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Can someone please explain to me how the sizing works on these? I usually wear medium for t shirts, I bought some long sleeve ones from AA in size S and they fit okay. What size do I order those tshirts in? They're the super basic ones. I'm skelly tall fyi
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forgot title. Brand is american apparel
AA has the ugliest models

Gosha is hot. I want to fug wierd artsy euro gosha slavic men
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muh dick

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Ransom Alta Mid Suede.jpg
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Bought these, the shitty fabric tore after 20 minutes and the shoe is fucking ruined. Now totally out of stock in my size.

Any other shoes like this or nah? help.
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thats what you get for buying fucking knock offs

buy the fucking visvims you poorfag
thanks dad
You fucking buy fake Vis and expect them to be quality. Laughing at your pathetic life right now.

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Help me out /fa/, need a coat like this in the UK.
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A desperate man has to use both reddit and 4chan to find his coat

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Can anyone help me track down this jacket?
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Recht should be at the bottom
Homemade goofninja pieces and milsurp
>A1923 that low

The lower you go, the more their clothes start to look like cosplay/movie props

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no fuck off
it looks like a composition book
awful threads thread

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pic not related.
I clearly need help.
What is acceptable for a girl wearing dress mostly.
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Hi are not very good with dress and i need something low.
I already wear vans like pic related.

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/fa/, I need help.

When I was entering my adolescence, I realized choosing clothes was a chore, so I decided to dress like an anime character: the same clothes every day. Since then, I always have 10 white t-shirts and 3 black jeans. Every year, I throw away the 3 worst looking shirts and buy new ones. I do the same with the jeans (but keep if none looks bad). For shoes, I went with pic, buying only when the old one didn't fit anymore or was borderline unusable. And I've been doing this since today.

This means that, for over a decade, I've been using the same clothes, every day. I have no sense of fashion whatsoever, so I don't know what to buy. I want to change something in my life, because after 4 years my girlfriend dumped me for being too bland, lifeless person. I decided that changing my wardrobe may be the first step.

I don't have access to a camera and I don't feel comfortable posting pictures of me. I'm 1,75m/5'9'' weight 72kg/165lb, my hair is short and black, my eyes are brown, my beard is always shaved and my skin is pale white.

I'm not specifically asking what to dress. More like: How do I know what looks good?
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Dress for yourself and not for people. Just use what you think it looks good.
>read the fuckin sticky
>lose some weight

Do you have any hobbies? What do you do for work?

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are april77 jeans worth the price? how's the sizing on their dictator/slim jeans? im a 32 in nudie should i size down or tts?
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No replies in the DB for this post!

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V3DVHSL (1).jpg
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should i cop these? Or will it look Gay?
>also first thread on 4chan
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you will look gay senpai
If you dont have the confidence to wear basic pink vans then you should get off this board. Also this belongs in the cop or not thread, i would recommend you to the sticky but im pretty sure its down right now.
Can confirm that you will instantly become a flamer if you so much as look at these irl
You're safe for now because that's just an artist's depiction

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BBS thread
bbs inspo

ricks baby brother for those of you who dont already know.
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cuck: the designer
>this is what happens when you take "inspo" to literally: the designer

File: 2350460_waywt_11th_July_2012.jpg (103KB, 640x960px)Image search: [Google]
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Do you have anyone to talk about fashion with? I always annoy my mom with my inspo folder
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Why don't you suck a fat log out of my puckered asshole, you fucking shrimpcocked gook loser
fite me irl r now
i have you guys to talk about fashion.

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maxresdefault (2).jpg
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How to get hair looking like this?
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What band is this?
It's bladee
nobody know?

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Can I machine wash my leather jacket if I put it on the delicate setting with cold water? If not is there any easy way to wash it?
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"can i machine wash my leather jacket"
jesus christ this board sometimes

Quality post retard.


go ahead, faggot. go ahead and machine wash your leather jacket HAHA

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