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Thoughts on wearing rosary neckle?
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Fine if you're a nun
Rosaries aren't made to be worn, you fucking heretic.
okay if you like the band HIM

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Sticky is down arm
Can someone tell me some brands of clothing that are pretty cost efficient? I.e. I'm mostly spending for quality, not brand
I've heard of Everlane and Wings and Horns, but I'd like some variety as well. I'm looking mostly for hooded sweatshirts or crewneck sweaters.
Thanks for any and all help
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AS colour for basics and stuff
american apparel

thats about all i can think of off the top of my head
Thanks for the reply! I'm guessing as is Acne Studios correct? If you have the time, would you mind telling me what item each brand is particularly known for?

Also what are some really cost efficient and comfortable shoes? I don't care much for look if the shoes are comfortable.
that sticky is old and you would do well to stay away from it

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What's the most effay height and why is it exactly 185cm/ 6'1?

Pic related, Rondondo is 6'1
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most male models are taller than 185 cm
even a lot of females
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>lot of females are over 6'1
Could be true, depends on where you live.

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tricky rick.jpg
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>Tricky Rick fashion show
>Models are belt strapped to other models
>This is art
>This is fashion
> /fa/ will defend this
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This is actually a rad idea as far as performance art goes
I personally like it

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I don't know why, but I like this new drake look.

What clothes would give me that kind of look? It actually looks pretty comfortable
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Try the cuckstore
Well gee, thanks. That sure helps.
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this is becoming the new trend so its gonna be all over h&m, zara, river island etccc
Cheap oversized stuff can be found on asos f.e reclaimed vintage.
Get some dickie trousers, joggers or anything that wont fit too tight.
also inhale memes nonstop

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I'm new, sticky is down.

How much does a few outfits cost. I dress now like an average student in uni. Jeans, white shirt and button up over top, jacket in winter.

I'm not looking for an overall but I want people to know I'm at least older than 20, I'm currently 23, total baby face.

Like this guy but worse in every respect.
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confidence will do much more than a few outfits. I'd start by copping some white sneakers as a foundation ($100~)

whats your body like? >>>/fit/ might help
pretty scrawny I'd say, I do running, that's about it.
better than fat.
are you taller than 6'? if so go /thinspo/ and pick up some black skinny jeans/chinos.

if you're a manlet (>6') the anorexia meme will just make you look like a nerd

Also, good hair could compensate a bit. just don't go too tryhard

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I'm very vain, and also very insecure. I know many of you are too. Do you care what people thing about your facebook? I don't usually, but mostly I'm insecure when I put up a profile picture and nobody likes it. I feel like it screams autist and outcast when anyone new looks at my page, and it's public, so any girl can look me up and see that. I was thinking we could do a thing here where you give someone your email or a throwaway, they send you their name, you add them then like each others pics
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No. I don't like peoples stuff so they don't like mine. Don't read into it. I will not like your picture even if I like it.
I'm with this anon. I have a pic that like 3 years old when I was uglier. Nothings changed but my hair.
I used to think this too. But I found out likes aren't given to how you look so much. It's more due to how much you socialize with the person in real life or if you like their pics too

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>he wore joggers at some point
>he still wears joggers

I seriously, SERIOUSLY hope none of you rode that bandwagon. They seriously look like you are wearing a sweatshirt on your legs or some pants made specifically for the mentally retarded.
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who gives a fuck about what other people wear. doing your own thing and not caring about something that will never affect your life is true /fa/

besides, theyre comfy as fuck and give a good silhouette
>who gives a fuck about what other people wear

Do you know where you are, friend? Are you lost?
any jogger made from anything but fleece is garbage

these look great for example

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alright, /fa/, let's settle this once and for all.
classic 1460 or mono?
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If you can't handle a little yellow tone you're an insecure un/fa/ faggot
this desu
all black may be more fashionable but i like the classic/yellow more
the tag can be a little annoying though
I like the tag, honestly. I feel they give the boots a little more flair.

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what, in your opinion, is the most /fa/ way to kill yourself?
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Disappear. No one really knows if you actually died, and you can secretly become a Buddhist monk.
getting assassinated or murdered
I like this, killing the idea of yourself in the minds of those who know you

What plain T-shirt brands do you wear, what % cotton/polyester. V-neck or Crew cut.
The brand I love is sold out completely wherever i look.
What are your favs
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Next Level
They have a bunch of different models/styles, colors, blends.

Blank tees are usually $6-$12/each on Amazon.
Mossimo (Target) was my favorite till they fucked around with the sizing and quality control.
It's all shit now.

Thanks, i was on Analog's vnecks for a while, only shirts ive bought more than one of desu
60% cotton 40% poly and fits so well if youre a little fit

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Was browsing Zara and found these on sale.
Fit seemed legit, very light weight. Versatile for home and the road. Like the colour.
Cop them.

At home find out that they are Trafaluc. Confused to find them at Zara Man.

Also slowly getting to mori.

>Any males here wear Trafaluc? Why at Zara Man?
>Share your mori colours.
>mori inspo.
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File: beginning mori.jpg (2MB, 1440x2221px)Image search: [Google]
beginning mori.jpg
2MB, 1440x2221px
combo no.1
File: Screenshot_2015-09-25-11-31-55.png (683KB, 720x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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Trafaluc = TRF = Zara's (woman's? or unisex?) side collection.

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What are the best all-black <200$ sneakers, /fa?
>tfw ain't got enought money to buy CP's
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tubular dooms
i don't like runners
air max 95

he is my inspo tbqh familia
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Underage hypebeast wigger detected
lmao does he have a tattoo on his forehead what a fucking dumbass

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/r/ normcore version of this
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delete this thread and look for it yourself

the numbers on the heel signify the model size and color 12345 would make no sense and its not even the right amount of numbers, can you please fix this?

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