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>Face gets itchy, red, breaks out and bumps and is uncomfortable if I go 1-4 days between shaves
>After 5+ days of not shaving face is just fine when I shave
>This happens no matter what kind of shaving cream/shaving soap and razor combo I use

Going 5+ days between shaves is generally inexcusable since I work in finance. Do you have any advice /fa/? Should I try some kind of preshave product? Is there something I should be putting on my face? Could aftershave save me?
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go through what you do when you shave
what's your routine
bumping for interest
ok do a hot shave
basically you gotta open up your pores so use a hot towel and let it sit on your face until it cools. then put shaving cream on. then do another hot towel. then put shaving cream on then shave with the grain everywhere never against the grain.

report back i guess

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seems unnecessary
just want to see what adults are wearing
then you're clearly in the wrong place

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What do "cool kids" wear in your cunt? In my country the boys wear
>moncler jacket/best or Barbour kilted jacket
>cable knit sweaters
>meme smiths or some kind of loafers
>hairstyle is medium long hair mid parted
>tucked in shirts under the sweaters
>pants that sit medium high on the waist, the ends usually cuffed or sit higher up

77% fail this quiz.
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I don't know I never go outside
>loose fits
>wide pants
>dark blue and off-white colours
>pale pink caps

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Been growing this shit since last December. How's it looking /fa/?
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Looks good, but get rid of the bush near your ear, looks pretty gross.
Cheers man, will do

does he make anything that doesn't look stupid and gay?
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no because he IS gay and stupid

>$100k+ (one hundred thousand+) for an ugly trash bag coat with fur
people will actually defend this
how does his wildly successful and influential brand make him stupid
sorry he doesnt make clothes for redneck white trash

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how do I achieve a non nu-male look?
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Go to Brooks Brothers and imagine you're trying to cosplay as Patrick Bateman. I know it's hard to get away from wearing Rick Owens black trash bags, but eventually you'll get it right.
the main things are the glasses and the hair

don't get glasses that make you look like a redditor

don't have facial hair if it doesn't look good

that's about it honestly

some clothing to watch out for is anything stereotypically masculine ie boots flannels etc, comes off as overcompensating
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literally me.jpg
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this is me btw

how im doing

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What lighter screams /fa/?
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Zippo lighters are always nice to have.
no theyre gay
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IMCO triplex.

Sleek but utilitarian look.

Fedoralords hate it because you can't do "SWEET ZIPPO TRYCKS" with them.

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Do you use deodorant AND cologne?

Or do oyu use some antitranspirant shit or nothing at all and ONLY the cologne?

Wut do?
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cologne is for smelly turks and indians as they need something to mask their foul smell

Im including everyhting here: cologne eu de toilette, cologne, whatever.

Point is. Do you wear it alone? Like a deodorant?
Deoderant because I don't want to sweat, not that I sweat a lot but just in case. And perfume/ cologne because I'd rather smell nice than nothing at all. My deoderant hardly has any fragrance to it

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socialist general
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>caring about the well-being of other people
that isn't effay, Karl.
holy shit he really could've been a model

Is it effay to be skinny /fa/?
>5'9" (175 cm)
>139 lbs (63 kg)

Sometimes I feel bad because everyone looks at me as if I had a terminal disease or as if I were on drugs, I go to the gym btw.
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you arent even that thin
girl reporting in. I find really skinny guys just as gross as fat guys. it doesn't look healthy and it feels gross to hug. sorry :s
>5'9" (175 cm)
>139 lbs (63 kg)


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Do you ever cop milsurp? show me your milsurp cops and discuss peices
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Great thread you bunch of faggots

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Between the death of /rog/, all of the awful shit posting going on, that idiot Eliza person pretending they're a girl, and the sudden influx of people who can't put a fit together I personally believe this board is on it's death bed if someone doesn't do anything soon. I think I remember someone posting a discussion like this about a week ago, but I'm sure nothing of worth came of it.

So lets open the discussion back up, what can the mods do to improve this board?

For starters I think more people should be getting banned for shit posting, I don't know if it's the mods just not doing their job or what the situation is but it just seems like there's an incredible influx of people that just want to derail and conversation that's going on and literally NO ONE is stopping this.

Being one of the "slower" moving boards, every single post that is counter productive and not taken care of is one more thread that pushes the board into the grave.
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amazing blog post can I have a link to your livejournal to subscribe for more
The user base here are 16-20 years old at average and it shows. Mods cannot "fix" this and there's no need to because /fa/ works for them.
t. 16 year old

Yeah I guess you're right it's without hope

Apartment General:
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is there any advantage of having a week chin?
or should I just end my life now?
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Cole Mohr has a weak chin
Didn't know my boi Leafy went on 4chan
File: Cb5S3V0UcAA97GP.png (298KB, 412x434px)Image search: [Google]
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You can become a YouTube celebrity

What's the most /fa/ form of transportation?

>inb4 geo trakker
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>inb4 geo trakker
u just answered your own question
Yeah, I mean. It is the official car of/fa/ you know.
Public rail. Private cars are annoying, bikes are for fags, buses are full of homeless people, planes are for Chinese people wearing Bose headphones.

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