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Let's start one of these threads
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Instead of all these threds lets just have a hair general

Any suggestions for me?
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it looks good to me. Id like some recommendations if anyone has any...
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Is this the Young Leo haircut?

How to achieve
would be pretty neat if we could see your features to help you decide

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new Facial Aesthetics rate and improvement thread

old one almost 300
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Does that guy like to have sex with cows or am I missing something?
He's implying he has a horse dick, but poorly.

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dear /fa/
please post female inspo in this thread

what can girls with very large feet wear?
a lot of boots and memeshoes like converse just make me look like im wearing clown shoes

life is suffering
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nao guide.jpg
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Post leg/feet pics, I'm sure you're just very self concsious abour your feet and overestimate their size.
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>Post leg/feet pics

you tryna trick me

i'm a size 10/11, can vary depending on the brand and shoe itself though. have fit 9s and 12s before. my feet are fairly wide is seems like more of a problem than their length.

shoe shopping is hell and i want out

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comfycore/loosewave inspo
particularly asian inspired
lets see those grey slacks
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Comfy /thinspo/ thread!

State Your Stats & Goals Edition

Last Thread: >>11299676

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>love lizzie and her llamas
>make america thin again

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
>Lose It!: "/fa/ friends"
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how do you suppress hunger?
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Depends on how far you want to go.

I just eat a lot of fiber and drink lots of water. Depression helps too....

You can also use stimulants which really kill appetites. I find the negatives of that outweigh the positives though, especially smoking or Adderall.

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Let's go
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stopped reading there
is it worth having /fa/ cheekbones when the rest of your body looks like a spooky skeletor
Are you asking me ?I'm OP btw

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get in here, you cool dudes
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any page number discrepancies are just from me skipping over blank pages. 4chan won't let me upload duplicate images anyway so plz ignore
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Tradie Inspo
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Who is the fat white guy?
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>guy in the background trying to protect his gf from the alpha tradie

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left is like 40$ cheaper
Cop the right one... It looks cooler and somehow the left one looks cheap :D
Also it looks mat and not "shiny" so u can combine it better with dark grey or black pnts :3
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It's 35€ on aliexpress
Would you think it would be shit?
Heard many bad thing on aliexpress, but it's not on a black mannequin and it's seems like a nice outfit for summer, it's supposed to be a linen/cotton blend.
Also, is it to weeb?

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What do you wear?
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basic shit
barely visit /fa/ nor do I like it
came here because of boredom
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this is nice
are the jeans skinny or loose though?
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Outfit 1.png
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Post some effay pictures
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Frank lloyd Wright (probably spelled it wrong)

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Old one near 300
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Point me to the next school ; ^ )

jk, don't v&-d me pls
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Facial Aesthetics rate and improvement

old one 300
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you somehow remind me of Murphy from the 100
he looks like a bad photoshop

is that the joke?
You look like a fucking video game character

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