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I need a nice wide tie that isn't yellow(the color of my shirt), any recommendations?
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I want sweatpants that are comfy but also a slim fit and don't make me look lazy? Any suggestions
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desu nike tech fleece does the trick

How are skinny jeans and hoodies.
I get that women do it all the time, but men...
Can men do that too?
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well, yeah, but this dude's jeans are way too tight and his legs are way too fucking skinny

the only thing decent about him is his hair
Question is rhetorical. I do it because I like androgynous styles. That guy's hoodie isn't baggy enough, though.

what kind of pants bearing this guy? and marks are?
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more images...

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strat flak.png
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I'm looking to get a pair of these types of pants. Where do you recommend? I was thinking Everlane, as they've never disappointed, and its affordable at $60.

Any other suggestions?
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uniqlo has ones that look exactly like that
I do not like this trend ... I prefer the old school ... but I'll tell you where you can get them. try here:


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What about them textures?
Cerruti tie and Zegna suit

Bored as shit at work
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tie is dope
I don't really like your shirt.

In 2005-2007 my parents got me a new blanket cause something happened to my old one. I am just now realising that it is a burberry fucking blanket and its very expensive. Do you think i could sell it even doe its old and kinda dirty (maybe i can wash it)?
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>Burberry print anywhere but on the inside of your clothing
Disgusting nouveau-riche scum
Make like 6 scarves

Is Barbara i gongini /fa/? Never saw it discussed here
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It's just another SZ-core brand.
I'm so sick of this shit

Let's talk Qasas-

Are they nice to wear? I saw a pair in Barney's and the neoprene was a bit offputting to the touch, but they didn't have the color I wanted so I didn't bother to try them on. (Only that ugly ass red on closeout)

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I think they look silly
probably one of the best sneakers of all time, much better than those jordans and air max that plebs only seem to wear
qasas are cool but almost impossible to incorporate properly
I own a pair of the all black and can't come up with more than a few outfits with my current wardrobe.
they also get very hot because of the multiple layers of fabric. the insole provides no support so definitely switch them out if you plan on wearing them for more than an hour standing or walking

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My eyesight is finally become bad enough for me to wear glasses without being a poser. I plan to go full early 20th century intellectual to match my military-prep style.
Opinions on round glasses, pic related? Rather with frame or not? How big should they be?

Also post general advice, what should I look out for when getting glasses?
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shostakovich so based
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Depends on your face shape
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>military prep style

Sounds a lot like the way I dress. I was also going to get round glasses but decided to get some more rectangle shaped Oliver People's instead. What do you wear OP? Or are you a fuccboi like me?

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How do I get into Bobbycore?
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I used to wear long sleeves under short sleeves a lot back in high school
Bobby isn't even the most effay Twin Peaks char
>implying you can get any more effay than this

also where can I cop good long sleeve shirts?

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I'll start with something simple
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its warm here
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So how's your inner effay doing? Describe your personality in an outfit
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shit wrapped in shit
like a half eaten dog, wrapped in helmut lang.

quick question /fa/ do you need to dry clean cashmere before wearing for first time?
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I never did, and I am still alive

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Anybody here interested in history of fashion? What did 12th century European peasants usually wear at home/at work? Was their clothing comfy?
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Do you realize how large Europe is? Do you really think that all Europeans wore the same things? It depends on region and culture. You're going to need to be way more specific.
In England, for example
Very little clothing from the time survives and artwork tends to depict the richer or religious side of things rather than your average peasant.

Broaches tended to be used to hold stuff together and wool and linen would have been common materials for poorer people. There's evidence people would dye their clothes as well so it's not just browns and greys people tend to picture.

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