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Where can I get a hold of some decent shorts for the summer, which aren't shit, and fit the 'larger' gentleman?
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Buy Nike or some shit. Athleisure is big right now, and I can't see the preppy trend surviving much longer.
Chubbies in subdued colors.

Brooks Brothers.
the preppy trend has survived since ivy league schools have existed where the fuck have you been

Got a couple thou around and can't find anything I like enough to buy. What would you buy if you had that?
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Rick bomber/cargos/geos
Ann D sneakers
Undercover FW10 jacket/destroyed denim
Julius destroyed denim
CCP drips
one of those probably
adidas before all faggots

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Let's all take a step back and reflect on ourselves' obsession with obtaining god tier /fa/ness

If I'm going to be frank with myself, my fits have decreased sharply since I started listening to the "advice" here. I still genuinely believe in buying nicer things, but that didn't help me improve anything about how I dressed. I started relying on the quality of my clothes to carry my appearance more and more until I just look like trash. I need to get away from this board, but I want to take some of its victims with me. Who's ready to transcend meme fashion?
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Show us a before and after
My coffee tastes like turpentine, but I'm still drinking it anyway.
I don't really ever take pictures of myself so I have absolutely no content for you :(

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can anyone recommend any good websites for guides to /fa/?

the sticky site is down at this time
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That's also kinda new. The sticky is a little old.
Yeah where do I get some kieth ape fits

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I have a $250 giftcard to H&M from Christmas.
I am 5'8 and roughly 220lb.

What exactly am I supposed to buy from there? Last time I went there to spend the $150 card I got I ended up buying a pair of shoes, underwear, and a whole bunch of $3 solid colored generic cotton shirts.
I'd like to actually try and shit some style into my wardrobe but the only "fashionable" clothes I find are designed to cling to every little jellyroll on your body
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lose some weight then buy clothes. chances are the card won't expire til next year right?

currently in the process of losing weight (was 220lb, now 202lb [6ft]), and it's not really that hard.
I'm stocky-fat. I.E. I won't really lose weight, it's just gunna get replaced with sexy muscle instead. My brother is the same build as me and so is my dad, they both cycle through the same phases of lazy strong-fat and wall-of-muscle depending on how much they exercise, but their dimensions don't shit a whole lot.

I'm in the process of trying to shed fat, don't get me wrong, but I'm not going to become a lithe fashionista anytime soon.
>their dimensions don't shift a whole lot
What a comical typo

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marg cotton.jpg
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haven't seen many threads like this. post your favorite article of clothing that you currently have in your wardrobe

texture on this is amazing, unfort cant wear in winter
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my maharishi cargo pants

so fucking comfy. Last week the knees started tearing ;__;
distressing bro !!!!!!
>the knees started tearing
contact customer service
if you bought from a retailer, they'll accept returns for damages
if you bought from maharishi, they'll most likely replace them because they don't want to hurt their brand image.

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Guys i need to flex on kids in some nice ass socks they cant see, help?
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>need to flex on kids in some nice ass socks they cant see
This is an oxymoron.
b-but soup reme sox r bedda qualitee >:O
use them as mittens instead

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Been a while

Hope my fav anon is here :^)

2014: Bucket hats
2015: Dad hats
2016: _______
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trump hats
bucket hat revival

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posting some thom browne.

link to last thread
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Late night Shia thread senpai

>tfw you have the biggest Shia collection on /fa/

I'll start dumping
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post /fa/ albums.
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Where can I find the flight jacket that Alex (the bloke on the left) is wearing?
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saint laurent
Any cheap(er) alternatives?

saint laurent jr.

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So I'm 6ft tall, 70kg, I'd say that's still kinda human sized. So why the fuck is it that even the smallest sized jackets are still fucking huge on me? Seriously, size XS for some reason means 40 inch chest. That's not fucking XS.

Anyone know where I can get decent looking shit sized for small people? I'm 36inch chest.
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A: You are still young and probably growing
B: You are ridiculously skinny and should probably eat and workout more.
C. Get shit tailored
I'm 6"2 and 70kg, just gotta know where to look m8
Implying that 70kg is thin.

I'm 6ft 60kg and I don't really have a problem finding fitting clothes.

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What is /fa/'s opinion on tillys?
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why are you posting this again

it's shit

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