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Posting an obligatory shia picture, I know they're army vintage boots, but curious as to where it'd be possible to get boots like that?

Or sites or stores to find just tall leather boots?
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Military surplus stores are decent for this

I got my pair from Kapooka
Been in love with my Palladium baggies since I got them, what do you anons think about them?

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Is herschel a meme? I see their packs all over the place and I dislike them quite a bit. I prefer patagonia backpacks. Even though /fa/ is good for clothes, it's essential to have a quality pack if you use it everyday.
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Swagfag/Suprememe dickrider tier.
They're the same shit as jansport you fucking hipster.

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/fa/cebook group memed this kid into looking like slim jesus' retarded brother. He bought everything and never caught on to the fact they were trolling him.
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Just because your salty 12 year old algerian ass didn't win the grand prix
Kid looks good, tee bee eich.

how does the blk dnm leather jacket 5 fit?

my chest is 41inches and waist is 35,5 inches.

Website says 39 1/2" chest for a Medium

41 1/2" for a Large.

should i get a large?
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bought one and returned it. sleeves are very long, and its bigger and bulkier than ur pic related seems. lapels are wide. 5'10 140 and i got a small and it fit snug but (again) the sleeves were too long for my taste. they ended about at my palms

So I bought this light grey pullover a while back, but afterwards I realized I have no clue what color slacks/undershirt to wear with it. Black slacks just don't seem to look right, but neither do khakis.
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Grey or navy

can anyone help me with any smaller brands? think kinda like pic attached.
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Go on What Drops Now , they always have smaller brands.
GX1000 isn't really a brand, it's almost definitely made from the same as stuff Thrasher shirts.

That hoody looks cool though.

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What do you think of the direction streetwear and fashion in general are going? Semi grunge 80's and 90's metal and rock un-lived nostalgia (because a majority of fashion tastemakers are young kids)
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i think 90s streetwear japan is where i want to stay in terms of fashion to be honest

Is hunna mo /fa/?
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I need /fa/ help

24/M. I have uneven hair. Had it ever since I was a kid.
Big cowlick with little alfalfa hairs sticking out, curly in the back and sides, wavy-ish on the top, thick on top and sporadic at the crown.

I have no clue what to do with it, but it looks like a mess. Pretty much gone through life without giving it any thought or just keeping it short.

How the fuck do I handle longer messy hair? Is there any way to pull this off?
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Listen let it grow out a bit, get some sort of fade on the sides and back and use pomade. Problem solved. I have the same type of fucked up hair
shave it

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Can we get a general jeans fit thread going? also w2c a sweet pair of jeans like the guy has on the left
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File: DYLAN-REIDER-130vF-630x860.jpg (80KB, 630x860px)Image search: [Google]
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sized down 501

File: sea salt spray.jpg (17KB, 400x400px)Image search: [Google]
sea salt spray.jpg
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whats the best way to use this stuff? what kind of hairstyles can I do with it?
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I apply this when I finish blow drying my hair, when it's ever so slightly damp but dry enough to style a little bit. It's a very good product tho, doesn't make you feel disgusting like how gel does

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When did you realise that clothes don't actually make you happy even if you look dope as fuck
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I still fall for it desu

Whats the general consensus on Engineered Garments? I'm trying to look for a navy or olive parka/field jacket under $500 and EG seems have to one of themost interesting looking outerwear. Are there any alts for something of that price range?
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overrated and /mfa/ core japanese brand. theres a lot of other brands that do better like nonnative etc.

File: thedude-zubaz.jpg (126KB, 800x480px)Image search: [Google]
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Im looking for one color hoodies that have this kind of heavy fit to it like in pic related. Baggy and oversized. Recs?
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Goodwill, Savers, local church thrift store, etc.

what are some /fa/ messenger bags and where to cop one? so far i've only found this one pic related on etsy for $150.
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and this one looks pretty good to me. what are your thoughts? i'm pretty new to fashion.

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