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How do I get a jawline like this?
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mix with blacks
He looks like a neanderthal. Pretty disappointing because you won't find another guy who actually has a jawline in that horde of beta males
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T. Guy who has no idea what neanderthal ppl alooked like

Is this real or faux leather?
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hard to say from just that pic but it looks real
First impression is looks real

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Last thread: >>12675669

Comfy Rules:
>post thinspo
>make america thin again
>stay hidhratted


Low Calorie Food & Drinks List:

>MyFitnessPal: "/fa/ friends"
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same chick.jpg
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Not going to lie I'm a bit excited about getting these quints.

Maybe it's a good sign. I've been gaining weight, lads. I need to get back on track but I've been so hungry lately.

pls halp!:
How do I break the cycle? OMAD?
When I get hungry for snacks or tempted to overeat, are there any tricks you have? I remember one anon saying go for a walk anytime you get hungry?
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>those fat arms

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i dont care if the music is good or not
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new rule, if you're the OP of a cringe thread you need to provide a timestamped picture of yourself

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ily rick.png
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I want to see you /fa/ memes, old and new, whatever you have got. I only have a couple to get the thread started, unfortunately

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this party sucks.png
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post your boards
skating fits
any /fa/ skating channels on youtube
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this is the most retarded shit ever
it was worth a try
/fa/ skating channels???

you sound stupid OP

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almost done, /fa/. Rate my tat!
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that looks like an illness
Seems like an excellent decision.
>Any day, any month, any year
>Mutilating one's body

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Post, rate, ask for and give advice

(collection not mine)
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just ordered these. pretty hype
anyone know ID on the second shoe from right?

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Didn't see one up:

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>night photography - concert posters
>nature - architecture - black and white
>art - music - typography - design
>illustrations - sci-fi - dystopia
>glow - urban - aesthetics - aviation
>fashion - history - automotive
>reblogs and original content
>some nsfw>>http://neuralfirestorm.tumblr.com/
>night photography - concert posters
>nature - architecture - black and white
>art - music - typography - design
>illustrations - sci-fi - dystopia
>glow - urban - aesthetics - aviation
>fashion - history - automotive
>reblogs and original content
>some nsfw
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Do it yourself/ re-purposing general
"I'm on vacation, can somebody else do the collage pls?" edition

Anything about making your own clothes, customizing and/or tailoring goes here. Talk about your projects. Ask Questions. Share information. Help each other out.

(if you think the pastebin lacks any information, just ask)
Japanese magazines, just in case you need them

last thread:
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>[serger optional?]
>Is it necessary to own a serger?
In the beginning a serger isn't necessary. You can practice different seam finishes to hide raw edges or use the zigzag if your machine has that function. A serger is only necessary if you're going to work with knits, in which case you should get one with a coverstitch features. It's yet another investment, so wait until you have finished some projects. It has it's advantages. The finishing on the edges look better and you sew faster with this machine. Regard the machine as an addition, not as a replacement.

What fabrics fall under knits? What are other minimal requirements of a serger? Any spelling errors?

Repost: http://thecuttingclass.com
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didn't include cheasecloth's red bomber as he doesn't actually post here.
Cool My pants made it in.

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Havent seen one in a while and I want to see some /fa/ patches.
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starting thread with somethings I think you'll will like.
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no shit posting please

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ive been looking on ebay for these exact shirts. originals cost upwards of $300.
W2C? decent quality?
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>not a visual from the manga
>not a visual from a more obscure cyberpunk anime

This will forever flag you as an alt-normie scorned by normies and nerds alike. Only dumb tumblreddit cunts who spam JoJo memes might possibly like it.

Also it doesn't look very good on its own, you'd have to work your whole fit around it.

So it doesn't work as virtue signalling for nerds, and it doesn't work as a graphic tee in its own right.

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Please recommend me a nice but casual suit that one would wear in a government building please
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Different and lighter colors are nice too
Contemporary or classic?
like 200
dont know
dont care
something light

also Im a manlet

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Whats the best way to wear this jacket?
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On a motorcycle
cargo pants, combat boots, fingerless globes, wallet chain, metal/video game t shirt and fedora

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