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tfw made a promise to myself and finally made good on it
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tfw fat.gif
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>tfw depressed and do anything to make me feel moderately good.

Whenever I get the chance I go to 7/11 late at night and get chips and other junk food. I also have absolutely no will to start working out again.

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My friend made these http://9nl.org/a0j9
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fucking terrible

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I've been interesting in getting an eyebrow piercing, but I can't seem to find any inspiration.

All piercing inspo accepted, I'd love to see what /fa/ has too
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File: coe-ax040199.jpg (45KB, 360x375px)Image search: [Google]
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What are these and where can I cop them?
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Nike Kaishi.
Also known as the poor man's roshes.
>poor man's roshes
roshes are the flyknit's broke, chubby-soled cousin
They're Nike tanjuns

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Does /mu/ into pinterest?
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I've always wondered why they never have pinterest threads. This is the first pinterest thread I've ever seen on /fa/.

I know right

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My sister is banned from fa, she asked me to post and ask y'all what shirt this is.

"It's from the Amazon prime show called Mad Dogs, Steve Zahn plays a character named Cobi. I know fa can find it"
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Another picture of the shirt
File: IMG-20160203-WA0005.jpg (127KB, 900x1600px)Image search: [Google]
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Last picture
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Hi, is it classy?
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No, but it is metal as fuck, nice mix of black metal and doom on there
Anaal Nathrakh is the shit. Most of the bands on there are nice.

Windir. Fuck yeah. Great taste. So many good bands on there. The only I don't like is Origin and i've heard every one on there

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Just copped pic related. Has anyone ordered from these guys before? Any word on how long they take to ship? Always iffy when it comes to bigcartel sellers
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How about you give a link first hentai?
>what is reverse image searching

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rip dilla and nujabes
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do not cop
I can dig it and a lot of my friends would.

As much as I love the two artists you mentioned, don't cop that. Doesn't look good imo

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I have had so many fucking skin problems lately it is incredible. I am almost 22 years old and just in november I just started getting dandruff. I have been trying to fix it since then, and now (I still pretty much have it) my hair is greasy/oily all the fucking time. Just washed yesterday and today it is so oily i can run my hand through it and its disgusting as fuck. Also out of nowhere I am having some crazy forhead acne, and of course my hairline is absolutely fucking terrible so I cant style my hair how I want it.
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stop using all soaps and shampoos fully and shower with water only every couple days, worked for me after trying nearly everything.

Is Cam Newtons /fa/ ?
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compared to anyone else in the nfl, yes. but real world?? eh.
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way too much shit going on in his fits
money but no taste

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Is it possible to make the waist on a pair of trousers larger by a inch or two? Found these grail Yohji trousers but they're too small in the waist
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Yes, it's called "letting out."
search styleforum for tailoring questions. This is just for memes
>is it possible to make by far the easiest and most common alteration in all of tailoring
Yes. Yes it is. Take them to your tailor. As long as there's excess fabric in the back it'll be a piece of cake, if no he'll have to inset a wedge of material and you'll end up having a small cut of actually good black tweed in the back.

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Anyone here know where I can get similar glasses as these, but a cheaper brand than Oliver people's?

>pic related
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warby parker
bailey nelson

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Hello, /fa. I'm 5'11 ft/143 lb/20 yo skinnyfat, who's going to achieve the skeleton mode by eating 500 kcal per day and drinking lots of water. Is it a good plan?
Also thinking about keeping a diary.
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no just start running or something and cut back a little. 500 calories a day would be hell and also very terrible for you
i ain't got enough time to run every day. to be honest i've tried to eat 1000 kcal per day and that was good. it's all about pscychology and motivation i'd say
eat a healthy amount and exercise

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If i bought this jacket would it obviously look like its cheap shit?


As it is commonly said, a decent leather jacket will be $500 plus, is there any mid ranged leather jacket which is worth buying?
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>is there any mid ranged leather jacket which is worth buying

All Saints. Can't think of any other. Also for suede you can go for cheaper brands, it will not look like shit as easily as regular leather
>If i bought this jacket would it obviously look like its cheap shit?

Yes, on the knowledge that photos can be extremely deceiving, which these very much are. Where's the closeup image of the leather? They wouldn't dare show you.
This shit looks like shit. What did you expect from faux leather ?

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