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What are some good jean brands that wont break the bank?
pretty much the only jean brands ive worn are shit you find at mall department stores like Levi or Lee. I dont really wear jeans that often but I feel like im missing out on something.

are there better jean brands out there that are much better in quality and fit? or is something like Levis still good enough?
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They are a bit more expensive than Levi's but Nudie's are worth it if you are willing to put a little extra in.

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Thinspo thread

>post ways to lose faster
>current body?
>goal body
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>there is already a thread
The fuck os with her pointy nose?
it's a jew

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Post any nice fashion related discords you know of
I'm still trying to get into ROD but cant find anyone to give me a working invite link
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check warosu
cant find a working link for ROD
looking for adidas discord

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How do you name pants on the pic?
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idk you write your name on them
Maybe Julia

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Anyone know of some pants the fit similarly to RO Astaires, with the cropped bottom (Preferably designer)? Just picked up a pair of RO scuba socks and I think these look real nice with them, but I'd prefer not to shell out another $300ish rn if there are some solid alternatives.
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Wild idea
Take a pair of black pants and cut off the bottom, then hem it
might need a taper too depending on the original cut

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Reebok Instapump fury
do you know where i can get them is this color ?
I don't know, probably from Reebok. You can also customise the shoe on their website if you can't find this colourway

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otaba E.jpg
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Do you know where I can find a traditional russian costume like the one in the pic ?(also seen in this song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JQ0xnJyb0A )
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try looking for some viking reenacting sites its pretty the same stuff. Its probably linen or woolen shirt and trousers. Belt can be leather or it can be some kind of woven twine

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what shoes/boots to wear with a carhartt master pant ii (dark navy)?
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Wolverine I'm Gonna Be 1,000 Miles Boot

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Anyone know where I can get this shirt? I've been looking but I can't find it
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try reverse image search
I did. Anyways, thanks man
Try any dumpster or garbage can.

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Anyone ever tried contacting them?

My rarely worn boots just kind of split at the heel.
It's not like the heel just came off, it fucking ripped through multiple layers of the actual sole of the shoe and there is no way that could happen unless you yank at it with a tool or something (which I obviously didn't because there is no reason to do that).

1000+ dollar shoes my fucking ass.

I'm not having any hopes of them doing something but I guess trying won't cost me anything.

Instagram, their website, what form of contact would you recommend?
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pics plz
Finest sweatpants from BUCCI
File: IMG_2928.jpg (1MB, 3911x2124px)Image search: [Google]
1MB, 3911x2124px

not sure I am familiar with this meme

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when my hair is greasy, it looks way better, more separation and just general better aesthetic, but it also looks greasy ofc. Any suggestions?
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same bruh, i went no poo for a while. it started to create acne around my forehead so i had to stop. otherwise it was good looking

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>Woman over 40 likes rock music
>ALWAYS dresses like pic related

Why though?
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because it's identifiable
>20 year old kid browses /fa/
>ALWAYS buys oxblood doc martens a week later

why though?

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Thoughts on Kelly Cole? I just got two shirts and I think there dope
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>trying to be /fa/
>wearing no sleeve, v neck shirts, shitty beanie
>showing bitch arms, no calves too
kys ma senpai
Everyone on this board is trying to be fashionable and I got this shirt as a gift. I had never heard of Kelly cole so I was just wondering what people would think about it. Also wearing clothes you can't afford obviously. Your a fag

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coat fur.png
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What are these style off jackets called? The ones with this kind off fur.

What's the name off this fur ? Could I buy some and convert my waxed jacket into something like pic related?

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File: coat fur2.png (381KB, 428x584px)Image search: [Google]
coat fur2.png
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bomber jacket

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w2c this jacket? pls n thnx
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File: IMG_2374.jpg (45KB, 600x900px)Image search: [Google]
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does anybody hate else these kinds of vans as much as i do? theyre so wimpy and tiny
yea they suc

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