl.jpg (171KB, 960x1002px)Image search: [Google]
171KB, 960x1002px
other one almost dead
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File: Locomotive-Navy-Blue-Henley.jpg (125KB, 850x995px)Image search: [Google]
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Do henley's like these look bad if you're not buff or just /fa/ myth
I'm personally not a fan. They add nothing, I'd just go for a nice plain crew tee here.
I don't like the white-faded bits. Hard to tell the shape when its not on a model too. I'd go for Levi 511s in white oak

File: image1xxl.jpg (153KB, 870x1110px)Image search: [Google]
153KB, 870x1110px
Anybody able to help my cheap ass, low on money ass to find something similar to these Timberlands?

"Timberland Classic Lug Boat Shoes"
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Jews don't waste their money on ugly crap like that
leave my taste alone bruh, I bet you wear Yeezys just to get accepted socially in your institute.

File: file.png (421KB, 686x492px)Image search: [Google]
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When will you wake up from your delusions?
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Lol hit the nail on the head with this thread. Kek
what the fuck
is it even real?
File: 4587146_waywt_20715.jpg (167KB, 604x960px)Image search: [Google]
167KB, 604x960px
ugly people can look good if they know how 2 b /fa/

File: DSC04770-1.jpg (107KB, 1152x864px)Image search: [Google]
107KB, 1152x864px
Hi all, i need help, are these real? I have more pics
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File: DSC04771.jpg (106KB, 1152x864px)Image search: [Google]
106KB, 1152x864px
more pics 1
No, the fakes never get the suede and gluing right, but cop if less than $300

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