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Let's get a movie outfit thread going.. I'll start.

Leonardo Dicaprio - Catch Me If You Can
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I like this.
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Me too, you should contribute.

Johnny Depp - (Blow 2001)
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Leonardo Dicaprio - The Great Gatsby

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Is Karen Millen effay?
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>never mentioned on /fa/

Most likely incredibly /fa/.
because it only sells female clothings
Is it considered Zara tier or is it good

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Hey /fa/, what do you think about these "monthly boxes" that you subscribe to and keep and pay what you want?

Is it a scam?
Is it worth it?

I need the /fa/ confirmation, help me out.
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its not a scam, but its definitely not worth it if you know a thing or two about fashion.
What is I /didn't/ know a thing or two about fashion?
*if, sorry for the typo

where can i find shirts like this/fit like this for an athletic build?
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also preferably that material
what movie is that from?
Ocean's Twelve.

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I tried this thread on /fit/ but I didn't get any decent replies.

Is it hard to get into modeling? Specifically body oriented stuff such as for underwear brands or fitness brands.

I don't have a professional picture, so here is a poor quality mirror shot of my body.
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why not be a body guard for a photographer in France?
>zipper abs
Gbye modeling
Your abs are way too asymmetric.

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> Be 6'5"
> Big guy, but abs
> Can't find any clothes that fit
> Especially Shirts/Jackets
> Always too tight in the shoulders
> Always too wide around my midsection
> Always too short when I put my arms up

Anyone have any brands? Or websites? Or ANY advice?
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Big and Tall shit my homie. Sorry but a lot of the stuff you see on here isn't catered to larger dudes unfortunately.
>ANY advice
stop trying to be effay you bane fuck
go buy some a&f and talk to girls normie
Do you know of any plain, slim fit, slightly longer shirts anywhere?
Or a place where I can tailor make a leather jacket to my dimensions?

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Jackets like this but not as expensive ?
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>Can't get together 150 for a jacket

Come on Anon
What is happenning to this board
superdry is fucking awful bro

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What is your favorite fabric?

Also, where can I buy a jacket (cosplay or regular) that looks like and has a similar reflectivity as the left or right.
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silk, its gonna cost you...
Thanks. Its okay, its for something I enjoy doing.

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Hey /fa/
Kind of a pleb here and want to get a nice pair of jeans.
These are the selection at the local Nordstrom which I would like to get since I can try them on to see what fits nice.
Could anyone point me in the direction I should check out?
I don't know which brands are dependable and which to avoid.
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Don't buy prefades, make sure they fit good.
Nordstrom sells overpriced shit.
Just get some skinny levi's to start out.
I'm not too concerned with the price atm.

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Need inspo pics for a low undercut, preferably with blended sides. But top to the back or sides, not this fucked up bands hipster shit. aka the original hitler youth
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In your opinion, what is the best fabric for a polo shirt? Do you have a specific brand that you buy?
I wear polos at work and have found that the 100% cotton polos are shrink significantly in the wash and start looking real scratchy and degraded within the first few wash cycles.
I bought a polo that is 85% cotton, 15% polyester and it seems great so far.
Some guys at work have great looking polos but I can't bring myself to approach them and fawn over their beautiful clothing to find out where they got it or what material it is, So I come to you, my friends, for fashion advice. What is the best kind of polo and where do you find them?
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I'm honestly a fan of Polo Ralph Lauren, at least when you buy directly from them and not their cheaper shit at mall stores. The prices are low, quality is dece, cotton is solid, and the fit is surprisingly athletic (again, if you buy from them directly, not the mall stores where they sell fucking huge cuts).

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All of my jumpers are hoodies (either pullover or zipped). I keep seeing other people in different types of comfy jumper, but I can never find any. I am pitifully drawn back to hoodies each and every time.

What other types of jumper are comfy?
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Are you looking for more hoodies? Why did you post a pic of a hoodie
Are you looking for sweaters or hoodies?

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Looking for rep of the raf simons new order blog corruption and lies jacket with the flowers on the back. I see one on Ali express but it's a different color than the original.

>also how do you post pics on Samsung S5? I would show the jacket but don't know how to post gallery pics it only let's me take pics and post those
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There's going to be one of these 'vintage kilo sales' near me soon.

Are these any good or are they just full of green party supporting faggots?
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u manchester family?
woah there sonny cool your SS boots. you're views are totally not chill, I can tell. Now I didn't say I'm a green supporter, but be a little less hostile man, it will go far

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How many suits does /fa/ have? How many for different occasions?

Myself, I just bought my second suit for work and interviews. The first was for a funeral.
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I have two suits. One black, for a funeral, and the other in prince of wales. The latter was probably a bad choice. I was going in for charcoal and the salesman roped in me into the prince of wales pattern.
Somewhere around 6-7, I wear maybe 5 consistently. I also have a tux, which is my only suit exclusively relegated to special occasions.
File: Boglioli K-jacket Olive checked.jpg (933KB, 2240x1120px)Image search: [Google]
Boglioli K-jacket Olive checked.jpg
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Three so far: navy, charcoal, light grey. Just placed a MTM order for a fourth one yesterday. Going for a brown one this time, for use during summer.

Suits are mostly business, but I only buy suits that are informal enough to be able to break up and pair with other trousers/chinos, for maximum variety. Also have 3 blazers that are really casual.

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