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How do you like my outfit /fa/?
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Fuck the outfit what's up with the pussy?
Who is this poon coon?
her outfit is good and i would merk her pussy.
no, im not a nigger.

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i need comfortable yet fashionable shoes.i'm in highschool. any ideas?
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Read the sticky
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Screenshot (17).png
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this is not an advice board, that needs to be on the fucking sticky. this is an insecure homosexual teenagers shitposting about their "hobby" board.
this is the one time someone will tell you to go to reddit on 4chan and its legit friendly advice.

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Is laflamme from goon fa?
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Oui oui you Anglo swine
that movie suuuuucked holy shit

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Those cuffs tho!
What THe hell is qwrong with ur legs

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How the hell do you fold a t shirt so that it doesn't get creased as fuck? Please help
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Hang them.

Alternatively, yourself.
op btfo, what a spicy hot comment from a nasty boi c u on r/4chan

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boot inspo thread
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ew, my penis is extremely limp. those look like shit

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cropped don't hate.png
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Didn't see one posted so let's see them mugs. Also what are some exercises to improve jaw definition, also should I stop smoking or is it effay?
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chew gum and learn proper swallowing habits
stop smoking it's fucking nasty
which brand of gum is the most effay and how do I stop smoking?

>doesn't post face
you're a fucking egg.

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ITT: Undercut/hitler-youth with bangs/fringe thoughts/inspo
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does this grip your shit /fa/?

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only thing that pissed me off was the way he rubbed his feet agianst the shoe. fuckin hate feet
nah that's a pretty sick video
yeah, why didnt he end the video by lighting those disgusting autist boots on fire?

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Checked the catalog and didn't see one.

Need help with this, please don't judge me. (It's Bagley Mischka Collection and so I don't want to fuck it up, it cost a lot). I need to take a few inches off even with heels, should I: leave the entire back train and just shorten the front; take a uniform amount off so that the front hem is right at floor length; or, make the entire gown floor length. The last seems like the worst option but would prevent any damage to the silk. I would love to wear it as is but that would absolutely ruin it and I couldn't walk in it.
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manlets... when will they learn?
personally i'd shorten the back until it's an inch past floor length in heels so it's less likely to get stepped on but still flattering and make the front floor length. The dress is already expensive so it wouldn't hurt to invest in getting it tailored professionally too
For reference here's how it looks on the site compared to my mannequin which is adjusted to my height http://www.badgleymischka.com/EG1314/

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I'll post a few, let me know what yall think
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Cop or not lads?

Or hold out for more expensive boot

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dont even need to open the link, do not cop

memes aside though...
how is it a meme to say that a shit product is shit?

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Hey i found this ring anyone know how to check if its gold or not??
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Bring it to some jews you know?
>>10882600 i dont know any jews and i dont want to trade it for shekels

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/k/ here. where can i get some tacticool clothing that actually fits well? I love kitanica but none of it really fits that great.

i have a few pairs of ralph lauren slim fit cargo pants that fit p well, any other suggestions? what about for shirts/outerwear?
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that fleece is radical slap some Cav Empts on it and it'd retail for 3 hunna

You can get like milsurp sized down if your kinda big, thats warm and cheap too
my fav techy shirts are like running gear but if you wanna be warm hit up some woolen stuff

uhh whats your budget? how big are you?
i like the fleece on the left a lot. not so much the one on the right. arms need to be a bit more tailored tho

i have some milsurp stuff sized down but its fairly inconsistent and very hit or miss.

not too worried about prices, just nothing absurd and i am fairly swole (5'11" ,210, 12%bf) nothing ridiculous but kind of bigguy4u
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>there are faggots on here who still walk around without a gun in the year 2016

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post some dank black sneakers

protip : no nike tennis classic/mc donalds sneakers
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>no nike tennis classic

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