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/Walking/ General

How do you walk, /fa/?

Is there a reason why female models have to put one foot in front of the other?
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this was just an excuse to post that webm. I approve
Guy here. I try to keep my posture alright and appear confident. I have noticed that people react differently when you have confident body language.

I'm still very insecure though, but I guess it helps a bit.
>notice cute girl looking at me
>start walking manually
How do I not do this?

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security check.jpg
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Hey /fa/, drawfag here. Post fits (yours or otherwise, so long as they're cool) and lemme see what I can do with them.
I need some drawing practice
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Here you go friend
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I'll give you a couple if you want, (straight from insta, my whole fit doesn't get included if I don't put in an extra image for some reason)
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2MB, 1564x1564px

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Mwwt thread. I need more pics of this god like figure.
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Kill yourself.
Kike nose
>inb4 /pol/ boogoeman
someone post it
you know the one

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Dumbass pants.jpg
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Genuine question I have, why is it 'fashionable' now to wear pants that are too small and don't cover your ankles? Am I the only one who feels this way?
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It's shit
just trendy right now, no one is making you do it or like it
Putting functional purposes aside (like keeping warm in winter), of course: who's to say the pants weren't "too large" before?

I think it looks clean and makes a nice break that you can do more with (e.g sock variety, bare ankles), plus you get a better view of the shoes. I think it's infinitely better than having your shoes swim in your pants - or even having a mild break.

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>Buy new pair of shoes
>They don't come with an extra set of laces
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>buy new shoes online
>it's a Chinese store so they take a literal month and a freaking half to arrive
>Track shipping every day because I can't wait for these sick cops
>Finally the day comes
>Watch the window out front like a dog waiting for its owner to come home
>I know I'm being stupid but I'm so excited I can't even function
>See the FedEx truck pull up out front and the deliveryman approach the entrance to my house
>Run to the entryway at sonic speed
>delivery guy knocks
>open the door
>get on the floor
>everybody walk the dinosaur
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>Buy some nice woven socks
>They put the tag in such a way that it fucks the sock up a bit when you remove it

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>buy new pair of sneakers
>they're comfy as fuck for a day or two
>start sliding around the shoe and feeling like I'm too retarded to walk in them because they're constructed badly

>buy new pair of leather boots
>they're pretty comfy and fit well
>walk them in
>they suddenly start rubbing your heel the wrong way and the middle of your foot starts cramping while wearing them

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Sock bread. Post em.
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W2c sox in my pic
been looking for these everywhere w2c as well
for running, work, and general comf, I wear Thorlos
when it gets chilly, I wear American Trench; they're well made and the guys are cool
my Days & Day Craft socks are all falling apart =(

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What's the difference between the 2 styles and where does tech wave fit into all of it?
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>fishtail parka with a Who patch
>Beatles haircut
>skellymode because of the amphatamines
that's a mod
Terrorwave incorporates 90's streetwear/sporty clothing with some military influence.

Military style is usually just sans the sportswear. It doesn't NEED tp be tacticool, and it probably shouldn't be

Techwave is a whole different thing with little similarity
Who gives a shit? It's all artificially created bullshit so people can say that they invented that "core" or that fucking "wave"

no fucking basis in reality

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I'm moving to Scandinavia for some strange reason
and I need to find a decent winter jacket that doesn't make me look like a complete pleb.
I've got a couple of rain coats and light summer jackets, but nothing to get me through winter.
Gimme some suggestions/inspo

pic kinda related
>girl I met last time I went
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le canada goose
consider alpha industries

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I must have it
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yeah me too
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This one too please
You can post Kanye wearing the same shirt, I won't judge

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I start College in Spring and was wondering whats acceptable to wear and what is not

What kinda footwear would you recommend?
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Pretty much everything is acceptable in college nobody gives a fuck
Even socks and sandals?
Most of the people there are gonna be in sweats or flipflops or some other lazy shit

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I just got these two jackets. I need to send one back. I like them both.Which one should I keep. :)
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Send both of them to the trash.
keep the left
Left, 100%

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I found two pairs of common projects at Goodwill today but they have these blue, likely denim, stains. how do I fix that?
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Holy shit
I know I literally shit myself. I also found an undercover shirt, leather pf flyers, and prime knit stans. there were hella brand new mall core shirts like the hundreds I think a store went out of business or unloaded their old shit.
sick, how much for each pair?

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ITT: we name the store we hate the most
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Torrid or any store for fat women
hallensteins brothers

Who was the most /fa/ US President?
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kennedy of course and i don't even like prep
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you fuccbois need to brush up on your presidential trivia

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