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File: ZP cat concept.png (238KB, 424x711px)Image search: [Google]
ZP cat concept.png
238KB, 424x711px
What kind of coat is he wearing? Where can I find something like it?

inb4 furry - it's just zootopia concept art that popped up in my feed
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File: 1461728021796.jpg (494KB, 2048x2048px)Image search: [Google]
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i love fashionable animals
fuck you dogo
That's the coat that pedophiles and Noir style detectives wear

File: a.jpg (164KB, 1841x1227px)Image search: [Google]
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is this show good?

it's meh
I liked it a lot but a lot of that was probably because I love history

File: emoe.png (2MB, 1035x1542px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 1035x1542px
What are some "classy emo" clothing brands/shops like cheap monday & weekday?
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i'm 12 what the fuck is this shit
Cheap Monday makes decent cheap jeans, that's as far as I know.

You want high end Gothic clothing? Try Blanche by Ann Demeulemeester or just buy her main Ann Demeulemeester pieces if you can afford them. They look VERY good.
is this 2007 again

File: 1.jpg (5KB, 224x224px)Image search: [Google]
5KB, 224x224px

femanon but i have a fairly masculine face despite not being a trap

what kinds of makeup/accessories/fucking whatever can i do to either tone down the boy look or make the boy look work?

thanks stay trill
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Dress androgynous like Freja Beha or Patti Smith. Patti is even more androgynous, you need references google them.

You'll get a lot more replies if you post your face.
File: 001.png (2MB, 900x1277px)Image search: [Google]
2MB, 900x1277px
ignore the edgy intro photography shit tier pic if possible

File: adidas-yeezy-boost-350-tan.jpg (80KB, 940x660px)Image search: [Google]
80KB, 940x660px
ITT: Shoes that people should kill themselves if they buy

>Spending hundreds or even a thousand on shoes that look like 60 dollar roshes
>Thinking this shit looks good
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w2c? These look better than roshes desu.

a garbage bin
They look cheap as fuck

File: franku2.jpg (206KB, 573x759px)Image search: [Google]
206KB, 573x759px
What is this hairstyle called?
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the "short on the side and a bit longer on top"
the "JUST".
the middle school asian boy

File: image.jpg (139KB, 750x878px)Image search: [Google]
139KB, 750x878px
Old one almost at 3hunna
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The epitome of cancer is captured in this photo.

Holy fucking shit.
File: shooz.jpg (3MB, 3024x4032px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 3024x4032px
where do y'all think I should go from here?
The grey adidas need replacing soon. The stans have been cleaned but I might replace them with some gosha reeboks if I see them for low enough on grailed
Maybe pair of maison margiela low top sneakers

File: KNW9FaI.jpg (511KB, 1071x741px)Image search: [Google]
511KB, 1071x741px
just found a pair in my local store in my size, are these roshe-tier or am I good?

also general sneaker thread

questions, fits, c/n, discussions etc.
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Better than flyknit racers ultra boost nmds or any other sneaker nike or adidas has made recently.You're fine.
I like the model of this Tubular. Love them
I love this pic btw. Its a nice shoe. Hope you can pull it off

File: 1369785194064[1].jpg (94KB, 493x580px)Image search: [Google]
94KB, 493x580px
>tfw want to buy Dreambox fake Geobaskets but afraid /fa/ggots seeing me wearing them will take pics of me to post in Dreambox hate threads

Anyway post other high fashion sneaks with cheap knockoffs you fags
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File: 1455945977407.jpg (36KB, 606x540px)Image search: [Google]
36KB, 606x540px
Do NOT buy fucking reps kid. Save ur money. There's literally no excuse
Why would you want to buy reps..?
(wispering) shhhh.. hey bud, buy reps, u might get shit from your faggy effay friends but girls cant tell the diference and youl get the same amout of buzz/ puss from that. they just recognise the asthetic. not to mention your brain cant tell the difference really because same aesthetic, still get same dopamine ruch when you look down at your feet.
>more money to buy big box full of rep mail daily. desu
>if you realy like em, you can buy the origional ones
>free card to beat the shit out of em cuz they are reps,
dont tell anyone i told you this.

if you really are a collectors type of person or big fan of designer and want to have the origional peice and origional quality then go right ahead. you wont wear them as often tho cuz you dont wanna beat em up.

