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no, you straight up look like a faggot
cold but honest
wow i cant wait til youre modelling for comme des garcon and on the cover of another man then one of your fanboys finds this thread and the humble beginnings are revealed

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What does /fa/ think of these
Also unique shoes thread
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woooahh stoner man, wow dude smoke a doobie on tuesday my man? owahhh animals save the nature bro haha last weekend i got so high dude i was fucked up hahahah
...the fuck? did you forget to take your meds?

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>Sitting and thinking to myself, alone in my apartment
>Why the fuck am I dressed like this
>Hundreds of dollars worth of clothes, from muh turtleneck to muh CPs
>Realize there's a great disconnect between external and internal self
>Holy shit so luxe on the outside, so empty on the inside
>Brb dissociating
>In one brash, brazen decision, set my heap of clothes on fire
>Nothing to wear during winter but a pair of shorts, sweatpants, white t-shirt, and sandals
>what have i done
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>be me
>white highschool boy living in the suburbs
>see cool black boiz and their costumes
>ask mummy to buy me muh jordans
>dont even live the lifestyle, just sit in my jordans and browse /fa/
why did you do this to me?
i was not prepared to see this

fuck i dislike my life so much
>at least i look good.. right?
Work on yourself.
Clothes are merely material items, don't buy expensive ass clothes if you don't have the money. Designer clothes are for the wealthy. Just go Steve Jobs mode and figure out who you are and what you value.

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cuff or stack.jpg
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Is cuffing or stacking more effay?

I've been mainly wearing jeans with chelseas and cuffing because I'm 5'9 and have pretty short legs, but wanna get into the sneaker game a bit more. Ye is short as well and pulls of the stack but what do you guys think?
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stacking is fucking gay
i only see streetwear faggots do it
1. Depends on your style
2. Dont cuff with chelseas
3. are _ _x30 still too long for your legs? lol rip
30L is about perfect maybe slightly long, the jeans i cuff are all 32s

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Is it weird to go clothes shopping with your mom at the age of 21
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not at all, love your mom anon
aint nothing wrong with spending time with your momma

/fa/ hairstyles for women with high foreheads besides straight across bangs? I also have kinda thin white people hair. I want to shave it all off but im still in school and it would make me a nervous wreck. If i was really skinny would it help? Should i dye my hair a dark color (as in dark brown or black, my hair is currently light-ish brown). Any input is appreciated.
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If y'all dont fucking respond i sw
Cover it
I'd kids that forehead right before throat fucking her

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I'm a fan of Rick Owens/Julius type stuff, but I find it's kind of hard to wear those sorts of stuff, especially the pieces that are essentially statement pieces (crazy jackets, stuff like that) without looking extremely edgy, like, not in a good way. I know it's not just me, either, we've all seen Rick cosplays and stuff that don't quite work.

>pic related, I guess, though the top half of the fit is pretty conventional to begin with
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Yeah but a fit like that makes most people look ridiculous. Rick makes it work, but then again, he's Rick.
i think these look horrible, but maybe my taste is just to basic.

Patch General: Mailman Edition

Answers to these questions and more in our handy pastebin: http://pastebin.com/hTiigudJ

Remember to ask questions for the FAQ!
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TRIP patches have finally arrived!
Which is the patrician choice, sewing, ironing, or velcro?


>Sewing or velcro

Up to you. If you have velcro strips already on your clothing, then you velcro. If you don't, then you sew it on.

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kanye hasn't look good since he decided to become an edge lord, somewhere before he ripped daft punk.
I think Kanye dresses amazingly now actually. I'm a sucker for those layers.

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>trying to shave with Mach three razor after hot shower
>Keep getting cut and bleeding. A lot.
>It leaves red pimple looking bumps

What am I doing wrong here? Am I not applying enough after shave cream? Is it the razor blades? DoI need to exfoliate the skin more
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Are you shaving against the grain, and are you trying to shave more than stubble and light hair?
Yes and yes. I was trying to get as clean a save as possible because there is always a bit left over regardless if I use an electric razor or a regular manual razor
-Soak your skin first, don't just go straight in with a hot blade. use a shaving brush instead of those crappy cans of cream. It's a little bit more costly but it gets the cream into your skin properly.
-Leave it on for about 5 mins (wash your body in the meantime) THEN shave with the grain, against, then with it once more. once your done, apply cool water, then freezing water .
-Do NOT dry it with a towel etc, let it air-dry. Once that's done then use a moisturizer to seal it up and keep your skin healthy.

Another note is you might even want to try swapping to a safety razor. I have a similar problem but I find safety razors (with brushes) get the best shave and are much kinder on skin. You could try a straight-blade but they're costly and you need to keep them maintained very well.

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but its a good outfit
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>socks and sandals
v dece

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Can flannels be worn fairly baggy? If I buy some stuff online, would it be safe to go with a large if I usually wear medium (I'm about 6ft, 170lbs) or is there a particular way it should fit?
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Saw someone try to pull off what you're trying do describe. It looks like you raided your dad's closet and took the first button down you saw. Would not do.
What's with the feetgazing thing ? I don't understand the core message of this pose

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why aren't you wearing full lemaire anon?
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why aren't you wearing full lemaire anon?
because i have taste

u may as well wear balmain and kenzo too, since all these brands have collabed with shitty fast fashion corporations

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How effay are these?
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I'd like to recommend this book to go along with your new jeans:

bootcuts or flare jeans are very un-fa
shut up

Why are Air Max associated with selling drugs? Is it because they are comfy and you can stand on the corner all day in them?
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no, because drug dealers wear them
I know they wear them but I'm asking as to why they wear them/have that stigma.
I'm getting some triple black air max 90's for christmas and I wore em when they arrived before they got wrapped and they didnt seem all that comfy?

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