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What type of headwear should i be looking for if I don't want to look like either an autist (fedoras, trilbys, etc.) or a manchild (bucket hats, snapbacks)?
I don't like how my hair looks (wispy and thin) and I'm probably going to start balding soon so I want to make the best of my situation.
My usual "style" is pretty basic: dark jeans, crew neck with t-shirt, black Stan Smiths.
I don't usually visit this board so I'm sorry if it's a stupid question but I'd be thankful for any advice.
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>Stan Smiths
you're already a fedora
might as well go whole hog at this point
Really? What would you recommend as an option?

He's shitposting.

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Winter Aesthetic Rate
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looks like you gon b cold af
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Come on now /fa/ judge me in the most objective way possible. I'm new to fashion and mostly a /fit/ fag.
I'm from South Florida

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How do I dress like a Republican?
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Buy exclusively from the mark down bin at Brooks Brothers and Eddie Bauer.
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Mossy oak.

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Opinions on Flannels shirts?

Are they just hipster fuel?
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Rolled sleeves or?
just avoid the lumberjack colorway
Ask yourself this question in regards to hooded sweatshirts.

Do you see how stupid it sounds.

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tucking shirt thread go
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>take shirt
>put in pant
what's there to discuss?
you shouldnt tuck a t shirt

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do you even check VFiles
you wouldn't have had to start this thread if you knew how ludicrous fashion is at every moment in time
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what are some effay magazines?
pic unrelated
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been wanting to buy this, looks p neat

"vanguards spotlights scotland’s design and manufacturing heritage"


I'm looking for a nice gold (plated) watch. I got 1k to spend but would like to only spend about 200-600 unless I really love the watch. I'm wearing this one now, not because its expensive it just looks ill.. Halp me
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Don't get a gold watch for under 1k, it'll look ridiculous. Just get a steel watch with some gold accents
Here is your reply

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cool fuck.jpg
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So, now that there's a Rep president and the trends that started in 2008 are about to end, what are the next big things? Normally, you can make a prediction by watching how the super-cool kids in NY and LA dress.
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or go on fucking WGSN or L:SN Global to read actual trend forecasts, pleb
Trend forecasts by trend spotters are usually shit. Only those made by actualy psychologists are good, but they're few.
prep/mainstream looks and on the other end of the spectrum late 90's skater looks: baggy button downs worn unbuttoned with tees underneath, loose jeans.

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Innawoods edition

How would you dress in a functional but respectable way for those times where you gotta go out there and operate?
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Have at it.
If you don't Link boots,jacket And knife your a Dark-skinned nigger
And bag

Can we get a nose thread
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>tfw shitskin asian with a nordic nose
who'd you fuck, gramma?
Anglo Saxon here
>tfw mexican with negro nose

I suppose there are worse things

show us what you got
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worst colorway of these imo

they just look like the shoes any given fast food employee has to wear, or like some geriatric shit
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Come again?
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Tce cycle continues, now the current is getting to 300

r8 thread
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Hey, I like it

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What do wear on a first date? More casual like a hoodie or something more classy like polo+crewneck?
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it doesn't fucking matter you moron
whatever you normally wear
you aren't going to impress anyone with clothing
if you won't impress anyone with clothes why are you on a fashion board?
Do you seriously think fashion revolves around impressing others, just leave

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Anyone know where to cop this shirt? I google searched the name already but I can't find anything.
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Please don't say "c*p" as it may trigger some of the PoC who are unduly victimized and killed by our white supremacist "criminal justice" (more like KKKriminal injustice) system.
Please don't turn my thread to trash already, I genuinely want to know where to get this shirt.
So this is YOUR thread?

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