>$30 vs $1,000
>$1,000 for one pair of kicks vs 30ish pairs for same price
>quantity vs quality, the big debate.

just remember what they say, one mans trizash....

File: 1442165612717.gif (375KB, 500x281px)Image search: [Google]
375KB, 500x281px
WTF is going on with this board? It feels like /fa/ has gotten significantly worse over the past 3-6 months. Sure it was still crap, but not like this. It feels very spammy here.

Recently I've been seeing shit like this being posted every fucking time>>11349208 and apparently this has become a fucking thing as well >>11336993

Also wtf is with all of the "but only if you post" images being spammed around here like it is fucking /b/. Where are the fucking mods?
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to derail the spastic threads u faggot
>3 - 6 months
/fa/ hasn't been decent in at least 2 yrs
The point that first thread is making is completely accurate though, the people who post that kind of shit on here should be purged, but yeah I don't think it needs to be spammed every day of the week
/soc/ infestation

File: cover.jpg (3MB, 2000x2000px)Image search: [Google]
3MB, 2000x2000px
Post effay music
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File: tmp_26326-rsz_flume-777581915.jpg (26KB, 500x500px)Image search: [Google]
26KB, 500x500px
File: rato.jpg (76KB, 780x871px)Image search: [Google]
76KB, 780x871px
a plague upon ye

File: US BDU jacket 2.jpg (1MB, 2316x2989px)Image search: [Google]
US BDU jacket 2.jpg
1MB, 2316x2989px
Hey /fa/ggots, I mostly browse /k/ but I'm here to shitpost a few of my military surplus items. Tell me if you like any.

Also milsurp/camo general I guess.
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I'll start off simple
File: German flecktarn jacket 1.jpg (1MB, 2316x2856px)Image search: [Google]
German flecktarn jacket 1.jpg
1MB, 2316x2856px
Forgot pic
swiss and Scandinavian surplus is the best from a fashion perspective

the swiss m-70 has inspired a whole bunch of designers, and blackyoto is selling a black dyed version of it this season along with swiss field pants and the danish net shirt

swedish parkas are also really nicely designed, shame the country is so cucked so it's wasted on them

File: image.jpg (85KB, 443x1731px)Image search: [Google]
85KB, 443x1731px
/fa/ swimwear/surf wear

Keep in mind, I'm very modest. I refuse to wear "underwear" in public.

Going surfing in Cali this June.
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Pretty cute, desu~

File: image.jpg (35KB, 640x640px)Image search: [Google]
35KB, 640x640px
I like boots. Boots for da summer? Boots general.
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Don't get Docs. The LGBT stigma is way too big. Unless you're comfortable looking like faggot that is.

And the leather is just shit in general as well
Do you know of a fa boot for the summer? I was thinking hiking boots. What about the other less docy looking docs?
unrelated, but are those docs any good for everyday use/shit-kicking?

been eyeing a pair everytime i go to the mall, but i can never justify the 150+ dollar price tag...

File: 11302747_6220343_1000.jpg (48KB, 1000x1334px)Image search: [Google]
48KB, 1000x1334px
Post a picture of a fit you'd wear for the rest of your life if you were forced to.

Mine's pic related, at least it won't look stupid when I get older.
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it won't look stupid when you're old as it already looks stupid now
File: HELMUT-LANG-SPRING-1998.jpg (161KB, 683x1024px)Image search: [Google]
161KB, 683x1024px
i want to be 90s chic dadcore for the rest of my life
>double breasted blazer which is too long and pathetically anorexic lapels
>trousers that only comes up the calves
>some sort combat boot to match if off

kys yourself

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