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>at the barber
>sitting in chair, waiting for my name to be called
>see cutie 3.14 barber girl looking at the waitlist
>shouts "Anon?" and looks around
>go up, she shakes my hand, introduces herself
>leads me to seat
>sit facing mirror
>our reflections make eye contact as she runs her fingers though my hair
>"so, what are we going for today, anon?"
>pull out phone, show her picture of desired haircut
>Say "something like this"
>She looks at me like I shamelessly farted
>"wait....did you just show me a PICTURE?"
>she brays, it echoes
>the barbers nearby are smirking curiously, looking at her then at me
>"What are you, GAY or something?" she says
>the rest of the barbers and customers are looking over at us
>"this faggot just tried to show me a PICTURE of the haircut he wants instead of a vague description!"
>entire barbershop explodes into laughter
>a tidal wave of jeering and mockery sweeps me into a sea of shame
>"do you really think you'll be as handsome as the model in your stupid pic?"
>"You must be a COLOSSAL FAGGOT to have that saved on your phone!"
>a battalion of men with hard parts and beards pin me down
>barber forces a hard part on me
>buzzes the word '/FA/' on the back of my head
>smears Minoxidil on my jaw, forcing me to grow a beard

you guys were right
never show the barber a picture
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make sure to show all the other kids in homeroom your funny thread
guys did this really happen?
pains me to imagine how much time you spent writing this

you probably thought it was funny too

dear oh dear

I wonder what you guys consider good club fashion.
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Taking too many pills in the bathroom so you don't have to be at a club anymore
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dicked ovens duh

spare me the autism pls

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Hello /fa/,

Quick question, what goes well with a brown shirt? And what color should my tie have with a shirt like that?

link to the shirt:
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Tan chinos and patterned tie
brown is casual. You'll wear them with chinos, tan/brown slacks, maybe denim.

I'd just go for chinos+brown shirt to not screw it up. Wear in a work casual setting. Casual weddings, work functions that are outdoors and won't expect a coat from you, etc.

Pair it with a burgundy, maybe lighter shade of blue tie. Your shirt seems fairly dark from the internet pictures, so you can probably get away with nearly any tie as long as it isn't something like yellow.

Brown shirts are worn by two categories of people --

1. the kind of people who wear a shirt+slacks+tie every day(think IT people, etc. that have to look professional but aren't limited to coat and tie menswear to impress their boss)

2. southern American men wear brown shirts with twill blazers, etc. fairly often.

I've never seen someone outside of America and England wear a brown dress shirt, but it's a good casual look. I travel for work and see new people in shirts and ties daily.
Wow thanks! I cant believe you gave me all this information! This really helped me!

I study IT, and decided to change my fashion to more ties & formal shirts/casual shirts.

I'm about to make another thread asking wheter a gray shirt would fit with a dark red tie. And what kind of pants would go with that.

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How many plastic surgeries does one need to achieve this?
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Just one. Genetics.
I'm a big GoT book fan and this is how I imagined Targaryens to look like.
I guess all she did was bleach her hair.

File: IMG_20161110_215426.jpg (44KB, 736x470px)Image search: [Google]
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>used to be somewhat fat
>dropped 30kg real quick, >just "tonned" down (sorry /fit/)
>now i look somewhat good but theres is a problem

My calves are as big as my fucking thigh, fucking kill me
Wtc jeans/pants that'll fit me ?

(Also vent thread, talk about your un-aestheticness)
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185cm 65kg and same problem with calves
My calves are fine, but my quads are massive and fuck up my legs' entire sillouette. I cannot get rid of the muscle on my thighs for the life of me.
humble brag, didnt happen

I have a tiny window to decide what should I get, the classic chuck taylors or the new ones? I'm also getting sk8 hi pros in black.
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easy, dont get chucks
Definitely the chuck 2's

File: IMG_0389.jpg (18KB, 470x313px)Image search: [Google]
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hello this is japan

you like this man?

in my country this man is nothing

stop like him
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i just got back from tokyo and know thats untrue
No nipper we wnt bite that tuna bait.
fakku me hardo


TRIGGER WARNING: im posting asians
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hope everyones keepin comfy this winter

File: maison-martin-margiela-gat.jpg (506KB, 900x600px)Image search: [Google]
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tts or half size up famo
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my cps are size 38 and i bought my gats in size 40

hope that helps
im a 42 and my gats in 42 are very tight so i havent even worn them outside, maybe go a half size up, on the other hand i have wide feet so that could be the reason

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My opinion is totally the trumpet. The music played with it is solid, you dont like a total douche like the guitar player and its moderately easy to learn if you have the lips
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Hmm let's see

>can play melodies and rhythm
>has trump in the name

>simultaneous rhythm, melody, percussion which can be sung over

Guitar isn't the most fa because it looks the best it's the most fa because singing makes bitches wet so you can make music on the spot wherever the fuck you are and bitches just start flashing their tits when the fuck was the last time anyone got laid playing trumpet my man???
File: org.jpg (93KB, 901x1369px)Image search: [Google]
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church organ
Sounds like OP couldn't play guitar so he went to an instrument that required less technique and precision.

File: lena-meyer-landrut-13511.jpg (390KB, 2000x3000px)Image search: [Google]
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how do you keep black jeans from fading?
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Keep them in a vacuum sealed bag and store them in a cool and dry place away from sunlight. Never remove them from the bag
you can't, but you can slow the process by not washing them (you shouldn't be washing your jeans anyways unless you roll around in dirt all day for a living)
/thread its hopeless OP

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c h a v c o r e
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no please
File: communions.jpg (99KB, 874x585px)Image search: [Google]
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I prefer chavcore chic

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Hey /fa/, are there some boots with aesthetics similar to Doc. Martens 1460? Regular docs are overpriced and have shit quality, made in England ones are just overpriced. There are also some similar-looking Solovair derbys, but I am not sure about quality, they are also pretty expensive. So, the question is: are there any similar looking boots that are built to last and are under 200$?
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common projects boots
>under 200$
fuccboi general stop cunt

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Where can i find a nice aesthetically pleasing city to walk around in at night wearing a cool coat like pic related?
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NYC, London, Paris, Tokyo.
Second Life, you fucking nerd. Don't act like you actually go outside.
Where in second life can i find a nice aesthetically pleasing city to walk around in at night wearing a cool coat like pic related?

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This is the CEO of grailed
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"I went to Kitsune High School"
holy shit even the girls printed on the ad are laughing at him.
ceo of the grailed for ants surely
no wonder why i get fucking shafted on grailed
pajeet is head of operations at the shill mill

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