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Let's talk about backdoors. Any of you have connections with retail store managers to get your hands on limited sneakers? I'm interested in getting into this since trying to cop online doesn't work.
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sneakers are for faggots.
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well what is for intelligent gentleman alpha males?

Ok, real question now. How to have hair like

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well holy shit
#I would go gay for Y O U N G S T A L I N
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Have thick hair, no poo ever, buzz hair and shape it from the start to get it to grow in desired direction, towel dry and shape damp hair. Result 1/2

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post some inspo / recent cops or where to get some dope sweaters

pic is related, from MKI.
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>tfw you live in SoCal and never have an opportunity to get sweater comfy

No point of having a comfy Reigning Champ sweater )':
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It's not even cold enough for a light sweater in ny. It's kind of shitty.
damn it must be nice living in america. that nice cold weather when christmas is around the corner. you're mum gives you a present and you get that warm feeling.

in aus it's too bloody hot to feel fucking grateful. cunts fucked.

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What happened to /ROG/ and the Japanese designers thread?
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they all stopped getting made because it was probably getting annoying having to come back to this board every day and seeing that there were either noone commenting in the threads or that the ones that were commenting were just trolls.

I actually miss the /ROG/ generals myself
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That's sad. There's way too much newfag fuccbois on the board now :, (

2012 - 13 was really the peak of /fa/
nope 2011 - 12 was man

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no colour in this thread mkay
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are girls effay when they smoke?
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tomboys yeah , girly chicks look weird doing it
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sludge skull.jpg
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Maybe anti-smoking propaganda has got to me, but any young women smoking looks trashy to me. Like no matter what they can't pull it off.
No, it's trashy. And trashy girls aren't effay no matter what /thinspo/ tells you.

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post oc cringe
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I should be able to look up irony and see this picture.
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How has your life changed now that you've become more fashionable or are on your way there?
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become more interested in music, art, and literature
confidence is much higher
people pay me more attention
people call me artsy/hipster now

the second two are eh but self confidence and the arts are cool

*last two
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Definitely more confident, caring about fashion also makes you care more about other things like hygiene, hobbies, cuisine, arts you know aesthetic things. But

>tfw no friends

Nobody I know cares about fashion and look disgusting and basically likes hobbies I don't give a flying fuck about like anime and online gaming(ie overwatch). This has basically caused a lot of social disconnect and loneliness. Also the only "fashionable people" here are Anti social social club hat, Supreme tees, skinny jeans and vans.

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>tfw swedish
>tfw every other immigrant and starts wearing acne, our legacy and norse projects along with stussy and jordans
>tfw from poor family and can barely afford weekday and h&m
it's not even fair, I've been looking for a decent job for a long time while blacks get payed only for showing up at nightclubs
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*just for showing up at nightclubs
what else are they supposed to spend their welfare checks on?
>tfw swedish 5'11 male
>tfw I'm a midget next to my 6'3+ friends
>tfw most girls are taller than me

>tfw I feel like I've improved my fashion sense but still dress like shit 99% of the time because I don't have the money to buy new shit and when I buy new stuff I regret it two weeks later

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post your inspo
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wow that's bad
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I'll post some rad inspo.

Let's all play nice and post rad inspo as well and keep the shitposting to a minimum, thx
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Post your favorite model male or female
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not sure who this guy is but he's beautiful
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Jon Kortajarena
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Similar skin tone helps visualizing clothes on me a lot easier and god-tier hair

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at what age do you think men and women stop looking good

men: 60+
women: 18-24

I think it's cool when I see an older man with a good fit, but it seems really sad when older women do it. why is that?
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gr8 b8 m8
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Not sure about women, but men, for damn long time

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ITT: Dickies/Skate Fashion/Whatever
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Post fashionable technology
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