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I want to get a boot for the colder months, and I've narrowed down my decision to a pair of doc martens, and some Austrian surplus boots (pic related). I really like the surplus boots, but they're used, and docs would go with more outfits. Any advice?
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Cheaper alternative to these?
Are you asking if there's a cheaper alternative, or is that a suggestion?
Asking for an alternative, sorry haha

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>girl is wearing airforce ones or Jordan's
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Absolutamente asqueroso
>Ugg boots
>Yoga pants
>Oversized Highschool Leavers Hoodie

Can tote bags (on men) be /fa/?

Thinking about getting pic related, but ironically.

Should I get it? Are there other better/more ironic tote bags I should get instead? Or should I avoid tote bags altogether?
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why is this "ironic"?
I think tote bags look fine on men. And I think this tote bag looks fine as well
Gay and overplayed. Avoid at all cost.
what is ironic about npr

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I have to wear an eye patch, how do I wear it without looking like a goddamn tryhard cosplayer?
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write "i messed up" on it
just wear it and be yourself
OG Maco is rocking the shit out of his eyepatch. I feel like if you get one like Kurt Russell's you'll look like a comical pirate cosplayer but if you check Maco's instagram his has thick straps, a thinner profile, and straddles the line between looking "medical" and looking good

Either way you have to be confident about it you know? Cause you'll always have shitheads that say things like "I didn't know halloween came early this year" or something, no matter if you look like a tool or not

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Photo on 9-8-16 at 3.52 PM.jpg
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Model face or not? Any suggestions cosmetically?
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>Photo on 9-8-16

cant even catfish anonymously. just kill yourself at this point

thank you for your comments

w2c lamp

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Is it possible to be effay but also look like you can defend yourself?
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Uhm yeah but your picture is not one of those instances because he's neither "fa" and he doesn't look like he could last in any kind of a fight
god that's gay
seriously, it looks like I could snap his leg in two with a well placed kick. I'm pretty thin but fuck this is ridiculous

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Is having a weak chin really that bad?

Would you rather have an aesthetic face and a weak chin or a meh face and a strong, defined chin?
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>an aesthetic face and a weak chin
no such thing
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nick cave.jpg
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a weak chin sucks but it's not the end of the world

pic related
don't you think guy pearce looks good?

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>Fashion is only for slim people

Oh, really anon? Then take a look at THIS. I bet you're feeling pretty silly now, huh?
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wow really makes you think
wow I never knew
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I knew my feet busting out of my shoes like hot butter was always fashionable but now you confirmed it op! Thanks and god bless!

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You can now only wear Uniqlo and Uniqlo-related/collab clothes except for one specific item of your choice.

What do you buy, and why?
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a loaded handgun to shoot myself in the head
im 5'11 125lbs
ultra stretch chinos - theyre comphy af and you wont rip your crotch squatting. they fit amazing.

supima cotton tees- basic. the fit is perfect for tall people. not too short not too long. they dont shrink either. theyve been pre washed

low cut socks - theyre thick and pretty tight, lined with rubber on the heel so they wont slip off, perfect for wearing sneakers as low as classic vans. without showing the socks.

Airism briefs- your balls are literally gonna breath fresh air. no ass sweat.

bomber jacket- the construction quality is amazing. very affordable.

italian leather belts - smells like gucci

one specific item i wouldnt wear from uniqlo. - shoes, i love my asics.

ps. i work at uniqlo
(as a uniqlo emplyee anything)
>italian leather belts - smells like gucci
No they don't you retard. the quality isn't even comparable. H&m has "Italian made" belts too and they get all warped after a few uses.

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What type of nose do women prefer?
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The normal looking ones.
Button reporting in. we dem cuties!
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what is mine kike beak

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Is my hairline receding? More hair than usual fell off in the shower so I'm kinda panicking. I'm literally a fucking 26 year old man.
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Another pic
File: 1466639763281.png (1MB, 750x1334px)Image search: [Google]
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licherally a 26 year old man

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Post your DIY projects
Guys, how did I do?
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on feet
It looks kind of like you sprained your ankle and now you need a brace.
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absolutely fucking disgusting
it's the worst
Found you, nat

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Fall is right around the corner. Post your leather.

Talk about leather

Leather up

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I see guys wearing it and it's okay on them. They're not badass. They're just normal dudes wearing normal jackets that aren't even expensive.
I know instinctively that I could not pull it off, though.
Why is it so?
cuz u look like a bitch

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Are we still doing this?
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