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What's the oldest piece of clothing you actively wear? How old?

For me it's my granpa's sheepskin hat. About 40 years old.
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Surplus First Gen OG-107 shirt that I thrifted and wear as a light jacket. Don't know the exact age but it ceased production in 63 so definitely more than 50 years. A close second is some boots from 69 I got at the same store. Weird to think I'm wearing clothes older than my mom.
bump, this is an interesting topic.
I have an authentic soviet watch, not sure of the exact year but I think it's neat.
I wear a watch from about 1930. It belonged to my Great Grandfather

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there was a thread not a while back about this style where i posted about having a book dedicated to that era and i forgot to reply with the book so any way for those interested here it is

i'll post some pics from it that i got off google images
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What the FUCK do I do about my crooked teeth and gap?

I look really good except for my crooked teeth that my dentist and parents never let me fix. Now I'm 20 and in uni (Europe) and I don't have much money but I realize my teeth are really holding me back.

I'm considering dropping out and working for a year while wearing braces to fix my teeth.

Is there any other way?

(Pic is not my teeth but they look similar but mine are not quite as bad)
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you really think youll find some silver bullet solution that you havent been told before?

orthodontics. thats it. you didnt need to make a thread for this op.
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please, for the love of god, don't try to fix it
get braces, people who say you look childish are immature.
what's more important to you, what other people think of you or what you think of you?
Also don't drop out, just finish and by the time you're done you'll not only have a degree but also straight teeth

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whats the *fucking* password senpai
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alprazolam or Fluoxetine
i-it worked

what now
well it didnt ask me for one

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Anyone know any RIDICULOUS good deals online right now? Even if it's socks or something - anything really good, post here
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Bumping for interest
we have a sales thread going already

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Could we get a Canadian deals thread going?

I haven't found shit
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>walking through the Canadian bathroom
>see this guy giving you the finger
>wat do
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Great fucking thread, dude.
tell him to stop posting and that he is fat
daily reminder:

hide all dangies threads

ignore all dangies posts

do not reply to dangies posters

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Was Emiliano Zapata fa?
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He was, number one on the Ejercito Zapatista
But the number one effay was Porfirio Diaz
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effay as fuck
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where can I find a brand for outerwear like billy reid
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check out blue harbour
no other recs? I thought this was /fa/
Ralph Lauren
looked through the site....everything is too expensive

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What are some conservative yet stylish ways for females to dress?
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midi skirts, social trousers mixd up with cool shoes and tees

Burqas, Hijabs

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are you guys waiting for black friday?
What online shops will you cop in ?
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what are some cool sites that are having black friday deals that use shopify? have a $500 shopify 'store' credit that allows me to use it on a site that has shopify checkout

also if they arent doing black friday deals still list those sites
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Just online copped these bad boys
>not New Balance

Kill yourself goy

Post some nice fucking shirts
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you first OP
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You know, I bet that shirt looks half decent in realistic lighting and on somebody that doesn't look like a massive faggot.
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T U M B L R__T H R E A D

What's your tumblrs?


fashion inspired
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Will follow back if you got dank stuff
Will follow back if cool
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Let's see some. Point out if you own one of the cars posted in the thread too.
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Tfw a car will never make me as effay as misato
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pick one

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is Mac Demarco /fa/ ?
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no kill yourself if you idolize this hack.
why do you hate him so much?

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