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Do you use your hands to get that high on top short on the sides look or do you use a comb?
Also is any work on the hair on the sides needed?
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Use your hands or you'll look autistic.

And it depends on how short the hair at the side is, but yes.

Also, just fucking try it with a comb and try it without, it's your hair, you aren't going to break it if you do it wrong.
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Are you really, literally, honestly asking how to stroke your fucking hair back? I'm done here
Yeah I am
I'm a robot trying to blend in

"When in Rome" dot dot dot

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Yeah guys thats it. Shot!
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Why'd you get the worst possible replicas?
Those are the worst reps I've seen

Don't be surprised if a swagfag Asian nigger calls you out on them
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u mad guys?

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is drill rap /fa/?

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Kill yourself
Drill was popular for like 3 months in 2013 and quickly died out when basically all of the rappers were jailed for ratting on themselves in their own songs.
shut the fuck up devin

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So /fa/, here is a thing I'd like to discuss with you ?

>What are you dressing for ?
Is it to impress people ?
To get attention ?
To be more confident with yourself ?

For me it would be a way to fill the loneliness, I can only dress well one weekends so I feel like I'm with another person a better side of me

My beautiful me

What is the purpose of wearing fancy clothes ?
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For myself.

You don't have a duty for anything you dumb slave/ sheep/ fool.

only slaves do things for the approval of others (their masters).
I like to style myself when I dress to match my mood. Sometimes life calls for a 70's party outfit or a mess of crazed tailoring and sometimes life calls for jeans and a shirt.

That being said whenever I do go to parties I make a lot of effort to let my clothes shine since I love the attention.
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File: 1065.10442.1130.040.jpg (17KB, 230x353px)Image search: [Google]
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Is this site legit? The clothing there is awfully cheap to be real Armani, right??
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legit, shipping takes a bit long but the price makes up for it
You know what they say, OP: "if something seems to good to be true, praise Allah, you're in luck!"
I cant be fucked to explain. Just read about Armani Exchange on wikipedia. Seriously, just google shit like this.

File: ar 6o1_500.jpg (89KB, 500x666px)Image search: [Google]
ar 6o1_500.jpg
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Take the man on the left for example. How would you dress him differently than a woman and why?
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Maybe you should consult the replies from the first 300 fucking times you posted this.
That dude has a fat ass
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ar 4uzhX.jpg
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File: es-accel-og-skate-shoes-black.jpg (93KB, 1500x892px)Image search: [Google]
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As a 20 year old I feel it's about damn time I stop wearing shoes like these. I ether wear these in brown or black or I'm wearing big clompy custard steel toe cap boots.
Where do I go next for feet?
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rick owens
I'm not from around here so I haven't the foggiest of what you mean.
rick owens is a designer, you should wear his footwear

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why are afro qts so /fa/? and how do i cop one
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you can't cop people, anon. sorry to break it to you
ugly nigger

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buying gf.png
138KB, 480x403px

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I like this thread already. Contributing.
Flannels, wool socks, any doc marten's that aren't all black, PEACOATS

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Hey you guys.

Okay. So I'm really into fashion and I would love if you guys would give me some feedback on the outfit I'm wearing today.
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y u titties out
Show us what's underneath that sweater :)

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So /fella/s, what do you do when you find footwear you love but they're only available for women?
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What's the problem? Just buy a size up. Literally nobody will know that those were set as women's shoes.
Women's shoes are usually far too small, even at the largest available size.
re evaluate your choice in shoes friend

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How to fix these fucking cheeky cheeks omg

Pls fa pls
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It's probably keratosis pilars, I have that shit. Moisturizing and peeling has worked for me.
Yeah, same here
I've been using coconut oil for a few days now, I haven't noticed any changes yet but it has worked for some people online
>step 1: don't be a bong

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anyone ever had one of these?
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yes a lot of people has

the name is m65 (there are also similar ones like m43)

it's a staple, kind of, and a lot of brands have m65 inspired jackets

in this period a little trendy too maybe

File: 3[1].jpg (111KB, 826x826px)Image search: [Google]
111KB, 826x826px
Hey /fa/. What's the deal with double collar shirts? Are there any rules to wearing them?

I just bought one and i don't want to look like a duffus.
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what the fuck is that abomination
>double collar
>not doofus
Choose one my good lad
too late. you already look like a doofus

File: Snapchat-2622423088885465244.jpg (618KB, 1440x2392px)Image search: [Google]
618KB, 1440x2392px
What do you guys think of this long sleeve? Plain oversized Denver Hayes long sleeve, super cheap. Thoughts?
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It's alright.
Nice, w3c?
looks alright

I don't like your shoes though, I'm not effay though so I dunno

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