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can anyone id the polo kyle is wearing? (lightskin on the left)
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leave /fa/ forever
I used to hang out with the dude on the right.
are lightskins /fa/?

This fucking 50 year old glob wears Old Skools. It really does look shite.
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>Making a thread about it
those are sk8 his
He,s around the age when they were first released. Nothing wrong with him wearing them

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New semester starting, need a new pack on my back
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filename dumb ass nigga

Should I make a youtube channel based on actually decent mens fashion?

Every video i try to watch on youtube its guys with platnium hair wearing all black h&m. It doesn't even look good, just lazy af.

How would someone do this without coming off as cringey? I don't know if I could just pose infront of a camera wearing clothes I wear everyday.
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if you think pic related is decent mens fashion, then id say no. kit harington looks awful.
things that I hate seeing are children or hypebeasts, especially if they put on some noticeable act to change the way they speak

You'll have to have a focused subject matter for each video. You'll have to know what you're talking about. Are you going to make fits and tell what you're wearing in them? Sounds fucking dull. You'll also have to tread a fine line between confidence and coming off as pretentious. Whether or not you come off as "cringey" completely depends on how poised you are.
what else could i talk about? different styles? like focusing on shiacore in one video and then palewave in another?

Post some denim jacket inspo
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ive always wanted one. the problem is always that , if your a tall person (>6'0) , denim jackets are cut so short that they dont even make it down to your belt line. it ends up looking ridiculous
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This is from China. It says it's faux fur put in the description it says it's made of fur and polyester. So will they make this shit out of skinned dogs and all that? Will it look like the picture? How about the quality?
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it's b8.

you're going to look like a total cuck if you buy it

post pictures if you do.
Nah man I think, maybe, I could pull it off. White vneck, black skinnies, solid brown boots. I think it depends a lot on the personality though so I don't know.
fashion victim general

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Is athleisure /fa/? Everyone says it's the new big thing but I haven't found any threads on /fa/ about it.
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athleisure and sportswear are fashion cancer
this shit fucking sucks
athleisure is SHIT that norms wear

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Thrift general
Recent cops, questions, etc.
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does anyone know any good thrift shops in nyc? specifically central manhattan? i'm looking for cheapish designer shit
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Seriously no post...anyways, found these vintage bally loafers at local goodwill
Sorry but us mexicans get the good shit

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After the success of the plug.dj /fa/ lounge, I've created a room on dubtrack.fm.


Come and share your music and chat with other anons.
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keep me sum kompany
cmon anons
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im in senpai, pretty neat idea

for each of the 4 tell me what they are wearing
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fucking disgusting
not sure you read the question right, i did not ask for a personal description of how you feel about your body image, the clothes my friend ;)
From left to right
1. A denim shearling jacket, a long-sleeved henley, a very dark pair of hickory-striped pants, and what look to be tan chukkas.
2. A blue blazer, a gray wool waistcoat, a white french-cuff shirt, a wool tie, a pair of jeans, and either a pair of cowboy boots or a pair of chelseas.
3. A gray double-breasted overcoat, a gray wool waistcoat, a white shirt, honestly these look like a pair of black wool slacks but they could be jeans, and a pair of non-descript work boots.
4. This looks like a blazer to me, a gray shirt, a white undershirt, a pair of khaki chinos, a pair of red socks, and another pair of non-descript work boots.

Mumford and Sons is awful.

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opinions on Zara?
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Here in Germany it's the store mainly Turks buy their latest gear. It's cheap so they go there.

Guess it's okay for teenagers.
cheap when on sale. fit well looks well, quality is sub par worth it, wont fall apart after first wash like most /fa/ said they would.
I want to think they have some good basics, always pick things up in the sale, buuut they are shit so i always end up returning them, quality is appauling, on thing i kept are some beaten up joggers for lounging in. Don't recommend

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Converse All Stars vintage 2004
File: 7205032040_1_1_1_fptgha.jpg (26KB, 680x535px)Image search: [Google]
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I'm 19, and been told these things
"You have a baby face" by friends
Been called "Pretty boy" by a few girls
And been told "You look like you're not a day over 17" by either adults or peers that meet me for the first time.

I've been given more conventional compliments as well as cute/handsome/etc. But the ones relating to "pretty" or feminine stand out to me more. So I'd rather "fix" it if possible.

Any tips. Haircut change, anything? Also, what exactly are the feminine features my face has?
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lmao boy you dont look a day older than 12.
Its those cheeks good god
you come here with a pubehead like that and can't figure it out?

you're hopeless. kill yourself now.
push your tongue constantly up on the roof of your mouth maybe you'll get some cheekbones love

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So can anyone get super skinny legs if they lose enough weight? I've lost about 80 pounds so far (starting weight 245) and, while my legs have slimmed down, Im still carrying a bunch of fat/mass in them, specifically my calves more so than my thighs. I know I'm not skinny at all yet, but is there hope or is leg slimness mostly genetic?
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I'm 5'8 and weight 150lbs and still have fat legs, it's just genetics, will hit the gym this summer to see if I can lose some fat.
>it's just genetics

File: 1343719435540.png (185KB, 900x503px)Image search: [Google]
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>hit the gym to shrink legs
>/fa/ has gone so ass-backwards in body image that they accidentally become meat wagons

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Not sure if blind, but there appears to be no c/n thread on /fa COP OR NOT, pic related
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yeah you are blind you memeing fuckboi
File: v65fIdyxSzOt8JYOEBf7.jpg (455KB, 960x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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yay or nay

Definitely cop.
Recently got the black and white ones and i'm quite satisfied with them, going to purchase Hemp fairly soon.

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