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How do I be like this
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Tuck all your shirts in
Wear high-waisted jeans
Wear cropped jackets
Arrange your fathers kung fu murder.
the rest is like self explanatory
good post

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I have never seen a good outfit with these shoes. Prove me wrong.
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>I have never seen a good outfit with these sh-
File: imgpsh_fullsize.jpg (82KB, 500x596px)Image search: [Google]
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>has enough for shoes
>not enough for rent
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i do it pretty well

are these glasses too memey?
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you might as well just get vanilla wire frames
yeah but i like these ones more since most wire wire frames have low temples which doesn't look good on me
Don't know if they're too memey, but don't buy them if you aren't overweight or if you don't have a very defined face.

Will late 19th century ever see a mainstream revival, particularly hats?
I refuse to dress fashionably as long as skinny jeans are en vogue.
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Fuck off, you pretentious asshole.
i hope so
The problem is, these clothes are intended to be worn by actual men, of whom we have fewer and fewer.

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I was on a madcow routine with reduced jumps, stalled and am now just going for 1RMs + some pump sets. When 1RMs run out I will restart madcow.

Also I like wearing starwarscore because it's a mix of weaboocore, palewave, gothninja and lunarcore.
fa & fit are eternal
I need to meet some chicks

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how much $ do you make at work? how much of it do you spend on clothes?
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>implying work
Fat inheritance bruh
>$10,000/monthly before bullshit taxes
>$5,000~ a year

I have crippling self esteem so I don't buy much clothes because I feel I'm unworthy so whatever
guys don't spend your hard earned money on clothes
spend your parent's

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/fa/ is it possible to be fashionable when you're a big guy? i miss being skinny and being able to fit into regular jeans :/
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Of course!
Depends what type of "big"
If you're like >>12077686, chunky with human proportions then yes absolutely

If you're fat or look like a juicer then no
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of coursh

Any of you boys got experience in DIY dyeing?

got any tips or smth?
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streetwear version
ok kill me

File: IMG_2484.jpg (191KB, 800x600px)Image search: [Google]
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i got these replicas off some chink, they get here in a week

did i fuck up?
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second pic
File: 1.jpg (46KB, 566x635px)Image search: [Google]
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>that toe
Hope you didn't pay more than $20 for those, my man.
Also enjoy either getting mugged over fakes, or mocked by teenagers because they got the 1:1 succ and you don't.
>that soles
>that pattern
>that pulltab

but worst of all

>that fucking toe box

you would actually have to pay ME to wear these, like probably millions because i have way too much self respect for this kind of shit

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are ushankas /fa/
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I worked at a vet hospital once, and some faggot teenager came in wearing the hat in the OP pic. The edgy ones you get from that one online store, with the plastic hammer and sickle pin on them.

Trouble was that one of the vet techs was a Bosnian guy who had to flee during the war.

I have never seen a kid look so intimidated when this muscular 50 year old Bosnian guy is grilling him about why he has a hammer and sickle on his hat. Kid choked on his words so bad you'd think he was OP's mom gagging on a cock. Hilarious.

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Post em.

>anything tighter than levi's 513 should not be worn by a straight man
>the aesthetic of looking aloof and edgy is inherently unmasculine
>I like blue jeans less and less. Black and khaki jeans are more refreshing.
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>anyone who can't accept others taste is unfashionable and unintelligent
>anyone who talks about masculinity on a fashion board is fucking retarded
Also, the guy in your image is wearing super tight pants.

How can i pull this off
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File: 1480530291708.jpg (14KB, 238x192px)Image search: [Google]
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by simply wearing it.
that being said, achieving this hair as well as it looks in game is impossible.
it WILL look flat, it WILL look greasy, and it WILL NOT look good.

if you somehow manage to perfectly replicate it, you will look quite effay, from the neck up. (provided you're not cursed with an ugly face)
you can't
through the legs and then ur arms n your feet and fingers dum bass

File: young-thug-gq-0316-7.jpg (829KB, 1929x2500px)Image search: [Google]
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>“I always used to try to get the smallest size in men’s and it still wouldn’t fit, but I could go get a pair of girl’s pants and it would fit how I want it to fit.”

What did he mean by this?
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File: jaden-smith-skirt.jpg (41KB, 618x412px)Image search: [Google]
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most black dudes are actually low-key gay
*most dudes
seriously, every man is gay if you really think about it
what did i mean by this?
thuggers a god damn twig

File: 1482506416557.jpg (89KB, 1024x1024px)Image search: [Google]
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Is this too edgy?
I'm not sure anyone in my city even knows about DG.
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I like it. I saw them a few months ago and didn't get anything; really wish I would have now.
DG a shit

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>tfw too embarrassed to buy nice clothes
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Quit shitposting tim
you'll feel and look nice

take care of yourself i love you

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