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fuck "adventure core"
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Pea dot is pretty effay
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Someone for the love of god take these shoes off my hands. I'll do you like $20, shipped. Theyre nice shoes, just a full size to big for me.

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Pardon my grammar
Copped a stadium cap if you're into that sort of thing
How much?

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wear thom browne to a wedding with small town people.

I'm never going outside again!
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Post pants
Lol, I just aggressively talk down to people who say things like this bitch.
well i had no come back at all

What does anon wear at the office?
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I can't stand desk work.
I do warehouse work and would die to work to at a desk
i work in finance, 90% of the time im at my desk in front of the computer and dealing with coworkers, with the occasional meetings with big bosses once every few months.

i have no idea why we are required to be in formal office attire whereas the sales and marketing people get to wear whatever they want when they're the one that go out and meet clients and business partners all the time.

shit make no fucking sense.


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winter hat.jpg
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what winter hats are /fa/?
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not that one
so show me some /fa/ winter hats
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how's this

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W2C jacket or similar?
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holy shit the guy on the left has such small shoulders
those jackets are obviously oversized
Stop dressing ironically like our parents.
Why dress like a swedish green party activist?

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Are semicolon tattoos the dumbest tattoo fad ever?
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Yes. That pleb doesn't know how to write a book either.
semicolons precede lists last I heard
>gets semicolon tattoo
>can't even write a proper sentence, and fills Facebook post with unnecessary ellipses
Yes, this could be the dumbest thing I've read all day.

Anyone know some good first that match this shoe?
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Have the same shoes, I tend to go for loose black trousers and shirt nothing too fancy. I would like some suggestions aswell tbf
For an ugly black plimsole?

It's just an alternative to vans. Black jeans and a band tee and a carabiner with a skinnyfat body like everyone else with sk8 vans or plain black vans.

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Its a fucking grey hoodie nigga. What the fuck do you expect from that? Dumb ass bitch ass non intelligent ass nigga

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hey /fa/ i wanna change my style up and be more "90s"
i'm 26, so i grew up in the 90s, but i was a kid; so its not as if I dressed like an adult back then.

I've got a little inspo, but not much, and the only "for sure" thing i can nail out thats very "90s" is plaid and mom-type jeans
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>this is a 10/10 on /fa/
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da fuck is wrong with her arms?
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Annie is definitelt /fa/

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Anyone seen these floating around on any shoe site? I couldn't find them on vans. Can someone link me or tell me where I can get them?
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fucking simpleton
that has a zip in the back

fucking nimrod

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How do I dress like an Aussie?
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Dark and small clothing
In Summer stick to being a basic bitch because it gets hot asf, just buy different coloured chino shorts, and plain tee's in colours that match them and then alternate between them
>no matter how dark and mysterious you dress you still have a goofy Aussie accent

Glad I'm not an Aussie tee bee haitch

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I've had this wallet for 2 years back when I was autistic. I've been meaning to get a grown up wallet but I can't decide between a money clip or wallet. Any recommendations?
>Money clip or wallet?
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I'd propose something in between, a small wallet for cash and some cards like pic related
The leather looks kinda cheap, is it durable?

got one of these pretty durable and nice leather for only 20 dollarydoos

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s-l1600 (3).jpg
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Would I look like a faggot if I wear these?
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impossible not to
Yeezys are literal perfection.
You'll be fine.
yeezys are cool they just have to be styled well

p much cuffed or cropped pants only and youre set. almost always looks bad when pants touch low tops imo

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