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I will start off with Nao
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im starting to see this in lots of places
whats this stuff
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Choker. 90s nostalgia
Turns me on, bad.

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Got my first tattoo done today, really happy with how it turned out
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Fucking sick
anatomy is a but fucked up
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had to get with the cause

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so. uhm.

you know like. it doesnt matter what you wear. good looking people look good in anything
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yeah, so, uhm.. what do you wear?
>wearing clothes purely for looks instead of appreciating fashion as a creative hobby
Does anything even matter? Is life real?

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What are some good websites or stores that sell good jeans?
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I like the following denim brands:

>acne (fit me well)
>Saint Laurent

That's pretty much the only denim brands that I like.

Buy from grailed because you can usually get next to new pieces for 50-75% retail because people purchased, wore a few times, then decided they didn't like them
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I haven't worn jeans in years ever since I converted to trousers
what kind of trousers

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w2c thread
where to cop
old one at 300k
w2c this jean jacket
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w2c thin stripe black n white long sleeve. dont wanna pay rape

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Anyone know where I can find this jacket? Or know what its called?
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My guess is a gook clothing company
nba chicago bulls
Must be something from Aliexpress/Taobao. They don't make Bulls jackets like that currently, and it looks too modern to be a vintage piece from before the internet.

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this looks like shit
>wont get rid of their logo
>revolve the design the shoe around the logo
this is why nike will fall, because they're stubborn
this, i love the presto design but i don't see why they needed another logo on the toebox

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Even the God of techwear online has abandoned the aesthetic:


Sell off your tryhard Acrnoym and Veilance crap before you get stuck with unsellable $1,500 jackets, guys.
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it's too early for techwear desu

wait until the glorious year of 2060 where western civilization is now a cyberpunk dystopia
Yes, unload all your expensive pieces on grailed so s/I can buy them at dirt cheap prices/ you don't get caught holding expensive pieces of fabric

Fuck off retard
who is this faggot and why should i care?
Hugh is the current god of techwear, not some faggot on reddit.

Techwear is use of technical materials and fabrics. It has it's own divisions, techninja shit like ACRNM and normal shit like Outlier.

The biggest issue with it is the paywall to get even basic shit (looking at you outlier).
Hugh's stuff (and the like) is meant to be an equal ground of form and function. Not something that is form over function (defeating the purpose of techwear in general) or function over form (where you end up with cheapshit like frog toggs or columbia).

If anything, its spread is techware slowly becoming a new norm.

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LAST THREAD >>11925370

BBC perfume documentary (part 1 of 3):
general info
various fragrance communities/review sites/blogs
w2c samples
on DIY fragrances
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If you want recs, provide as many criteria as possible: including sex, price range, seasons/weather, occasions, other frags/notes/accords you like/dislike, special conditions i.e. can easily be found in mall department stores, other ephemera i.e. personal style/aura you want to project, etc...
What fragrance should I buy for my gf?

>never worn fragrance before afaik
>reserved but matter-of-fact personality
>in her mid 20s
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it's beginning to get cold out. post what you wear to feel less cold.

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Is this man the definitive worst model for a major fashion retailer?
He literally looks awkward af in every picture he's in and he's not even attractive, what the fuck
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Why lazy oaf
He looks so bad
why do you care so much?

are these meme shoes?
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protip I was going to wear them like this
all black converses are reserved for people within 12-15 years old

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ID on these jeans?
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That brand doesnt make jeans
>tfw 6.2 inches
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>mfw 6.5

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>tfw used to have beautiful straight hair as a kid
>tfw puberty cucked my hair and it became wavy impure negro hair
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>tfw straight hair
>wish I had nice surfer curly hair
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>tfw burned an alpaca Lanvin knittie (and other belongings) last year because of panic attack
>tfw acquire magnificent cigarette trousers which would have made the perfect fit with said wool piece
>tfw loss feels frustratingly enjoyable somehow
>tfw confused and bitter-sweet

What is the difference between selvedge and just regular jeans?

Also would I be better off buying some nudie jeans which aren't selvedge denim, or go with a different brand which is selvedge? I don't really want to be spending over $100 (£80 im a brit) on jeans, anyone got some recommendations?
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Well they use a more expensive looming machine. Plus they always look better, colorwise. Nudie is a bit overpriced. Go with APC if you really want to try raws

>I don't really want to be spending over $100
Then don't
it's woven on a smaller loom, making the fabric a bit tighter, and the use of the selvage reinforces the seam
theoretically, it's a better fabric, but that isn't an absolute

if you don't see value in selvage above that price point, then there isn't
I googled APC jeans, they're all £130+, the nudie jeans i was looking at were on sale and were £60 ish

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