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I have given up.jpg
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What aesthetic is this?
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Post-Ironic Mallcore

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> Are they okay?
> Where do I buy them?
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Get loafers instead. Boat shoes are good for boats, fucking Chad.
Isn't Chad a good thing? What's a loafer? As long as it's stylish and I don't need socks

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I´m going to do a summer session at Brown University and was wondering if preppy is the way to go? How to /fa/ people in Rhode Island dress?
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I go to Brown.

Don't do preppy.
what do you recommend? Just Normcore?

It's hot as shit in RI in the summer. normcore/streetwear, anything breathable.

if you're into noise music, dress like an ex-goth kid and you'll fit in with that scene.

idk, it's not princeton or anything, it's more liberal arts. close to risd, too. think hipster/streetwear/crusty.

hope that helps

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slim and skinny fit jeans are best and should be only fit for all pants except for technical and work pants prove me wrong
>protip: you facking cant
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olive chinos>>>>>jeans
so long as they're slim fit and tapered but i honestly wear jeans the most because i can't find any decent chinos. any good ones that dont cost a kidney?
norse projects slim chinos

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Where does /effay/ shop for clothes?
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>buy $200 pair of combat boots
>go on six mile hike
>this happens

What the fuck? I don't think this will affect the waterproofing, but it's still fucking gay. How should I fix this?
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>wearing combat boots

neck yourself faggot
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File: WIN_20160516_060437.jpg (370KB, 1600x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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Sorry Anon, taking these with my webcam, phone's dead.

Is this better?

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I just purchased my first denim jacket. It fits perfectly in every department, length is great, sleeves end at wrist, etc, however I find that it is quite constricting around the shoulders, like when I try to cross my arms. Sort of like a really fitted suit/blazer.

Is this normal with denim jackets? It's an acne jacket and is quite heavy/stiff. Should I be concerned or is this the norm with denim jackets? Feels quite normal unless I extend my arms quite a bit

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Yes, it is. It will stretch.
Better tight than loose.

Thanks - I hope so

In most cases, I suppose so

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help fa, is this a fake or real mm6 jacket?
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File: uUwkWXkZbQM.jpg (34KB, 604x403px)Image search: [Google]
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okay can we just settle it?

itt: post the comfiest shoes you have ever worn.
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Also I had a pair of Pharrell Ice Creams and those were comfy
>inb4 a neckbeard with clunky leather boots comes and says his specific broken in shoes are more comfortable than everything else
adidas sambas

Any Greeks here?

I wanted to ask where can i cop some streetwear pieces in Thessaloniki?
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Pay your debts and we might discuss this.
not responding because of the garbage inspo pic you used

you dont deserve to know
Wish I could help, Athens here.

Can we get a shorts inspo thread going? It's getting hot as fuck and I only have one decent pair.
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2MB, 2907x3779px

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i don't understand this new trend of fat people on /fa/? Fat people will never be fashionable, fat people look like shit. Please stop
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its a meme you dip
i was gonna shit on this thread cause ive never actually seen a notably fat person on /fa/ but i just went through the "/fa/t" thread hahaha. but still i wouldnt call it a trend or anything
honestly couldnt agree more. i grew up chubby and once i got into fashion i immediately realized its near impossible for a fit to look good and not have a healthy bmi. ive lost 45 pounds in around 3 months. my bmi is 23.5 now from 28. feels really good to have the clothes pretty much fit like the models modeling them.

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I don't get pyjamas. Are they just for children and celibate men, or do couples actually put these things on every night except on the ten minutes scheduled for sex on saturday nights? And then put them on immediately afterwards?

They're like a chastity belt. I just can't wrap my mind around them.
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They're definitely weird, but they're mainly for people who are really organized and want to have clothes for everything. Some people like sleeping with perfectly clean clothes, so instead of taking it out from their wardrobe they use pyjamas
File: 70112vict3531web31.jpg (377KB, 800x1200px)Image search: [Google]
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You must live somewhere warm, they're pretty nice when where you live has some cold winters and you don't leave the heat on at night.

T-shirt over shirt though, I'm a belly sleeper and those buttons are just in my way all the time.

Also they are kind of effay aren't they? :^)
File: blog_4-7-14_Amy_120.jpg (134KB, 939x1410px)Image search: [Google]
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Pajamas are effay. If you know then you know

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/fa need help with my Kanye fits
general cop thread

i need help looking for all his recent cops
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That snapchat video where he takes off his white Yeezys shows he wears Nike Dry Fit socks, I've got a few pairs $250 obo no low ball offers
File: s-l500.jpg (24KB, 498x500px)Image search: [Google]
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thats what im talking about keep em coming

pic very related
but thats wrong. He is not wearing fucking h&m you loser. He is wearing ackermann

wtf is nike doing nowadays?
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I thought they had it with the new Prestos but. That thing is absolutely hideous
I kind like it, i almost pulled the trigger on pic related the other day.

At least it's not a boring, overhyped Adidas.
doom rip offs

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