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PSG new kit for 16/17
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How do i get into techwear if i'm low on budget?

I have no problem finding a backpack or jacket but my problem lies in pants and shoes

I can't find the Y-3 Qasa here and i can't buy it from the internet atm

>pic related is my current techwear outfit

Any tips?
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What country do you live in? Just get tubulars instead of qasas. ALso, those pants don't look good, are you a manlet?
I know,they are like 10x larger than they should but i got them modified and are now tight

I already have tubulars but they are a very bad choice for urban exploration and shit
id on the nikes?

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I wear RM Williams.

Do you? Do you have a reason to/not to?

Is there a better boot out there that I should consider?
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No, I don't wear them because of their price.
Yes, there are several bootmakers on that range you could consider. Are you looking for Chelseas?
They are very good (maybe the best, dont quote me I know tons of brands have popped uplast decade) for bang for buck in terms of construction but it depends if you like the last/design of it.
It doesn't have to be a particular boot style.

What brands for you instantly bring to mind class and luxury?
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rick owens raf simons
Chanel, Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Lanvin, Moncler, Thom Browne, Valentino
raf simons rick owens is what i wear for class and luxury

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lets cathart by sharing our suffering.
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>tfw cant find good versatile shoes to cop
>want to cop CP's but unsure
>only own a pair of super stinky all black vans and a pair of adidas gazelles
>still considering copping cps
CPs aren't comfortable and you're pretty late to the game, don't bother
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>Think I'm a hideous, unlikable person
>Am incapable of seeing any positive features about myself in term of looks and personality
>Lots of people actually compliment me calling me attractive, smart, etc
>I genuinely believe they're doing it to fuck with me

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Hey kids, I've been reading but not posting for a while. In my late 40s now. Still curating for small museums and art centers and living in the bit of Connecticut that is effectively New York's exurbs.

I'm in Manhattan about once a week and in the last year I did finally on two occasions encounter people wearing vaguely Rick / gothninja / etc. stuff. One was working at the MAD gift shop off Columbus Circle. The others were at a coffee shop on 39th. So for everyone who said I was wrong that this style doesn't exist in the real world, mea culpa. I've still never seen those Rick Owens giant nylon diapers outside of this board, though.

Menswear fora are still full of really cringe-inducing stuff like double monk straps and giant pleated pants. That shit doesn't magically start looking better when you get older, turns out.

Before anyone tries to use autism as an insult against me: No shit. It's a spectrum. I'm on the high functioning end of it. There are advantages. When I combine it with amphetamines you'd be astounded at how I can latch onto something I'm working on and power through it.

Some parts of my lifestyle are more /fa/ than others but that's the nature of life as you near 50. Remaining sort of /fa/ as you get older is the challenge where decades of trial and error, and the energy and enthusiasm and fresh eyes of youth, are both valuable.

Anyway I think we can learn a lot from each other so I'm here if you want to talk about whatever.

Still not giving you money to buy "sick roshes", whatever the fuck those are.
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I'm going to kill myself when I become your age and I'm still browsing 4chan.

You're TOO old for this website. Retardedly so.
if you're in your late 40s and you still subscribe to the idea of "remaining sort of /fa/", that is, measuring yourself to the standards of high school children, you need to reevaluate your life
Nice to see you too, kid. Kill yourself, retarded, etc. Got it.

Not sure I agree that children own the concept of fashion or an 18+ board, but I do agree that reevaluating one's life periodically is a worthwhile exercise.

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>so, tell us something about yourself, anon

>what are your hobbies, anon?

>what are you gonna do this summer, anon?
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oh shit delete thread, how did I manage to mistake this board for r9k
this is basically r9k with addiction to buying clothes
>I like being a living cliche

>I like to skate and make music

>I'm going to party and maybe get a real job

ITT: poorfags

Post clothes you wish you could afford.

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just buy the cheapo zara knockoff famalam
I've been thinking about it, but I don't like the color of the sleeves or the cuff around the neck. I guess that's a tradeoff I have to deal with if I want to save a couple thousand.

Also, the *quality* of pieces from high end designers attracts me. I want something to feel great along with lasting a lifetime.

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forgot pic

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What should I wear if I want to get stinky tumblr pussy?
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Anything the girl you want to bang's dad wears.

A dress.
>implying they have met their father

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chart edition
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so deez nuts shirts aren't on the list? even though isilanons can fuck with tough guy (read: pussy) australian hardcore
guys, what u think, will this become a thing?
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put some shit on and took pic whatever m8s

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Why doesn't Adidas increase production of these?

I can't say I'm a fan (the PB's are alright but not worth the price) and because of that I figured they were popular purely because of the hype/exclusivity and if they were more readily available they wouldn't be popular at all but with the amount of people willingly buying reps, the more accurate of which are going for close to retail price it just seems like Adidas is losing out on a lot of potential sales.
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maybe because adidas fears if they mass produce them then the hype will leave aswell

i predict they will be in thrifts and mall shops in 2 or 3 years
Yeezy is a living god. As long ashe is alive, these will sell out anywhere
they don't make $$$ directly off these
think of yeezys not as a product but rather as a marketing operation
Adidas must have made the calculation that having the most sought-after and talked about sneaker in the world will make them more money in the long run than having an arguably well designed sneaker that sells a couple of million copies.

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I'll start with this one. "A Cold Wall".

Such a redundant, unoriginal brand that serves no purpose whatsoever. It's basically a rip-off off other rip-off brands.

Post some more below.

The worst ones are the brands who actually get taken somewhat seriously by some people.
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>The worst ones are the brands who actually get taken somewhat seriously by some people.
Hysteric Glamour
En Noir
Daniel Patrick
Mike Amiri
A Cold Wall
Midnight Studios
Fear Of God
Unravel Project

Notice a trend? Almost all these are LA based.
What exactly is this? is it related to louis vuitton somehow?

Why do people even get high tops these days? Are they cuckolds?

Low tops are much more versatile.
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Because they like them. What does cuckoldry has to do with high top sneakers anyway?
I agree with you, low tops are more versatile but i still prefer hi chucks than low, I prefer other low top sneakers to hi top chucks but
More like hi cucks instead of chucks
They are so comfy

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>tfw fashion is filling the void less and less
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what else are you into
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>tfw finally got a full time job
>tfw ima blow all my money on clothes
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>tfw in my early twenties, really wanna build a nice wardrobe
>i'm going into the field of political science, so i know i will never be able to dress in a fashionable way (sure, i can get a nice suit, but fuck that)
>at times pursuing knowledge is filling the void, but generally what i still love the most after 4+ years of doing it is smoking good weed
>don't want to become old
>wasted my youth being anxious and doing drugs in the latter part

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Are your friends effay? Or are you the only autist in your group?
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Mainly hang out with a lot of people from other artistic mediums, musicians, painters, writers etc. Most dress nice but don't do the whole high fashion thing as far as collections or runways
That counts imo.

all of my friends are working class normies with the same shit dead end social life as me

im the only one that has any ambition but since I cannot connect with new people it is all for naught

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