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rate my fit faggots
also follow me on twitter @mikepalella
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How bout you follow that bottle of bleach
haha fuck you faggot

But idk 5/10 opie, not a friend of monochrome outfits or gangs.

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Thoughts on dickies? I only ever wear jeans and I'm looking for other trousers, I'm considering Dickies but I'm not sure which fit/colour ,any suggestions?
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874s are nice. i don't really like any of their other pants because they're either really loose or they have super low rises.
The one's in your pick look awful.

I just copped the UO x Dickies herringbone pants. The quality is complete shit, there's already loose threads along both side seam, and I literally got them yesterday. Dickies quality in general is fucking garbage.

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What is your opinion on crop tops for men? I saw people wearing them in an 80s football documentary. I thought about making one for myself from an old thick t shirt. I think they could be aesthetic if you are /fit/.
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Unless you are....actually, no. Always gay/10.
be at least 9/10 with a fantastic physique and you can pull it off
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How about using it on a beach or some other summer activity

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Damnit /fa/. I didn't want another pair of CPs but now I kinda want some spring colors
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these are so sick. you often don't have opportunities to use shoes as accent or to accentuate so just like raf smiths these are so nice
Wait, are men finally getting the pink achilles? Took them until it was pantone's color of the fucking year to realize it was silly to not unisex the colorway.

Does Onitsuka Tiger make hi tops?
I gotta be fly like my main man tsutsu
What are some comfy ads light weight hi tops then for cheap niqqas
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onitsuka tiger mexico 66 high

They have some other models too

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are there any well made workout clothes or athletic gear out there?

I'm talking about stuff you'd wear to the gym to lift weights / do cardio, not outdoorsy type stuff you'd find in rei.

by well made I mean made in a first world country, but more just not made in the third world. Needs to stand up to heavy wear and washing, quality material and construction. Shorts, pants, short and long sleeve tops.

willing to pay, but when nike, underarmour sell their made in vietnam wares for 50 to 100 usd, I just shake my head.
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I have no clue what would be made domestically, but:

- Champion's C9 line is actually surprisingly good for the price. I have some stuff from there that's fairly solid.
- Nike and UnderArmor are always decent when on sale, but I understand your concern regarding their price at retail.
- I can't recommend most Adidas stuff, to be honest - here in the U.S., there's way too much cheap crap from the brand.

To be honest, I've never been very picky about what I wear to the gym. Technical fabrics are a bad idea for lifting, so I just wear cotton wife beaters and gym shorts or some equivalent.

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Give me one reason to spend over a thousand dollars on made in china shoes when i can pay a fifth that for the same quality and aesthetic
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don't care what you or anyone else paid for them.
they still look like autistic slipper boots.
don't do either you shit taste faggot
The retail is like $300? You're either dumb or lazy if you ever consider resale on something like that.

Ok so are these prescription sunglasses alright?
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Silver or throw them out.

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is this effay?
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no very ugly
Go to watch general cuccboi
Fl├╝chtling detected

Any shoe recommendations. My shoe knowledge is limited and was wondering what would fit this description; I want a shoe that is more slip on (loafer maybe) grey/black/white shoe size ranges 14-14.5 american sizing. Idk widths for feet typicaly wider shoes though. Pic is similar to my old typical everyday shoe.
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forgot to mention something more adult then just some vans 21 m

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Should I get top or bottom lads?
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I'd say top.
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Also thoughts on the flynit Luanr?
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Pulled the trigger

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Who will be the better company by the end of 2016 and why
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Why op? Are you going to buy some stock?

File: IMG_20160124_013604.jpg (407KB, 1440x1440px)Image search: [Google]
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Black and White papers like this one, Japanese Nike and Lean and blunts and Guns. That type of stuff that has a black-white color palette
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Seriously who the fucked dresses like that in a normal day? All fucking black with a towel on your head, autistic shoes, and a lot of strips coming out of your giant backpack and jeans. How autistic you have to be to think this looks good and not laughable?
Chill dude, nobody wears this in the real world Unless they're fucking retarded. I just like how it looks in some poses, places, and other settings. It's all personal preference.
Id wear this on a cold or rainy day or any night just not on a sunny summer day also without the useless strings coming from the pants or the retarded towel.. Urban ninja/ techwear fag here

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Can I get some teachercore fits up in here? About to start my placement next week and need to decide what to wear. I like wearing classy, but I don't want to upset the norm too much. It's basically jumper over shirt, maybe tie, right? Hit me up with some stylish shit an upcoming teacher could wear
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Themed ties for holidays are a must :^]
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>black people

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I fucking died
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>browsing fb
fucking normie

Why are you adding teens on snapchat

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