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Ok, which one senpaitachi?
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the ones which aren't 2008 emo
Now that's pretty unclear, I'm about to stick my dick into a toaster.
old skools

if you're getting either of those models at least get a vault pair, they look so much better

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hello /fa/
how do i stay effay while mountain biking?
switching to demo from scott voltage 4x next month, so i want to improve my clothing too while riding.
>inb4 its fucking sport and i shouldnt be caring what i wear, instead i must enjoy it.
i cant if im dressed bad,i want to look cool to dh park qt grills
>inb4 dressing for girls.
>inb4 full rick

dont fuck my shit up please /fa/
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anyone else? p-pls respond
Versace fanny pack

OP ask /n/ they'll know what the latest trends are at the downhill park.

>switching to demo from scott voltage 4x next month
Wtf do those words mean

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Ok, so I need some essentials here.

I wanna try looking like a pedophile, but also a school shooter, with maybe a little fedora-lord put in there just for fun.

What items do I need to complete this fit?
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Buy anything by rick ovens
I wanna dress like the biggest creep possible and see if people say anything.

I figure I'll probably get avoided, which is good because I don't like people too much anyway.

And also fuck your adidas brand shoes and your rick owens. Conformity is for sheep.

What are some effay laptops?
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not chinkpads
Asus Ultrabooks
Xiaomi Mi Notebook Air

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I spend most of my time sitting, so my posture is complete shit and I look like a neanderthal in every picture because of it. What are some ways I could improve?
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I just looked up "Forward Head Posture corrective exercises" on youtube today. Literally dozens of good videos describing some good techniques. ( i say as I lean over my laptop..)
Good posture is so uncomfortable and takes effort
once you have it though its so much more comfortable

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I can't decide on a jacket for this fall/winter fit. Suggestions?
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Wow what a unique and interesting outfit.
Literally fucking anything as this is literally the most versatile outfit i could imagine,

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Is approx $950 after taxes and shipping too much to pay for one of these?

It's VKT barrel, and all I would have to feed it is surplus Russian/Chinese ammo. Would that be an issue? IV8888 seems to use custom loads for his m39.
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fuck wrong board. sorry
that seems very pricey. I don't think mosins are all that great anyway
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H-hold on one second...

...t-that's a pretty /fa/ gun...

...you're not leaving yet.

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What are some /fa/ approved hats?
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you need to stop
File: s-l300.jpg (13KB, 300x224px)Image search: [Google]
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japanese baseball hats

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Can hoodies ever be stylish?
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They always were.....

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What are the best pants to skate in? I'm a Levis 511 man myself, I'll admit it...
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inb4 "real skaters" complain about skaters
inb4 skaters complain about "posers"
i find them a little tight on the legs when I have to lift my legs up, so 505s, or 512 or 511 one size up

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how do i smell good without perfume, something like unintentional good smell.
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Unscented deodorant and bath products, good diet, some genetics

I apparently smell like oats and baby powder naturally
drop drugs
more water
good diet
"organic" care products
nice smelling soaps and lotion based around cocoa butter
desu i've never seen the appeal of cologne/perfume, i just find it gaudy and think a more natural scent is better

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Is there anyone in recent years who fell from grace harder than him?
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u when your mom dropped u on your head
go to bed raf
>all these fags wearing raf
>raf himself just in a DB like a civilized person, with a reasonable boutonniere to indulge his dandyism

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How do I obtain Holden Caulfield's style?
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Listen to linkin park and smoke your mom's parliaments.
Brooks Bros, Pendleton.
put a red hat on

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How do i fix my hair?

First time on /fa/
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look at sticky

and try leaving it long on the top, fade the sides and taper the back to a 1
File: Screenshot_2016-08-03-22-30-21.png (767KB, 720x1280px)Image search: [Google]
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Like this?
something along those lines, but don't use as much product as the guy in that photo

Buy American crew or something and apply to the top, stylize and your good

And if you do get this, ask your barber to go over your ears and base of neck. Not related to the haircut, just general skincare.

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boot thread?

I can't decide whether to cop the ll bean boots in the og colorway or the brown and olive drab

what does /fa/ think
first is the brown/drab
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stop shilling these meme boots
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and here is the orig
File: image.jpg (153KB, 550x825px)Image search: [Google]
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not sure how i feel about the fit
but it gives a little context

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