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20k for this...
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Well, it's mink, so yeah...
What do you think how many animals had to die for this. Certainly at least 10, if not 20 or more if you look at how it's put together, notice the "stripes".

If somebody really, really wants a great quality, good fit, good looking and real mink coat, that person likely has lots of money to spend. It's niche fashion, at least this piece, and that kind of justifies the price.
op this is you:

>what do you mean a solid gold toilet costs $200,000???? it's just a toilet, you can get a toilet at ace hardware for $90

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Was Hitler effay?
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he's got his sock game together. his swag is mos def on deck.
What does edgy mean?

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Best way to get blood out of a shirt? Got into a fight last night pic related.
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Fucking keep it
Looks way better that way, at least you have an interesting story to tell when people ask
hydrogen peroxide
keep it

what video games are effay /fa?
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I would say Heavy Rain

Deus Ex : Human Revolution & Mankind Divided
>video games
pick one and only one

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Which logo is more effay
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left obviosuly
right without the writing
>muh minimalism

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why does /fa/ hate every girl that doesn't look anorexic? :-(
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We don't hate girls that are at a normal weight.

A normal weight should be at a healthy BMI.
anytime a girl posts a picture of herself with a seemingly normal body weight you all jump on her and tell them to lose weight and then maybe they'd look good.
this was tru 4 me when i posted

i'm a normal body weight :^(

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Is Daniel lopatin the only fat person to be /fa/?
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I wouldn't say he's any of those two things in particular
He hasn't been good since replica
What about Eccojams? Those were good.

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I'm about to start scoring gigs and I need a stage name. What are some effay names to name myself? I'm thinking something along the lines of a famous celebrity's name or the name of an 80s NBA star
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how are you scoring gigs if you dont even have a stage name
Try the wutang name generator

I got intelectual overlord, its eh. Already have a decent name tho
Dude McManbro
Chaz √úbercuck
Marty "Don't call me "McFly""McFly
Dick Lick
Rod Taker
Ash Pounder

how many surgery has she had? I spot 4.
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Youre looking at about 10 yrs of aging, she just gree into herself
hair, nose, jaw/chin, tits.
File: MTMyOTU3MDI1NzEyNzk1NjE4.jpg (115KB, 940x573px)Image search: [Google]
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It looks like she aged, lost weight and put on eyeliner that hides her mongoloid eyes.

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Do tucked tshirts without belts look bad?
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your legs and pants lool fricking weird
that looks absolutely retarded, please buy a proper pair of pants with a normal rise next time
>this is /fa/

What does /fa/ think of these converse? If not what is an inexpensive minimalistic dark coloured shoe?
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They look nice.
There a pair of converse. What else is there to say.
They make it look like you have skinny wiener feet

Vans or Janoski?
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File: ZDF1WX-HERO.jpg (9KB, 356x356px)Image search: [Google]
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Vans are for emo girls.
Janoskis look alot better in real life

Has that minimalist monochrome thing going. Plus they are better skateshoes too, good grip and boardfeel, suede material is better than vans. That being said theyre usually more expensive aswell

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Which one?
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both. left for sports and right for everyday life
It's like you hate actually enjoying albums or something.

But real what >>11768497 said. Shuffle is fine if you're working out and don't want to make a playlist/you load it up with just workout tracks.
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What are some good quality slim black pants.

>maybe even something like this
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I like this thread too, though I like my seat and thighs a little looser. Also do they they still make slim pants with stash pockets by yer cock?
Nothing, nobody has any suggestions?
As lame as it sounds, these slim chinos from ASOS were my favorite. They were lighter than average chinos but they didn't advertise them as lightweight. I bought them in '14 but they've since changed their fit/material :^[

Though, Unis Gios have a pretty good reputation

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why is there a big black guy behind her?
it would suck to basically have to put on a mask every morning to look good
people give her shit for being artificial but she looks good, better than most girls and a lot better than she used to look

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