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ninja shoes edition
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what do you think of this qt
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Let's see /fa/'s homescreens. I'll start.
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Sculptures are fucking passé and have been for a long while, only fuccbois have anything to do with them any more.
>all those bottom of the bin albums with sculptures on the cover
>clothes with sculptures and paintings on them
so f(uccboi)ucking done.
Lol calm down, sculptures are cool senpai

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Health Goth is dead, seapunk is long dead, normcore is dying, vaporwave is lost. So, in 2016, what is the underground fashion movement?
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A return to color. Loose fits might get it as well.

It's time for bright colors to come back.
>Health Goth is dead, seapunk is long dead, normcore is dying, vaporwave
do you fucking hear how retarded you sound?

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/fa/ I just lost all my inspo, emergency inspo thread pls
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raf simen.jpg
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help me effay im trying to set a world record for the most picture of raf simon in one picture! my record is 13 but i think we can work together to get more than 30!
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HOLT CRAP a new technogical innovation has allow me to put three times as many raf simon in the picture!!!!!
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some more rafs.jpg
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thanks for helping really aprceiate it but i think if we are going to do this we have to change are game plan. we have to go sub-atomic for these many rafs
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oh my god.jpg
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holy shit its geting to a point where my computer cant handel it any more. these is the most of rafs i have ever seen ever. i think there almost at a point where i cant go on they'res just too many of them. neeeed to take a break ...

Brag about your recent purchase here

Was able to snag this on grailed. Surprised the user accepted my offer. Now there's a bunch of people asking me to repost the item lol
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What is it?
Floral embroidered tee by Neighborhood. details on one of the flowers in pic
Looks gay.

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starting off with these cargos
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w2c trousers
Just looks like some standard skinny cargos man. I don't know the precise ones, but wings & horns had some decent ones.
Again, some skinny suit pants. Just cop some zara ones, almost the same thing.
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w2c? Only place I can find these are asos and they've been sold out for a year. Why did I have to wait for them to go on sale?

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The undercut is finally dying.

What will be the next big hairstyle?
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Sweet. Finally something that doesn't look absolutely retarded and is downright practical to boot.

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where can I find /fa/ hats online anons?
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Actually chuckled.
gay as fuck

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>Post questions and answers for things that aren't worthy of a thread dedicated to them
>Does this jacket fit me? I am 6ft 150lb
>Vintage levis i got for $35 at glebe markets in sydney
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raf simons sterling ruby.jpg
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we have the fuccboi general for this m8
oh shit i didn't know that that was where you'd post something like this.
Noted, will post there next time

Can we get a slacker/thrift thread?

>recent thrift cops
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Hang out at SAIC
File: 1462476867655.jpg (999KB, 1895x3953px)Image search: [Google]
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asante sitting.jpg
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/fuccboi/ general
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Do you think it's possible for him to close his mouth?
his lips create a gap
He can practice

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For me it was geobaskets, normies are not used to that kind of shoes. re
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Saint laurent silver cropped jodhpurs
what does this title mean
1(you)=1attention 1attention can be a positive or negative comment, 1 attention can be a weird look or a laugh, or an "ew"

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Selling a rare Fairends olive camp cap. Waxed, waterproof & barely worn.


Also have other interesting items in my wardrobe.

***Mention you're /fa/ and I'll give you a discount.***

(pls buy I'm very poor)
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Any interest in a BLK DNM 5 leather jacket size Small based in the UK?

Worn about twice, basically brand new condition and still have tags. £300 or $450.
File: grailed.png (882KB, 1920x1080px)Image search: [Google]
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Rag & Bone
Robert Geller
Reigning Champ
Lounge Lizard

pls buy senpai
File: Capture.jpg (70KB, 1035x820px)Image search: [Google]
70KB, 1035x820px
Got some Tricky Ricky Runners for sale. Let me know you're from /fa/ and ill cut you a good deal breh.


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