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best white leather hi tops for less than one fiddy?

pic unrelated
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Post your buzzcuts and buzzcuts inspo
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Buzz cut are great imo, I just went from shoulder length to this and already reaping the benefits
this is the pic they will use on the news when you beat your girlfriend to death and take off


please don't shoot up your school man

don't do it

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How does one acquire a more masculine face /fa/ ?
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lose weight
chew gum
proper facial hair
chin implants if you're desperate
>tfw you will never have nice big bushy eyebrows
go to lookism dot net

How can I hide my extremely weak and pathetic hands and wrists during summer time?

Is wearing gloves in summer retarded (I'm a male)?

Should I just become a biker?
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How does someone have extremely weak and pathetic hands?
Genes. My hands and wrists are extremely feminine (e.g. thin as fuck)

Ahhh ok. Well if I saw someone wearing gloves in summer I'd presume that they had some sort of skin disease. If you're worrying about your hands and wrists being too "feminine" then you have a hundred less issues than most people have with themselves.

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What does /fa/ wear to the beach?
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/fa/ is too insecure to go to the beach
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Thoughts on the new Adidas drop?
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Bouta cop, this shit flames senpai.
Not only profanity disgusting on clothes, the animegirl will just confirm what others already think about you....weird

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Is Peter Badenhop the sexiest man alive? Freckles, tall, muscular, perfect genetics, dark hair and pale skin... It's indisputable!
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More proof.

it's past your bedtime Peter
I fucking wish... I have the height, muscle, and some of the genetics but he's just perfect...

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As well all know, this forum is long dead. ITT recommend refuges for particular tastes. Where to migrate to, and what to expect there?

Personally, I am looking for a place which embraces academic and military trad/dadcore. Ideas?
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you're not going to find a board that talks about trad, man
the watered down "menswear" conversations here and on reddit are embarrassing
and fedora lounge is laughable with their glorification of dressing like 30s gangsters
If there's greener pastures, the people who browse that won't be on here anymore.

You're asking the wrong people.

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hi /fa/

do you have a fit you wear when you just wanna stunt at the club or wherever?

something you wear to make an ex gf/bf jealous or when you just wanna show off?

need some inspo
pic may or may not be related
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Who is that girl
This is pathetic.
>to make an ex gf/bf jealous


>tfw smoking is literally the most /fa/ thing you can do but it's terrible for your health
it kills me inside senpai, anyone looks 100% cooler while smoking but it's not worth it
>ages you like shit
>you smell like shit
>fucks your teeth up
>fucks your lungs up
>fucks your voice up
if only they made electronic cigarettes that were indistinguishable from actual cigarettes...
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>... smoking is literally the most /fa/ thing you can do...


a cigarette or two won't hurt. i do it occasionally in social situations.
smoking is only fa if the person smoking it is fa

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Bought these but I really don't have any ideas what to wear them with. Could anybody send me some fitpics please? Tia
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Idk. Dont have any fitpics. Maybe somebody else has some inspo
where do I buy these and what's a good price?

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Anything from fits to art
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is that the gay dude from iceage
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bumping this
gotta bump this
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Cop or not this used nigel cabourn jacket?

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>tfw wearing size 32 jeans
>tfw i will be fat forever
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bitch i'm 33 and slim what are you like 4'8"
>33 waist
There's no way you're not a tubby in denial
I want to be slim so bad, I don't even eat like a retard and I do sports 4 times a week, why is the process so slow.

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