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post effay music ITT

Are Flying Lotus, Floating Points, J Dilla, Steve Reich, Theo Parrish and Fela Kuti effay?

Also recommend me japanese musicians please.
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>inb4 OP posting only niggers
most of cloud rap, deaf grippers

Great album in general but this song.

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What do you guys think? Should I try? I just want a camo shirt with a fit like this, I'm not trying to pay 300$ for it. Plus
>adidas quality
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is aliexpress reputable? stupid question i know, ive just never bought anything from there. Also do they accept paypal?
I prefer mark mcnairy camo pieces.
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I've never really bought much from there either but I know a lot of people who do, so I'd say yeah. Plus there are user reviews

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what's a good basic brand that stocks oversized hoodies?

>maybe a brand that a military surplus store would stock?
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>>10890784im sorry but military surplus wouldn't stock an oversized hoodie
what makes you think that?
hanes, get the xxl one

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Hey /fa/ggots, what style is this making fun of?
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Uh... dad-ninja?
a trend called goth ninja, created mainly from pieces by julius, rick owens, alexander plohkhov, guidi, and m.a+

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Imagine rocking a fit so bad you still get clowned on years later.
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america is fucked up nowadays he's basically a modern day patriot

he perfectly summarizes america in picture format

this is how far your society has fallen
i wonder if his "friends" call him pussy nigga

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Does anyone else have problems walking in these shoes? I sometimes catch my foot on shit and stumble especially on concrete or course surfaces.
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Remove the shoes
Throw them away
stop stepping on shit

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Where to cop something similar?
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Would not recommend to wear that
if you are talking about it looking terrible - ok
if you are talking about people thinking i am a suicide bomber or something, dont worry, almost nobody speaks english where i live

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Hey /fa/,

So I recently got handed down this A&F jacket from my uncle, and I'm loving it. A little history, this jacket has been sitting in a closet untouched for at least 20 years. It is still in perfect condition though, like it's brand new.


1. Does anyone here knew what kind of jacket it is (inb4 Abercrombie and Fitch hurdurr).

2. Not that it will affect how much I wear the jacket, but does this get the /fa/ seal of approval?
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looks pretty good senpai.
would love 2cop
The Alan Partridge

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I posted this in a thread, but not many replies.

If you guys have the time, could you give me an unbiased opinion on what hairstyle I should get?
Left if me with long hair, right is me when I had FarCry mode activated.
I love both, am confident in both, but again, unbiased opinion would be nice.

ALSO! post up them faces for ratings.
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Far Cry
Fa Cry
>left is me with long hair
Kek, but imho familia left looks better
Does it just look, more masculine?
Or is it just, different?
Thanks for the advice m8!

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Say it with me /fa/
>Physique over fashion
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/fit/ autist pls go
/fa/g learn to lift
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oh look, it's nolowerbackman again. And a nice top down lighting to make you look better than you actually are. Classic.

Post your sunglasses, pic related
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Farer Way bro.jpg
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God-tier shades if your head is shaped good for 'em, which mine are.
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Ray bans ftw
Are you talking about Masters or Wayfarers

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source on these ali express fakes?
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Photo on 2016-01-27 at 9.07 PM.jpg
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yo /fa/,
broke this necklace and lost a little blue stone where the two ends almost meet.
on the other side is an identical blue stone.
necklace was bought at a thrift store so i know they arent real or anything, but i was wondering if u guys knew where to find an identical stone, or bracelet?
from /lit/ so sorry if this is the wrong place to ask
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Just get rid of the other blue stone and close it up if you can't find a new one
heres a closeup, sorry for shitty cam..
the identical stone is the one farthest away from the cam.
the one im holding up w my finger is almost the same, just bigger.
it needs to be just as it was, or at least unnoticeably different

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Hello /fa/

How can i improve my style?Some info about me

>Very short hair,almost shaved
>very short beard

I'm going shopping soon and i can't decide what style i should pick up.I have no idea about clothes,i like edgy black ones and i only think black fits me.
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By dressing like this
It's hard to improve upon perfection anon
Fuck off.

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I know it's almost been a month into 2016, but just a friendly reminder that Kiko is still the queen of /fa/
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>how is she not
>inb4 she is
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