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I have a problem that I'm very self conscious about. It just so happens that I have these thicc ass thighs and I don't know how to get rid of the fat. I've tried running and biking but even then I still have some meaty ass thighs.
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Could possibly be genetics. I know grills would kill for that trait. Have you tried dieting to cut fat?
You could always wear clothing that compliments your figure, despite if your m/f.
I haven't tried dieting yet. What should I cut out of my diet in order to lose weight quicker?
Sweets, soda, processed foods, etc. Check /fit/. There's like 3 threads about the same topic.

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How fucking skinny am I guys? I have Crohn's disease and I'm super self conscious about it.
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You've got scrawny arms but for all we know you could be skinnyfat as fuck under that baggy tshirt.

In any case you are most likely exaggerating your skinnyness.
Nah no body fat here. My parents said they were afraid someone would call CPS because of how skinny I looked that's why I'm here.
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you are entering skele

turn back now!

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cringe thread ?
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You cringe you lose
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How do I become streetwear? I can't afford Supreme, is Obey like the budget Supreme?
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>How do I become streetwear
like this
honestly if you don't have disposable income don't bother but if you're committed then leapfrog supreme, bape, gosha, palace etc. because they're entry level and just save up for grail items in an upper category.
buy fakes, but i wouldnt advise going 'streetwear' in the first place

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can people recommend some /fa/ belts, interesting belt + fit combinations w.e. belt general
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made this thread because the only thing I can think of is lv, but they are too expensive for what you get imo.
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shameless self boop
lol louis vuitton is for females

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Where can I get skinny drawstring pants like this? Can't find anything that isn't drop-crotch shit
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those arent drawstring pants thats just a shoelace belt you egg
literally put a shoelace through the beltloops assnerd

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DFW inspo thread
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What are some other fashion sites, forums, blogs, etc. that you frequent?
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lemon party, I always find something good there
Where to cop batman sweatshirt like that

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What Olympic team has the most effay uniform?
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From what I can find, probably France. USA is just Ralph masturbating as usual, Canada and UK are fuccbois, Italy and Germany are muh athleisure. Worst Korea isn't too bad.
Australia dressing like that one rich kids school you never wanted to play at interschool sport
Latvia and france

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going to start drinking a lot more water now, and probably excessive amounts. i have a reverse osmosis tank & faucet that i just pour water from. it's safe, right?
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*prolly shouldve posted this in /fit/ or /g/ atleast. but i know /skincare/ says that drinking water helps your skin, want to know how i should go about it
Drinking water is good for you regardless u fuck
I live in the Rocky Mountains. The water right out of the tap is really fucking good.

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Who are your fashion icons/inspirations? For me it's KStew, I'll admit it... Also I'm a boy, you dorks!
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harry styles and luka sabbat I guess
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What does /fa/ think about old navy?
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It's not good.
Decent basics but will never make you look good


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Is throwing up to stay/get skinny /fa/
Ideal weight for you? Mine is 183cm and 72KG
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im running on caffeine
and nicotine and
No it's not at all, eating well and exercising is /fa/ and that's it
this desu

being too weak willed to not change to your body to your liking is not /fa/

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$217,152 for a gadmamn PURSE ! Goddddddd daaaaamn
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If you think this is real, just kill yourself.
Nice b8, though
>pay in monthly installments

idk whether to kek or to cry

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Can you guys recommend a haircut? Currently I'm just letting it grown and don't do anything with it. I have a pretty long face, as you can prolly see. The pics tell you enough. The only option I am excluding is a buzz.
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another pic
fuck off you attractive piece of shit

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