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Do any peasants on here not buy their socks from Paul Smith?

You can always spot an in/fa/shionable poseur from their disregard for the all important sock game.
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>buy nice as fuck 70€ silky smooth socks for the first time in my life
>they feel so based it's like I'm walking on clouds all day
>work feels not as stressful anymore, feeling happier in general because I'm on my feet all day
>one day start beating my meat
>get curious
>use god's silky socks to beat it with
>cum like a maniac a few strokes in
>cum all over the socks, they're ruined
>can't get them clean anymore,too embarrased to bring socks with obvious cum stains to the cleaner
>throw them out in shame one day, never buying a new pair again in remembrance of my old love
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right now uniqlo is my go-to for socks
>not wearing norse projects bjarki socks
>sounding like a nigger quiting "sock game"
I mean, you should die just for wearing designer socks mate.

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new balanse
That is the signature Nike "N"
neebok roshe run 530 primeknit

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what is /fa/'s thoughts on corduroy? can corduroy pants be efffay?
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Just bought a black levis cord sherpa and love it.
Wouldn't wear cord pants though since my parents made me wear them as a child and I'm kinda traumatized
It's subjective.
How retarded are you?
Yes, i wear navy corduroy pants from AA and i love them

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>Made in Malaysia
Into the trash it goes

How is this considered acceptable for an expensive brand?
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>Made in Bangladesh
Into the trash it goes.

Might as well buy Zara.
You might as well. It's all shit anyway.
How are online shops like Proper Cloth?

Is there a European equivalent?

Are these German rappers /fa/?

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into the trash it goes.jpg
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Xatar yes. Hafti no. Put "platz ins geschäft" in youtube.I think you get a wrong image from this whole coup bullshit. Are you kurd btw?
I mean they mention Yohji Yamamoto and Issey Miyake

Motorcycles are the most /fa/ transportation

>look badass
>show off your fit
>get to wear a motorcycle jacket
>get to wear boots
>get to wear helmet
>fun as hell
>girls dig them
>faster than most cars

Prove me wrong
(You can't)
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Most drivers using cars are pretty aggressive towards those on motorcycles, so I'll pass for my own safety.
>show off your fit
people who think this, or even worse do this while owning one are idiots.
atgatt, all the gear, all the time. if you fall off in jeans or a bs leather jacket, youre fucked big time
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In the subway, you get to actually meet people if you are cheeky enough. You do not show provider behaviour. You keep your balls safe.
Moreover, you are only effay if the ones around you are not.

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Whats the most A E S T H E T I C reusable water bottle
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Not fashion. reported.

Eat a dick faggot, accessories are fashion
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This one

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Is Keepshooting.com any good? Their prices make me kinda suspicious.
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>wanting the meme bomber instead of the far superior parka

kys my man
It's out of stock senpai
first time browsing surplus store eh?

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Which one?
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slim wtf the rest is horrible and even slim is a bit to wide
5 0 1
501 bb

Help me /fa/, where to buy decent quality Cheap-mid range olive jacket?
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Answer me you faggots
Just get a delorean, go back to 2013 and every shop will sell this jacket. There's a reason no shop sells it anymore
my gf got me a nice, cheap olive parka from the mens section at forever 21. not very warm but if you layer it it gets the job done and looks nice.

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Is dyeing your hair grey /fa/?
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Maybe 5 years ago.
if you look good yes
grandma core

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Should I size up/down with Champion hoodies?
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fucking shreddd.jpg
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What you guys think of my style?
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i wanna break u ok
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fuck the haters.jpg
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Any better?

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who's the most effay artist and why is it sky ferreira?
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