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Thinking of becoming a model to put myself through school. is it a lot of worj trying to be that /fa/ any advice or tips ontovwhere I can apply? I live in Austin btw
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Modeling isn't something you just wake up and decided do to.

If you're under 6ft forget it.

Anyways you need to work at it for at least a good year prior unless you have perfect genetics
Is this a candy person?
my first piece of advice is to get out of texas

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What's /fa/'s /edc/?
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*not included are car keys (its a BMW be jelly)
and gold iPhone 6 (used it to take the pic)
There is nothing to be jelly of, after seeing that watch and wallet
>bmw brag
>shitty casio
>no iphone 6
>ugly wallet

drop me some blue jeans/tuck/90s revival inspo!

bonus points for all of these in one

pic rel
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Not tucked but w2c these jeans
>tucked in

pick one u faggot
Palace's lookbooks literally have people wearing their shirts tucked in
Get fuckin got

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post the most aesthetic shit you have.

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lol you got the video taken down

dude looks like mac de marco and josh homme had a fat baby

w2c house?
>not gnkk

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what does /fa/ do for a living?

does it inform your need to be effay?

>tfw [spoiler]convenience store clerk[/spoiler]
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is that you in the pic
Currently man the floor at a science museum
May try to get into modeling soon

Looking for another job...

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My gf said these clothes make me look homosexual. What do you think do they make me look /fa/?
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Always listen to your gf.
(Also, between you and me, this big phone make you look like a midget)
can't tell whether bait, can someone please liberate me from my confusion
You look homosexual

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Hey /fa/, this is my first time posting here but I may do so more in the future as finances and resources allow. We shall see.

The reason for my posting though is to ask the goth types here about a particular jacket I loved when I was younger but had to get rid of. I believe it was made by Tripp NYC but I can't be entirely sure. It was purchased at a Hot Topic somewhere between 2006 and 2009 when My Chemical Romance's The Black Parade was big and gothy/edgy types were following that trend in a major way.

It was a split back trenchcoat, black of course, and I believe it was styled after a military jacket of sorts with Tripp's distinctive style. There were loops on the cuffs and on the shoulders, or rather a strip of fabric sewn with finger-sized holes along the length as if sewing it down while fingers were spread beneath the cloth. To be quite honest I thought them the size of bullets and considered getting costume bullets to slide in the loops at some point but never did, it wasn't particularly my style at the time either so it was a flighty idea. Cheap and crappy chains dangled straight down from the shoulders I believe when I purchased it (these were immediately disposed of). It was made of a canvas like material that felt thick but wasn't particularly heavy or warm. I don't recall how it fastened in the front. Other than the chains there was little to no metal or shiny bits. In fact, despite my belief that it was made by Tripp NYC it was very much unlike the typical Tripp style consisting of bright shiny zippers and many flashy bits.

Sadly, I do not have any pictures of this jacket (as far as I know) since I was and still am loathe to have my picture taken. All I can do is provide crappy shopping website images of other Tripp jackets I've found so far and use them as reference for what this didn't have.

>pic related
>lacked like all the shiny bits here
>shoulder loops were horizontal and could be seen through at this angle
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Dunno why it didn't work the first time I tried posting the thread, maybe my connection bugged out.

>second pic related
>didn't have a hood and there was only one split in the center of the back, no splits on the front
>also didn't have the visible metal bits though there might have been a flap or more of those loop setups on each side I can't remember for sure
>size of the loops on the cuffs was pretty close to what this shows though
Are you by chance a character in the video game Kingdom Hearts?
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>back of second pic related
>same applies as above
>just posting because I have it really and it's a bit bigger than the other two images

Negative. I just want to find at least reference images of the jacket I had before as I plan on designing something similar to it.

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I'm bored. Post your creations
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Anyone else here lowkey a fashion icon at their school/community? I am and its partially thanks to you /fa/ <3
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Indeed I am, compliments left and right baby
I'm basically h&m/uniqlo tier but everyone in my area dresses like complete shit so I get the occasional tumblrfag and hypebeast complementing my outfit
good duck rug luck

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everyone greentext your day
everyone rate how /fa/ lifestyle is 1-10

Choose a weekend day (today/yesterday) because it's fucking boring to just post that you went to work/school. Please include outfits and meals. I'll post an example below
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>wake up at 9:30
>get dressed (muji tee, Acne ace cash, roshe runs)
>go out for breakfast with a girl I've been hanging out with
>drink coffee and order granola
>she gets a stack of pancakes AND french toast
>try not to show my disgust and pay the bill even though her meal cost three times mine
>go home
>lie in bed thinking about girl's pros and cons
>read The Old Man and the Sea
>hang up my daytime clothes and put on an OCBD and CDBs
>go out for dinner with my family (grandmother's birthday)
>order steak tartare
>my grandmother tells me it is an appetizer and I should eat more
>excuse myself from the table to take a note in my notebook (muji) about how delusional my grandmother is
>return to table to find that the family has already started eating without me
>come home
>read the news
>get ready for bed (wash face, brush teeth)
0/10, get a life
You're a fucking faggot

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weird clothes.jpg
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I'll start:

What can I do when my GF dresses like she's 14 or something? (pic semi-related. It's not as bad but still notable)

I don't want to dictate her style or hurt her or anything but her way of clothing herself somehow turns me off. She either has this semi-male pseudo professional style with high pants or the 14 year old (not in an ironic way).
I guess if I tell her, she gets really sad.

I'm neither willing, nor able to afford a new set of clothes.
Has /fa/ ever touched this topic?
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If you aren't going to buy her outfits don't even start. You obviously have no say or buy in the relationship.
Already made her fit. Gotta keep it slow.
This deserves it's own thread

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>tfw when no prep thread
Come on guys, it's almost time to go to Ivy Leagues ;)
Unless of course....
You're stupid
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Are there any cheaper alternatives to Barbour jackets like the one in this fit or should I just save for one
Japan edition
save for one, worth it in my opinion.

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Is Gavin McInnes /fa/? If you don't know him, he's a contributer for Rebel Media and the co-founder of Vice.
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he's a stupid dick and a republican masquerading as a counterculture icon


LAST THREAD >>11543133
BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
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File: frag.png (4MB, 5560x3312px)Image search: [Google]
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For anyone looking for fragrance suggestions, give as much information as possible about what you want.

Helpful info could include gender, price range, climate/season, need (work/clubbing/etc.), notes/families you like/dislike, and other perfumes you've tried and liked/disliked.
first for GIT is GOAT
>buying the inferior remix

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Trying to prepare ahead of time, need some inspo for next season
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