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braless inspo. pictures from the previous thread welcomed
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hnng that choker
that's a black belt in dick suckin shit put on two

Goodbye Moonman...
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>What is lunar/spacecore
There is no definitive marker of 'spacecore'. The style itself is rooted in choosing garments that fit a specific feeling, thus forcing the wearer to mine various designers for unifying threads and in doing so reject the vision offered to them as consumers. The unifying thread is retrofuturism, but could just as well be post apocalyptic cowboys as far as the ethos is concerned. What we are doing is using pre-existing products to make a non-existent statement.
I got inspired by the recent lunar thread that I want to adopt this style, coming out of urban tech. It would awesome if anyone has fits, infographics, and other forms of inspiration.

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It's still hot as balls but sweater weather is a-comin. Post em
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This is coming back
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Hey /fa/ black guy here wondering how to reach this aesthetic, my face looks almost exactly like his.
Also Black Aesthetic General
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Get the same haircut and start wearing similar clothes and accessories. What the fuck do you think the answer is?
this but don't actually smoke cigarettes though
That's a blunt

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both shit

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College starts in a week, I need a new cut, what's the most popular cut for men right now?

I'm thinking about doing this but I don't know if I can do it since I have thin stringy hair that always wants to flop all over the place
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unkempt hitler youth or nothing
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even looks good on little shitters
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dont let them fade it tho, or else you'll just look like every other faggot

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What is the most effay smartphone?
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Is making threads with the same question over and over and over and over and over and over again effay?
i've never made this thread before bitch
S6 edge,edge + or S7 edge.

Post only inspo.
Don't post selfies.
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download (1).jpg
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overcoat inspo?
gonna get cold and shitty in the UK soon so i want to look at copping one
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I'd recommend going second-hand. Overcoats must be one of the best savings in terms of new vs old.

You can get something beautiful that was expensive as balls when it was new and it's barely been worn because it was too posh for its owner.
lol unless youre a formal looking type or attending a funeral dont bother
Skeleton college kids just look cringy and painful to look at in these things
Agreed. I got a fox brothers English wool overcoat for 3 Euros in top notch condition. Its 60s or 70s and would cost100s new now

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Share personal /fa/ Instagram accounts for others to follow or take inspo from.
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I travel a good bit and find interesting place. I follow back.
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I lose 2 followers every time I post

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pool day.jpg
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Why has society decided to pretend that bikinis are acceptable? They show more of a girl's body than most underwear would, yet if you don't think it's appropriate for a girl to wear one, you're told "it's just a swimsuit". It's not even a swimsuit, it's totally impractical for swimming. You have to be careful or it'll come loose and you'll be naked, which you almost are anyway I guess.

Its only uses are for tanning and showing off your body. I guess a woman has the right to be a slut if she wants to, but do you need to wear a bikini to a family beach? Or a water park? Why would you wear a flimsy bikini to go down slides and get hit by waves? And for goodness sake, is there anything more disgusting that seeing a prepubescent child in one? Why would you take a "bathing suit" that is specifically designed for the sole purpose of showing as much of your body as possible, and sell them to little children? Why has the world decided this is okay?
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Here's a better question, why do you care?
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Agreed, actually. Some people would be satire around this topic but not me. Women should at least just wear short short swimming trunks. Would be effay.

whats the most /fa/ numbers?

my vote is 14 and 88
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i don't feel comfortable answering this until it's confirmed that numbers are /fa/
21 and 22 and 19

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I like the way sean and his pals dress. Anyone know what jeans he's wearing? I'll try dump some more.
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I hope no one really dresses like this after the age of 18

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>what's something simple and inconspicuous that I can wear that will let everyone know I'm a massive slut that's swallowed gallons of semen?
>I got ya covered fàm
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Wrong, fag. 70% of them wear it to make people think they are massive slurs while not being one.
Did you make this thread just to show your directionless women hate

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