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>tfw your cheapest fit is more /fa/ than your most expensive one
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>tfw own multiple €120> jeans
>only wear my €30 H&M jeans
>finally got my shit together and bought achilles
>gon b smart and follow /fa/s advice and size down
>guy in store says the same
>uncomfortable as fuck while breaking in
>now deformed as all hell bc a size too small
why even live
Try buying $800 shoes two sizes too big and having to sell them for <half the price

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Is My dad N E X T L V L?
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hes actually flaming for his age
i bet your dad could pull more pussy than you 11 out of 10 times. Ask him to shop for you and you will have the most solid midwest core style on the block.
t.b.h he made me so He does get more pussy than me

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thoughts on fit
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basic but it works
ty that's pretty much the exact response I was hoping for
basic but good
i would tuck the shirt btw but thats my taste

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Is it possible for an African American to pull off having straight hair. Being black, this has interested me for awhile. Thoughts?
>Pic is me
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oh boy
File: IMG-20161111-WA0015.jpg (24KB, 578x324px)Image search: [Google]
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of course man, it took me a while to transition but here's my current Haur. Ever since I got straight hair girls have been complimenting me 100x more

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w2c please my ダチ
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the fuccboi store
what the heck dude
most of the stuff in that vid is from here

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Is Laura Powers, off that one Simpsons episode effay?

Also where can I get a jacket like that?
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If you don't know where to get an od parka, or how to dress like a basic fuccboi, you may need to revisit your choices.
Mean and rude
lindsay weir

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What colors do you normally wear?
Either way they seem pretty universal.
my clothes are mostly monochrome black and white with splashes of red and light wash
Peach is really cute. What are you planning on wearing it with?

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I got a pair of the 350 V2s retail but I cannot think of any fits that wouldn't be complete /r/streetwear trash or fuccboi supreme shit. What are some good fits that incorporate yeezys? No new money Asian exchange student shit, just decent fits
>inb4 hype niggerlover
I think the 350s look kind of cool even with the connotations and were only like 200 dollars so if I can't pull them off ill just sell them
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Dude just wear them like you would Roshes or Pure Boosts; with fucking anything.
oh boy am I laffin you really got me with that zinger

I was thinking of wearing some more nxtlvl fits, like yohji/Julius shit, maybe some lunarcore but I don't know if it would work

I'm thinking of getting into collecting pins of things that I like. What's the best way to display them on me instead of shutting them away in a room?

I was considering either fastening them to my backpack or using one of my older army style jackets and start pinning them to the breast pocket area
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w2c pins
I have a cloth that I received for my birthday that I'm going to store mine on. I'll blu-tac it to the wall or something like that. I don't want to damage my clothes too much though so I'll just be using mine on a couple of items.
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congrats: you chose an expensive hobby
most people don't care about your pins, I like the ones on my bag a lot but nobody gives a shit lol
hard to find Patagonia pin from when they were selling Baggus, v cool Bioworkz pin, and an official/unofficial Bonnaroo 2016 pin that I got at Riot Fest
I want this one though...thinking of buying it

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I'm /fit/ but I want to show off being athletic and big without just wearing basics. I particularly like the kind of clothes in pic related, i.e. 80s style collegiate sports clothing. Is there a specific name for that style?
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wtf reply to me you faggots

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cop or not?
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hearing impaired police officer
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im coping this, and it includes sick headphones to match
You sly bastard

what are you planning on buying for black friday/cyber monday?
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clothes i guess
i aint buing shit smd
Spent $1200 on pc components yesterday. Probably going to spend $1k on coats/jackets in the coming week.

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Bought some boots and noticed this blemish as well as two really small light coloured ones elsewhere, Return them or stop being so fussy and just give them a bit of a polish?
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Id return them
Is anyone aware of what could have happened, They look like brush marks and the leather looks dry
Probably scratched against something, happened to mine once, on a revolving door, fucked them right up. It won't get worse but it won't get better either.


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Where can I get a quality straight razor /fa/? I want to get one and an willing to spend a fair amount on one that will last a long time.
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And they are maymays.
I own the one you posted (hart steel colab with basecampX) and it's pretty solid.
You need to know how to work a wetstone and a strop to keep it in working order (not to mention knowing how to work the straight razor itself which requires some time).
Definitely more effay than gaudy plastic disposable Gillette shit.
I shave about twice a week so the 15 min shave ritual doesn't take too much away and I've learned a thing or two about maintaining leather and quality blades.

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I just want to find a nice white sneaker/tennis shoe whatever that will hold up, is comfortable, and looks nice! Looking for recommendations (I am also a women's 10/men's 8-8.5 which is a bother when it comes to finding shoes) My preference is no gum sole but like anyone on a similar quest can contribute with their ideal kicks =+)
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If anyone can ID any of the shit I put here it would also b really appreciated

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