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Is military-chic a thing?
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that pic could not get any more 2012 menswear

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i've had this old denim & supply ralph lauren cardigan that i bought at a charity shop for £3 but was wondering what they originally go for. are there any sites that i could ask
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Probably not much lol, denim and jean lines of brands arealways cheaper than the originals. RL is already cheap by itself so I assume this won't be more than 50$
Duuude 3bux at the charity shop you can totally sell that 30000 it's RALPH LAUREN
Like most lower mid and below tier clothing, it's resale value is next to nothing. It might have been sold for $100, but it's probably worth not much more than what you paid for it.

But the only way to really find out what something initially cost is to look up the closest similar garment from the same company. Denim ans supply isn't an old enough diffusion line for you to worry about inflation.

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>suede sneakers
>try to clean them
>the right one gets darker

How fo I JUST it to make it faded again? I don't know what went wrong, I did something stupid like using baby wipes probably..
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Make the other one dark too
Don't like the look of it but I guess it will be easier..
See it happened a year ago or something and I don't remember what was it.. baby wipes most likely.
Do they look garbage now with 2 shades?

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I've posted like 2 fits here but never uploaded my face fucking shit whatever. You, /fa/ggots, help me decide my next haircut. Please senpai.
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/fa/ or nah
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will ferrell?
Ron Pearlman had a kid with Will Farrell???
What kind of shirt is h wearing?

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Balding hair advice

Anons I'm in a weird spot. I'm balding on top of my head because I lost weight to quickly. I know this sounds like bullshit but both my doctor and a dermatologist believe I'll be getting my hair back within 6 months.

I'm a 20 year old male with blonde hair, I normally would go with some sort of hitler youth cut but idk what to do now. I mentioned buzzing my head in the mean time and my derm looked at me like I'm fucking insane.

I think if I go to short I can't see regrowth, any ideas?
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Wtf there's a thread with this exact topic in the catalog
Lurk before posting
no theres not

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poorfag here, how does the leather of these shoes hold and what makes them different from low grade leather?
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The leather on those CPs is top notch, it'll last for ever if you treat it nice.

Well, good leather just keeps it's shape for longer and lasts longer over all. dont buy 'em if you can't handle the cost, but if you get them they'll last for ages if you look after them
I'm not saying they're worth the money, but you damn well get what you pay for.

Wtc this coat or anything in this fabric
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I hope you like burning alive bitch
That's my kink

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black shirt and khakis.jpg
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I have to wear a black polo and khakis for my job, what /fa/ shoes and accessories can I add so I can look like a fucking queer like you guys
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What mode is this?
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The Chad Glare
Which drug caused his eyes to look like that?
That's just blue eyes. What're you talking about?

I just bought these shoes, and I'm looking for advice as to what style of pants I could wear that complements them. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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probably obvious, but khakis

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I'm bald now.

What clothing adjustments can I make in my life as a social leper to lessen the blows in my fragile follicular challenged existence?

I am not okay with wearing hats. I won't touch dick killing pills just for the chance of growing wispy shit on my head.

Are there any avenues that someone young and bald can take that aren't 100% committing to BALD ACTION MAN and shit?

pic related
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But dude, you might actually make a pretty good BALD ACTION MAN, I think.
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if only brendan could come to terms.
Baldness is the second most masculine trait after a full beard. My advice is to grow a full beard, keep what hair you have left very short, and go for a very masculine, powerful look. Get fit, maybe get tattoos (not sure I would go that route personally but it is an option), and adorn yourself with a bit of manly jewelry for make up for the failure of your hair to provide an attractive aura.

Good fashion genres for bald men are sleazecore and biker (which enhance the masculine traits), and preppy (which will contrast with masculine traits). /fa/ futurism and other shit will probably not fly, because baldness is a wise trait and a symbol of age and maturity.

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>this is the man /fa/ worships

Really roasted my almonds, got the soup simmering and fluctuated the neurons
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>fag pissing on fag, while frenching a female

fucking made me hard
but not really

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homer stare.jpg
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>claims to be a fashion board

>tells people to buy thrift clothes
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you can find decent-great clothes at a thrift store I found an independent skate trucks jacket it looked cool it was in good condition and I got it for cheaper than usual
see >>12694297

I can't imagine how low the average salary of this board is with all the underage/students.
That being said, I've seen some pretty unique shit at thrift stores. My normalfag sister likes to drag me to them.

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What are some confortable sneakers/shoes to walk around town? I have stans and find them very confortable, but want to change to something else that is not adidas or nike. I'm looking for a pair in total black
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those look like the shoes that mcdonalds workers wear

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