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Are wigs /fa/? More specifically long ones, but I couldn't find a picture of a man wearing one.
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Wtf is that real? JUST
Holy fuck this nigga's 41, look at him. he looks like fucking 20

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Fashion Icon Thread
pic very related
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he penis sad
I hate this guy so much. I think he's ugly but I also think he looks like me. So it's like watching videos of me dressing like shit, having a stupid haircut, and doing cringe stuff. Feels bad man.
i want to push him over the rails

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Rate my outfit
Be gentle i have no fashion sense

Outfit rate thread!
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Go outside
Thats what i did about 30secs after the picture?
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I'm a girl with a bad ankle looking for a comfortable boot that isn't heeled, has solid ankle and arch support, and is yet still stylish.

Can /fa/ help me?
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File: oN8GVM5.jpg (63KB, 625x435px)Image search: [Google]
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yes, palladiums
I have a pair of Palladium baggy leathers and I love them to death. A lovely boot, and very comfortable

Size down

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w2c franku's jacket?
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The reward tiers of a kickstarter project for a new game controller that will "change the game forever"
Man, Jon dresses like shit
He's on that Target Mossimo lifestyle

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Could I get thoughts on this outfit?

Bomber and jeans are Zara and boots are ASOS
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you are missing facial hair and you are kys material
You're dressed like an arab fuckboy that loves a night out in the westend of London

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Oneplus Backpack any good?
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no because you're advertising a phone company.
lol absolutly not
File: oneplus-bullet-v2-white-840.png (94KB, 840x840px)Image search: [Google]
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Looks as great as 1+'s other designs, which are AAA grade for an Android phone manufacturer.

give me your non-red pilled opionon of h&m
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Cheap trash, unfulfilling.
dont buy it
quad dubs

>everyone in the world loves jawlines
>my face is a perfect oval with no such definition

Am I doomed to be unaesthetic forever?
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take hormones before it's too late.

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how do I cop the V A P O R W A V E aesthetic?
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File: Yung Lean.jpg (57KB, 960x510px)Image search: [Google]
Yung Lean.jpg
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dont, because its a shit meme from like 3 years go and everyone will think you look like an idiot

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what should i wear to court?
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Suck my big stinky pacific islander dick
A suit, stupid.
Orange coverall

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club collar.jpg
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w2c club/round/golf collared shirts for men on the low?

i really just wanna get one for layering with sweaters and cut the cuffs off.
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File: IMG_8908.png (1MB, 750x1334px)Image search: [Google]
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alternatively, where can i find a casual club collar shirt like this for men
im literally about to just buy one of these
File: Capture+_2016-11-25-15-02-41.png (3MB, 1343x1811px)Image search: [Google]
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Bump to the highest order

File: IMAG0144.jpg (806KB, 1520x2688px)Image search: [Google]
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I've got a smart casual event coming up and have to smarten up from my usual slackerwear

Does /fa/ approve?
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File: IMG-20161125-WA0005.jpg (701KB, 1520x2688px)Image search: [Google]
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Picture was a bit dark
This ones brighter
Just awful

Do yall think ian Connor is iconic?
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hes a dirty ol boy who needs to stop raping women
i mean yeah if you dont think he is youre:
1) jealous (lol)
2) wish you could do what he does for a living
or 3) just following the 'hype' in hating him
this man literally fucked vlone in its ass, and i promise u vlone resale prices are gonna go down like shit in the next few weeks

if he raped those girls then yeah thats disgusting, etc., but if he didnt then whatever

he says stupid shit sure but if you are going to tell me he isnt top 3 iconic [at this very moment] figures in fashion then youre delusional
Wannabe Cory Feldman

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How do I explain to a family member that sneakerfags are uncool and it is not a legitimate fashion interest to fetishize overpriced sweatshop tier footwear?
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Are you really this pessimistic that some people have a hobby of collecting rare sneakers?

Or did you just strike out on the new Yeezy or Jordan shoes and now you're just really salty?
how about you let people do what the fuck they want instead of projecting your own insecurities onto other's hobbies

>how to I tell a family member how uncool someone else's hobby is

are you 14 years old?
It's not a hobby

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