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literally everyone has a fucking undercut. Post unique hairstyles.
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what does /fa/ think about this cologne? going out to a weekend long party in the mountains, is this a good choice?

also general cologne/perfume thread
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there's already a general, and there usually always is one >>10884913

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>tfw blah is still dead
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no one cares about that fat slute.

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What kind of pants go well with this shirt?
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Most chinos/jeans. Just avoid colors of jeans too similar to the shade of blue on the shirt. As for pant cut, it depends on your build and preference.

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What is this pants called and where can I buy it?
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Your local American Eagle
This is too manly for effay likings

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I'm really into this style,have any more pictures?

>inb4 cringe XDDd

Post if you have or take your pretentious faggotry elsewhere

I'm 19 and i want to dress for my age
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theres already a cringe thread...
sage for cringe
This is pretty similar to what most pictures on this board has anyway. Good on you though for realizing you should dress your age.

are turtlenecks effay?

also, how do i dress mature while not looking like a prep?
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>how do i dress mature while not looking like a prep?

It's called élégance
Nigga quit asking stupid questions, of course turtlenecks are /fa/. Lurk more before posting you sack of shit
>are turtlenecks effay

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Hey I'm tired of showing my man tits when wearing some tight shirts or tight long-sleeves.

I need a wife beater tanktop thats lightweight, fa approved and will hide my nipples from protruding.

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correction "man nipples"
Go To a StoRE aNd Buy SOme yOU AUTisTIc manCHIld
bump for serious answers

does anyone else hate it when it looks like they are wearing a bra?

can you help identify these 2 pieces i thrifted today, nothing's coming up on google
the most i can find is that it's related to black&white scotch whiskey but thats all
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Is it true that you should never mix browns and blacks?

Recently, Rihanna made a public statement about this rule:

>The idea of not wearing brown and black together seems so dated. The other day I wore a black T-shirt, black Nobody jeans, a brown leopard-print belt by Dolce & Gabbana, and brown Giuseppe Zanotti shoes, and it looked awesome. And I also love to mix prints.
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No. Don't listen to a famous shill. She's only good for advertising clothing.
Any fashion "rules" are just made for beginners or those who don't actually give a fuck about fashion but want to dress 'acceptably'. Easy to follow and they are made so that these people avoid mistakes.
Browns and blacks shouldn't mix with anything at all kek amiright

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>never received attention from people
>put huge effort into improving looks and dressing better
>attractive now, get lots of attention
>people approach me
>my personality is empty

all i think about is myself
i can't connect with other people
how do i remedy this
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be ugly and fat again
ask /fa/
i figured id ask since pretty much everyone here has experience being vain

I just bought these cheap

are they ok?
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yeah I got a Navy pair for like $30 they're comfy an look good with lots of fits
ok looks
>wearing Nike


File: 3243_484_detail.jpg (30KB, 450x350px)Image search: [Google]
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how does one pull these off?
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with your hands

you undo the shoelace, then hold the heel as you pop your foot out
File: LOIOL.png (71KB, 251x172px)Image search: [Google]
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Relaxed fit faded jeans
Anime t shirt
Bed hair
Pasty skin
Certified autism spectrum disorder.

File: cop.jpg (249KB, 1600x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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should i cop?
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File: 1442371329465.jpg (19KB, 379x401px)Image search: [Google]
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i'd cop
why cant they cleanup the gluestains. all of my nikes and adidas shoes have really messy gluestains.
>expecting quality out of child labor sweatshops

File: Girls.png (490KB, 449x401px)Image search: [Google]
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>he doesnt know how to tie a tie
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>didn't get any replies in his last thread, so he starts a new one.
Oh.. anon... how sad.
File: filthy goyim.png (197KB, 998x1134px)Image search: [Google]
filthy goyim.png
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Gee, i wonder who's behind this post
Ah yes, haberdashery, one of the most secret and deadly weapons of the Jew. He will shame us all into wearing ties, which he will trick us all into fashioning into nooses with which to hang ourselves. Not even tinfoil hats can stop asphyxiation. Have you all not noticed how ties have only increased in popularity since the 40's? We are all doomed.

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