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Bushacre 2 for $72 CAD shipped
Enjoy! :)
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Is it 2011 again?
Fuck you I love my Bushacre's
I got these in beeswax on Amazon for around the same price. Looks good with anything, wouldn't want to walk all day in them though.

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supreme wallpaper 2.png
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I'd probably get a hoodie if they weren't stigmatized at this point. They look so comfy I've never worn one. I recently copped this tee.
14 year old core

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What is /fa/'s the general consensus on Gant? I'm having a hard time pinpointing what exactly they are about and how effay they are. Just another generic mid tier brand?
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Gant rugger used to do some decent stuff. Haven't really check them out in a while though so they may have gone to shit.
I have three sweaters and a jacket from them and for the price the quality isn't really what it should be, noticed after I bought the stuff that on my cable knit sweater the sleeve on one side was longer than the other side, the jacket's material (which was too cheap to justify the price of the jacket) got "wrinkles" and insulation threads popped out of the jacket leaving tufts that got bigger when pulling on them so I had to use a scissor and get a "close cut" so they weren't noticeable. The sewing on the jacket (it's a quilted jacket) was somewhat poor, threads are loose now. Don't even look at the jeans they were piss poor quality in the store, abhorrent sewing.

They can charge what they want because all the swedish middle class kids see it as the ultimate prep brand so they'll pay anything to approach le yale lifestyle.
It's safe clothing though that makes you look a bit more chad, in the sense that it's simple traditional design that looks good and somewhat professional to even those who don't care about clothing.
Wouldn't buy it at full price, that's getting scammed
Essentially European Tommy Hilfiger. Entry level "luxury" clothing

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hair rainbow.jpg
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Yo /fa/ I was thinking about getting something like this done but I'm fairly worried about the judgement I might get? What do you guys think?

Also are there any products you would recommend that could help me get my hair to have that sort of defined look that he has?
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I'd probably look at you and be like 'what a faggot' but still think it looks cool
id recommend bleach as a first step. just pour yourself a big ol' cup and down that fucker
I think I'd have to ask you about the pronoun you want to be adressed with before talking to you

w2c something similar to pic related
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s p o o k y
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Im so fucking done with this bs /fa/. Whenever I go to the barber and he does my hair in the end he applies wax to my hair and it looks fuckig gorgeous. Afyer 2 days I apply my own wax and it literally looks like shit and doesnt feel legit at all. The hair doesnt feel "dry" like its supposed to feel and the MOST annoying part is that whenever I go out and here is wind it ruins my fucking hair cut and I have to hold my hair with my hand like autist when I walk. How to solve this issue once and for all?
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What kind of haircut do you have? Do you have thick or thin hair? How long is it?
So instead of telling this to your barber and asking for his process you decided to whine about it on an anime image board?
I have no problem of how doing I have prpblem with the wax itself.

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sup /fa/ need new music so post whatever you're currently listen too and anything that has effay feels

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sticky fingers are shit blokes




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What kinda haircut is this /fa/? Saw at work yesterday which is usually full of chavs working there so shit like this is not as rare as you might think
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Longer will be better.
You go to the barber and tell him: "OI YA FOOKIN DICKHEAD JUST FUCKING CUT MY HAIR"
It's called "The Pac Man".

>you're cute
>he's so cute
>you always wear such nice clothes
>where do you get your clothes? they're nice

all these compliments, yet still no gf.
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Black men are taking all of our women, so it's understandable anon.
>mfw I got cucked by a black man with a giant cock
>mfw I still live with my beautiful nymph girlfriend
>mfw I still watch her get fucked by different black men every weekend
t. fat black beta with 5" pecker
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>get compliment from grill
>most of them are in couple with friend of mine
>i'm too late to party
>i'm too late to get laid
>Don't have the choise to live without the 4chan's feel aka : >tfw when no gf
>Beeing a 7.5/10
>Become that tall edgy dark-haired dude
>Wait for her

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Been looking for a hoodie for a month. Post your best
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Considering that you're poor, just grab a gildan
American Giant
The Strike Gold
Flint & Tinder
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>tfw I've taken the red pill of fashion and all I can see is terrible fits everywhere I go.
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You're no better than anyone else faggot
$100 says yours is worse

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Do Jim cavaricci high waisted pants hold up today ?
I bought a pair out of impulse like pic related in the centre and I'm not sure how to pull it off
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one leg at a time
>Do Jim cavaricci high waisted pants hold up today ?
probably but wear a belt just in case
Sure they'll still hold up today but you really shouldn't wear your pants that long. There's a reason they won't pull off you crusty motherfucker.

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Man, I know I'm way too late in asking this, but Simons is pronounced like "persimmons" and not like "Simon Says", right?
Also Raf thread because why not
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File: 1463403655329.jpg (2MB, 2163x1553px)Image search: [Google]
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yes its like persimmon
have this cool video
Predictions for next season? I feel like Raf is gonna star for CK but his mainline will continue just being ok.
lol no, it's like Simon Says.
how long did you mispronounce it?

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/fa/ choose one
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bottom right
bottom left

fuck you
no need to be rude, just liked the way the texture of the leather looked, bottom left would probably be easier to pull off though

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anything similar to these? running shoe general, i guess if you please
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those look like a rip off of ACG trainerendors without the strap
Huaraches are pretty similar
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Anyone else have these? I've got two pairs on the way from a seller in Boston. I just can't believe I managed to get them for $750

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