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I tried to see what face my shape is so that I can pick a new haircut but depending on how much I zoom and how far the camera is my head changes from a watermelon to a sideways watermelon
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buy a mirror?

But I would like to have it on a photo so you can easier compare it to other photos and such
what the fuck?

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What does /fa/ think of duffle coats? I've been thinking of getting one.
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i will definitely be buying one when winter rolls around

i just gotta pick a brand

help me out /fa/?
Cakeboi tier
stereotypical mentalities are not /fa/

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I want to start making my own clothes.
Where should I start?
Right now I have no designs or any materials. Just some half formed ideas
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I got a sewing machine recently and am learning how to sew. Have nice fabric and some ideas but I'm setting that aside til I can get the basics down. Walmart had a "how to sew" magazine and it's actually been pretty helpful
I have my sisters old sewing mechine but i dont know the first thing about it. Are there different techniques for sewing or is there one perfected way? What are some examples of "basics"?
Sewing straight is a good start. Also not breaking the needles after five seconds. Getting a feel for what you can do with the machine, adjusting tension / stitch settings, just generally learning the mechanisms of everything. Learn how to hem pants before you try to taper, learn to taper before to start learning basic repairs, learn that before you start cutting fabric and making clothes. It's way cheaper than getting fabric and throwing everything away lol

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Is Jughead /fa/?

[spoiler]Where can I buy a Jughead beanie?[/spoiler]
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very /fa/
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In all seriousness, how could someone pull off this sort of look in the modern era without coming across like Report of the Week does? Also, where would someone get a peacoat like pic related?
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you wish you were as fly as report of the week ole five-gallon-bucket head ass nigga
I meant no harm! I just don't want to rip him off, his style should be reserved for patricians only.
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Step 1. Be a british Dunkirk cutie rather than a lurching American boy who works at a funeral home and reviews nuggies and choccy milk
Step 2. Wear ww2 surplus jackets over a grey or white undershirt that's a little too tight
Step 3. Get the good ol' hitlerjugendhaar but have dark brown hair and let it grow out for a month or two

I haven't seen Dunkirk yet and I peruse this Armenian illegal cock-fight rigging forum so take it with a pinch of salt.

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I'm looking for some footwear for under 50 dollars. I need it to go outside everyday and ofc has to look pretty decent.
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better start hitting the thrift stores
Post more dog
Pls more doggo pics

In your opinion what looks better when wearing shorts for the summer?
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Short sleeves. The point of exposing your arms is to get cooler, but having so much fabric around your elbows makes you too hot. Long sleeves for cold weather, short sleeves for warm weather.
the way he rolled up his sleeves look so fucking retarded. His tattoos are unoriginal and his aesthetic is not effay. Don't try and look like this guy
Very interesting because when I asked Snapchat long sleeves was preferred by most people.

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images (59).jpg
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How do i dress like lil peep ?
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That is literally a Gosha Rubchinskiy sweater. Just wear all Gosha and you're Gucci.
stop posting this shit head

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Is raw denim /fa/?
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I've always liked them never could wear them for 6months without washing them though.
So 2011
if u like wabi sabi raw denim is FA

How do I fix this? pls & thx
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Classic! 10/10 would recommend
grow eyebrows
and a beard (optional but recommended)
find good glasses that suit your face
you hair is alright

you're not too bad OP

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I saw this in a store a couple of days ago and thought they looked pretty cool, but now that I got a pair and brought them home I have mixed feelings and don't know if I really like them. Part of me feels like a web and a grandma for wearing them but everyone else I see wearing them looked alright. What do you guys think about them?
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who cares, it's running shoes. shoes for sports. they're not meant to make you look good. their meent to improve your results in any athletic pursuit.
ARe you retarded?
I mean he isn't wrong completely they are considered running/athletic shoes

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Hey /fa/,
trying to find a puffer coat that looks like this or acctually is this. No luck so far, anyone here have any ideas or know where to find one.
Much appreciated, OP
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Moncler Down Montgenevre Jacket
uniqlo has similar ones if you're a poorfag

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Any comments on the length?
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Kinda gay
Those hairless legs make me uncomfortable. Lengthwise it's fine.
Uncomfortable, why?

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Can we get some women's athletic wear inspo going?
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Pretty much the same thing. Trendy normie shit
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To preface- this will be lost to a wave of meme threads and uninspired deconstructiveness in due time.

But I must ask, anyone out there- is there any alternatives to interesting discussion and community that is active outside of r/streetwear?

To me- this cesspool makes me sad and bored more often than not. I love it when people try to make an interesting board, but it is too often lost or without support. I was a long time lurker until I started making my own shit. I quickly realized this is a place full of negativity, recycled enthusiasm, and people not really interested in fashion as honest expression (as much as they would like to claim).

Then I found streetwear and it's really a step up, despite what I heard from it here. However, I do not think it is encompassing enough or diverse enough in discussion. SuFu is practically dead as far as I know.

At the same time I feel this reflected in fashion itself, where you have the duality between something like streetwear (very accessible, casual, and difficult to find nuance) and something like high fashion.

Any ideas for communities (from the real ones only)?
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>I quickly realized this is a place full of negativity, recycled enthusiasm, and people not really interested in fashion as honest expression (as much as they would like to claim).

you should have noticed that the 1st time you visited, retard
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candy kong.png
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/fa/ is the best because it realized fashion is a joke. Wear whatever you want, if you naturally look good then it will look good.
both of y'all are some numbfucks

1. You repeated what I just said, so why bother posting

2. Not what I care about. I just want more interesting shit to get talked about and a more open-minded, positive community.

3. Clearly neither of you were the "Real Ones" I asked to comment.

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