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How to clean your head when /nopoo/? After a couple days dead skin builds up on my scalp and if I scratch my head I scrape off a bunch of shit and it gets stuck under my fingernails. Is it even possible?
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No Poo is a meme
Use shampoo
>he fell for it

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Childhood is idolizing Nike.

Adulthood is realizing Adidas makes more sense.
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Those Adidas suck and also I disagree I roll with x2 Adidas and x2 Nike fuccboi
this pic makes me want ultraboosts, never seen them in person but they look damn sexy here
Nike is pretty much dead.

Lets say you hypothetically you saw two watches that you like the same. One is one of the cheapest if not the cheapest Rolex available, the other is from other guys (but not as "prestigious"as Rolex or..dunno..Omega), but instead of being the cheapest from the family like the Rolex one this one is actually kinda high in the charts in this company portfolio.

What would you choose? Like i said, we assume you like both the same.
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why the FUCK do you care
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Too much free time today. Tho there is a mindset with a lot of people that will not buy the known cheapest product of a popular brand (Jordans or any other shit that is "in") because it would make them look pretentious
it's a good point tho, i'd never go for the cheapest of a brand

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Tattoos are only acceptable on rugged sailors
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Il do what I want pussy!

>walking down the street
>black guy compliments my jacket
>doesn't try and rob me

Is there anything more satisfying?
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getting a (you)
Very true, that's why I made this thread
>Is there anything more satisfying?
Getting complimented by a woman of a race other than your own is the best feel.

Apparently Victoria's secret is that she's a weeaboo
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no self-respecting weeb gives a shit about Evaguloin
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>how to trigger 4chan 101
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>self-respecting weeb

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W2C this shirt?
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and also w2c the sweater

I hate cuckcore
What the fuck is a flecktarn doing in this fit, it doesn't suit the rest of the outfit at all

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What kind of suit looks the best for an average/good looking guy in your opinion? No, I'm not fat.

Also suit thread in general
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A fucking suit, dummy
What kind of, retard
File: 504494787_1_SetFullFront.jpg (75KB, 700x1122px)Image search: [Google]
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classic cut 6 drop suit
either navy,grey or charcoal

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ITT /fa/ approved fashion shops
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why? zara have good quality&nice stuff

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I think that bikinis show far too much skin and are rather tasteless, especially because they aren't really practical for swimming, which is what you'd think a swimsuit's top priority would be. Seeing prepubescent kids in bikinis makes me cringe. Do you agree?
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Considering less fabrique more confort, if were a girl i would only wear bikinis.
But would you wear them in public, to family swimming pools and all? I mean you're almost naked.
Whenever i can i'm only wear underwear and shorts so i guess i would.

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>Where to buy reps?
Taobao, aliexpress,dhgate, chinese website like urbantees.ru

>Where do I find high quality products+ reviews?

>Where do I find links of the products I'm looking for?
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some things im getting

Raf denim shirts

sherpa hoodie, apparently super comfy for the price

Paccbet hoodie

vetememes hoodie, only getting because apparently they're 1:1

a bunch of UC shirts fro this store

zip sweatpants

My dude those zip sweatpants look gay as fuck
I wish there was a Rassvet hoodie without the text.

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What's the consensus on Express, specifically their jeans? How does their sizing compare to other jean brands like Levi's? Are the jeans worth the money or are they just hype?

Thanks in advance.
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Overpriced garbage

Used to wear in high school. Cut them all up into Jean shorts
>Overpriced garbage
Why though
$80 plastic bags on your legs.

Even walmart would do you better

Thoughts on this kind of clothing?
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looks cheap and ugly. pic related is better patchwork clothing.
>looks cheap and ugly


looks like a fast fashion version of greg lauren

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Any sneakers head here? I won a raffle to purchase one of these. I'm not a sneakerhead. And I know about the whole sneaker resell. Are these worth picking up and reselling? How can I sell my winning raffle ticket?

I posted here since a lot of /fit/ people tend to be sneakerheads
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Pick them up and sell them to me. They're only worth £50 more than the retail price.
I'll buy them for 100 over what you pay, that's the best deal you'll get
Fuck off, bruv. I asked him to sell them to me.

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A new worldwide law is passed. Purchasing any pair of shoes, article of clothing, or accessory with the intent to resell is now punishable by death.

How does the industry change? Do brands like Supreme and Yeezy survive?
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Holy shit for real?
>yfw the resellers go underground and create speak-yeezys
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