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hi i'm 5'7 125 pounds how much weight do i need to lose to become effay and what do you do to stay thin
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damn I have the same stats but I'm a man
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You're already a skeleton.
Eat something before you starve to death.
not skeleton am trying to become thin nd effay

post effay sci fi stuff - lunarcore, sick helmets, whatever you like, spaceman

(art by Scott Robertson)
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Is there a sci-fi character more /fa/ than Paul Atreides?
>dagger and shield fighting

effay interests
Not to mention

>drinking spice coffee
>almost perfect genetics (literally)

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Okay /fa/ lets settle this once and for all.
What is your go to brand and why?

For me it's going to have to be Nike just because I grew up wearing them and I consider them to be the pioneers of the whole shoe game.
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adidas > nike > reebok > jordan
can i only pick from the 4?
if so, adidas
if not, asics onitsuka tiger
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>Let's settle this once and for all
I hate when people say this, like any post makes a difference to the board.

Kill yourself

Adidas is too tier, clearly

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What is your opinion on body hair /fa/. Is it good to be all natural? I see that guys now take much more attention to their hair more then ever. I also see a trend of guys trimming their eyebrows. Another is guys now waxing their pits. When does it start to be gay then being stylish?
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It's not gay until you're sucking a dick, OP
General rule among the general public is that if a trending famous person does something kind of gay it becomes okay and not gay
I shave pits, cock, and ass very regularly. Occasionally legs too, but really only so they get to the point where the hair is short enough to be hard to see but long enough to be soft.

Very very effay. People who tell you have never tried or are insecure. Or they just don't like it. That's cool too I guess

"But women don't like it!"
1. Not true
2. >letting women influence your decisions about your own body

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How is it that black guys can wear anything and still look great?

It's no wonder white girls are leaving to therm in droves
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they look like shit
3 would be good if you replaced his head with 1 or 2's
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you tried jamal

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Can you guys tell me where I can buy this hoodie shes wearing
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On the internet that is and pls b mature
wtc thicc girl
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How do you pull off "The Place Beyond the Pines" look?
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Drive into a trailer park and steal all the clothes off the clothes line
Be good looking like Gossling
Get alot of shitty tats
Wear the same 2 white t shirts for a year.
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Think it's worth it to cop a few pairs of the Yeezy Boost 350 v2's to resell? Assuming they're gonna be $220.
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Always but you will be lucky to get one pair and get the rest cancel
I'm hoping if I do cop a pair they resell well since Yeezy is still being hyped up.
do i have a chance of copping a single pair without a bot?

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What are these?
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Fajitas phds
fila stam smizz

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Can sports jerseys ever be /fa/?
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As long as you know enough information about the player/team/sport you're wearing, yes.

And depending if the colors are just good.

I ordered a fake Jayson Werth jersey thats white and red so I could wear it with black pants or jeans or khakis...

it's all about color for the most part; don't pick a jersey scheme that is trash with most your clothes
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is this the best sneaker of all time
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Been thinking about getting a pair but I hear they squeak. Is that dependent on tongue length or what?
they squeak and it's because of the "leather" that is very poor quality. (i wouldn't even call it leather actually)

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What does he look like in 2016?
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Does he have AIDS
isn't there a version of this where it transitions into a girl
he posted a recent picture of himself in the thread you got this from you nonce

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I was worried my shoes are a bit bright.

Should I wear a belt or not?
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Belt matching your shoes. You look fine, probably better than every other schmuck that will be there
Do. Not. Wear. Brown. Shoes. With. Black. Suit.

Its navy. And its not quite as dark as it looks in the photo.

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What's some good femboy-core? Specifically looking for online store that specialize in feminine male clothing. I already know about omocat/inu inu etc.
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I mean you don't really need to explicitly dress feminine. It's all in the posture. Try to dress like a girl who's trying to dress like a boy.
Andrej Petrov or whatever, lookup where he shops. However it's probably expensive AF.
But I didn't come here because I have good advice. I came here because I am intrigued. I too would like to know shops but mainly...

What are peoples honest opinions about femboi's or femboi style?
Girls thoughts?
Guys thoughts?
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ugly biiitch

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I accidentally posted this on /fit/. Can someone explain to me what the big deal is?
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No big deal. They have fallen out of fashion and are only worn by fashion unconscious people nowadays. It is a faux pas, and base for outright dismissal. This, of course, may sound ridiculous and outrageous, and it may well appear so if one could afford a larger view, but this is /fa/ we're on and yes, we are that petty.
They just look fuckin gross, dog
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Surely they aren't that bad?!

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